Nov. 1st, 2011

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Hey you all, again!

I know I promised myself to bookmark my favorite stories, but it hasn't been working very well.

#1 - So, I'm hoping you guys can help me find a story that was on It was a tag of the season 6, with Dean telling Sam that he would rather be unhappy with him, than happy with Lisa. There's also an amazing line that may help you remember, something like 'If the argument Lisa and Dean had was a fight, she would'a've won with knock out ' or something along those lines. Does anyone remember?
Also, if you can send some stories my way about Dean choosing Sam over Lisa and Ben, I'd love. Not a hater, just...Sam and Dean brotherly relationship kick ass.

 #2 - Another story that I lost was one where Jensen married Jared because he needed to have a husband, or he wouldn't inherit some money, he worked as a executive, I think. I know that Jared's dad had forced him to marry Jensen. And eventually, Jensen found out that Jared had been with someone else and Jared's dad killed him but didn't let Jared tell the police.  Also, I remember that Jensen cheated on Jared, cause they were having an 'open marriage'. I know somebody had looked for these story recently, but I really didn't found it. - Found in comments
Never thought I would be reading J2, you evil, evil fandom.

#3 - Also, if you can give me some storied focused after John's death at the begining of Season 2, and how the boys dealt with it. Specially if there is some Guilt!Dean and Hurt!Sam. And some stories where Dean left Sam to go to a party and felt guilty, or Sam was missing his brother. Or even jealous.

Sorry for all this requests.

Thanks for all the help.


PS: I still don't know how to tag, so I'm sorry if I screw this up. Help me out a little?

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I'm in the mood for stories featuring Dean leaving his dad (and taking Sam with him). There are many lovely stories that show Dean leaving but eventually coming back, usually on John's terms, but what I'm looking for are stories where Dean has had enough of the life, and just decides to up and quit - either his family, or the family business, or both. I don't think it's credible that Dean would leave without his brother, so any such stories would have to be really well done. If Dean has it out with John at some point, that would be the cherry on top. If you guys could recommend anything like this I'd be truly grateful. Thanks so much!
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Now this may be a LONG shot because I only remember one little scene from it. I have no clue where I read it or anything like that but I'm hoping someone knows of this fic.

All I remember was Sam had been kidnapped I think by hunters, and the hunters had Dean and showed him a Polaroid of Sam who was supposedly dead. But it turns out Bobby staged his death to escape and go help Dean. And Dean became hysterical even when Sam arrived that Sam was still dead. Does this ring any bells to anyone?

I know this is really vague but any help finding this fic would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Ok hello all,
Im looking for a high school destiel fic. Either Cas or dean getting bullied and anything else as along as it's in high school.
One idea that keeps hitting me is if sam is getting bullied and cas saves him and there starts the dean/cas relationship.

Thanks much luv
<3 <3 <3
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Hi :)
I'm looking for a Swesson fic I read not too long ago but stupidly forgot to save. It was Dean Smith wearing women's underwear under his work clothes and he has a tryst with Sam Wesson in his office, who sees what he's wearing and approves. 

Their was a line about Sam asking if he wore the undergarments to work every day and Dean said he didn't wear anything at all on casual Fridays.

Any help at all in finding this would be greatly appreciated!
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I'm looking for a specific fic. It's long, but I'm not sure if it's a Big Bang or just a regular long fic. It's at least a few years old, and I think covers the history of the Colt, and it's a this epic historical backstory possibly beginning from Samuel Colt onward. I would appreciate any help you can provide!

ETA: Found.
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I'm looking for a J2 fics, where Jensen (or Jared, or both) is a cat or any other feline. I read "Cats Are Sneaky" by [ profile] cheebles and the "Animutant!AU" verse by [ profile] bewaretheides15, so those are covered, but I was wondering if anyone knows about more. I don't care about genres or lenght, so...:)
Thank you very much!!!
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Hello! I'm looking for a specific fic I started to read a couple of days ago, but had to leave suddenly. I forgot the author, title and even where I was reading it on livejournal.

Dean had just come back from 2014 and was really concerned with and sickend by the fate of the future Castiel. He asked the present Castiel if he could do anything and, after being disturbed by the images in Dean's mind of the future Castiel turning into a croat, he went forward in time to save him.

Castiel brought back his future self, but fell unconsious. Dean was left on the side of the road trying to stem the blood-flow of future!cas' wounds. He couldn't call an ambulance because he was worried he might be infected. A man comes by with a gun, telling Dean to back away from the two Castiels and that he'd called the police. Both Castiel's were taken to a hospital and Dean was arrested for assaulting them.

Castiel eventually recovers and takes Dean to see future!cas in the hospital.

