Nov. 6th, 2011

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Hello everyone, I'm looking for a story where Jensen is Jared's bodyguard, I think he's a former Marine or FBI agent.  I remember Mike and Jeff are in it, and that in the endspoilers )
Thanks a lot!

ETA: Found, in comments!
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So I've been seriously in love with fics that fit with this, and set during the Stanford Era.

1. Sam left behind Dean. We all know that Dean started to go solo-hunting sometime during Sam's college years. What I'm looking for, is that during one of those hunts, Dean either gets seriously injured, or is cursed. Either way, Sam finds out somehow, somewhere. A fabulous gen example of this is shadows on the wall by [ profile] katriel1987 . It doesn't have to be exactly like that. It just has to follow the general thing I had.

2. A hunt leads Dean(/and John, preferably just Dean though) to Stanford/Palo Alto in general. I'd love if Dean pretends not to know Sam as he goes around being bad ass and shooting down monster/s. Maybe Sam's hunter instincts burst through and he managed to get his friends and himself inside a ring of salt or something, and just watches as Dean saves them all. Maybe he helps.
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I'm looking for something set at any point post-Jess's death (or any time once Sam has resumed hunting, after Stanford) where Sam and Dean are hunting and Sam's found out by one of his old college friends - maybe he has to rescue them, or any sort of scenario like that.  Gen or romance, just no Wincest please!

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I'm looking for stories where either Jared or Jensen have a bf/gf or are married when they meet and become friends. And they end up leaving them or getting a divorce so they can be together. They can be either AU or non-AU. Happy ending please!
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Misha wrote fanfiction on LJ. He had several accounts, most of whom had girl usernames. Jensen somehow gets into it and starts writing fic. I remember his username being Alba_sucks. Their online personas didn't like each other at all. Misha wrote fandom wank articles about himself. 

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Be warned this search will contain wanting on or more non-fiction and or real persons in non-con situations of rape and or torture!

I would like some recs of cas/dean non-con or Misha/jensen non-con!

I hope this actually better! I kinda goofed the request, and got some not so nice comments, but now I fixed It!!!!!!

So please for all this trouble. Hope someone has some fics!
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Hello! I am rewatching the first season of Supernatural and I suddenly realized that I've never read pre-series fanfics or similar. So now I am looking for two kind of fanfics:
1. Something bad/injuries/other happened to Dead pre-serie during the two years he was away from Sam. Sam finds out.
2. Dean hides angsty feelings/issues from Sam or some kind of injury. Sam finds out.

I would prefer gen fanfics and no slash.
Thank you!


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