That's a far as I got. I really hope that's enough for someone to remember it. Thanks in advance for any help.
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My first time posting here.  Thanks for the all in advance (assuming I get any!)
1)  Jared has a kid and moves into a house with Jensen and a couple other room mates.  It doesn't take Jared long to realize that there are some strange goings on with his room mates.  I think Chris was a cat or some such animal.  Jensen is a healer who ends up saving the life of Jared's kid.
FOUND in comments
2) I read this story a very very long time ago on  I lost track of it and never found out what happened.  It is a Jensen and Jared who are actors on SPN  and jensen goes home early to their house in vanc. and gets locked in a closet by some burglars.  They beat him up and he is trapped in the closest and no one knows he is there.



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O.K. I'm looking for fics where at least one of the Js is absolutely sure the other one is straight even though that isn't true and thus pines unnecessarily.  This does not include the tropes "gay only for you" or "gay until they met" or "seduce the straight guy".  I mean, there's actual mistaken assumption for whatever reason that the other one is not gay or bi and there is angst.  

This can be a comedy -- bonus points if it is -- or an angsty, heart-wrenching lifetime-movie type story.  Whatever.  I know they're out there.  They just don't seem to be labeled. :P

Thanks in advance!

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1. Jared or Jensen with heart problems.

2. Either Jared or Jensen had a bad experience with love and now doesn't trust his heart with anyone. The other J purues them until they give in and they fall in love.

Thanks gang!
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So I think I've asked for this before, but I don't have any fics like these so I'm asking again if that's okay. :) 

Any fic in which Sam and Dean are 'newly together' and they get into a fight that is a normal brotherly fight for them any other day  - but because they are now together as a couple, it's throwing them off and Sam doesn't want to let go of his anger. He's not really mad, mostly just irritated but he throws a fit because he can and he sulks, mostly wanting Dean to chase after him and make it okay again. And Dean does just that, always making sure his Sammy is okay even if it was him to put him in the sour mood in the first place. 

I'd prefer it if the sulking and making up is the main focus, also if the fight isn't necessarily a couples fight, but a fight that brothers have. But I'll take anything that matches that, really. Even if it's Dean doing the sulking (I prefer Sam doing the sulking because he's the little brother) or if the fight isn't the main focus of the fic. I'd really appreciate the help! :) 
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Eons ago I read a fic in which the author write pretty much the whole episode of Faith, but from Dean's point of view.  I can't remember the author, but I remember at the end Sam comes back after Layla leaves the motel room (I think with a can of Coke?).  I remember the author really captured Dean's voice.  There's no actual sex, but heavy implications of slashiness, and I think Dean was going to let the Reaper take him in order to save Layla... does this ring a bell at all?

I was thinking about it the other day, and would really love to read it again... if anyone has any ideas what it was...
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Okay, so I've seen plenty of mute!Sam and mute!Dean fics, but next to no mute!Cas fics, and I'd really, really like to read some.

I'd prefer Cas to be human, and in an AU setting. I'd really love high school fics, but there are so few of those already that I won't get my hopes up for one like this, so any AU is perfectly alright. Bonus if Cas is shy and tries to avoid people, no matter who tries to talk to him, so most people get the impression that he's stuck up or mean/ if nobody knows he's mute (aside from his family).

Oh, and I'd prefer an eventual Dean/Cas pairing, but I'm also alright with Sam/Cas or gen.

Thank you! :3
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Hello everyone!

1) I am looking now something where the boys are criminal. It can be Dean/Sam or Jensen/Jared slash ;) I really like fic where Jared is the boss and topdomJared/Sam. They can be some kind of bang, too.

2) Also, I really love fic where they are policeman xD

3) And give me your favorite amnesia fic! :)

4) I really want to read fic where Dean or Jensen is alcoholic and Sam/Jared try to help. Wincest or J2!
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I've read a lot of great Destiel fics, but none of them really had Dean or Castiel act as they would on the show. I want to see what the most realistic fics of them getting together are (including a gay freak-out on Dean's part). Dean and Cas have a specific dynamic in the show, and I want to see fics that portray this, as well as what becoming a couple would mean for them. Also, I haven't finished season six, so nothing set mid- to late-season 6, please. Any recs?
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Hey there I was wondering if there were any fics like Quantum Xander by Jameschick, if you haven't read it it is about Xander being dropped into different realities that could have happened, and he sees all the people he could have loved and finds himself in love with another character from one of the other worlds.  So if there is anything like that with Dean as the main character, and having him fall for Cas that would be great, but I'm not to picky, so I'll take Sam as main character and even Sam/Dean or Sam/Gabriel.  Thanks!
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1) I am looking for fics that involve Dean, Sam or Cas doing mundane things. Anything from laundry to shopping for groceries. Bonus points for shopping for weapons. I just want to see the boys doing normal everyday things. Any pairings/ratings.

2) I posted before about getting into Sassy stories and got some great responses. I really want to read more, but I do not understand the tagging system at sassy_otp AT ALL. Does anyone know if there is a guide to what each tag means (for example: all that glitters is sassy, fic, sassy has a phd in horribleness). I literally only understand the "fic" tag in that. EXPLAINED

If not, I would love any rec lists (or delicious accounts) of Sam/Castiel or just recs in general. I especially want some A/U fics.

Still looking for recs and #1


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