Oct. 30th, 2011

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I would like recs for stories where Dean gets into trouble for being too beautiful and good looking. I dont really want wincest or any jensen fics. No Aus please. Any rating is fine with me! Nothing where Dean is too young please. Non-con and duc-con is good. Hurt/comfort is great! but please no dub con or non con with a dean younger than 18
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Okay. I've been looking for this for weeks, and, god, it was SO easy the first time, but, I cannot not find a damn thing on the new frigging delicious anymore, and, from what I hear, I'm not the only one with that problem, so, here I am, again.....

The first fic I am looking for is a YED!John fic. Didn't there use to be a tag for that on here once, I miss that. Anyway, pre-series, or, should I say, AU. Dean goes with Sam when he goes to Stanford, and, as I remember it, possessed John had found their little house in woods, and, Sam came home, he was a lawyer, (so, this is post stanford) the wincest was faint, not even any kissing, could have easily been called gen in some circles. (all in the eye of the beholder I guess, like some say that Erik and Charles, from the x-myn, wouldn't have been jumping at it like bunnies...... well, thats their opinion. Cough, nuts, your nuts, people!) but, it was implied in the whole 'living together' thing, then, John dies, realizing he hadn't even felt all the numerous protection charms everywhere, and, this had been a trap.

The second is set in a large verse where, John dies when the boys are both young, but, Dean is old enough to take care of Sam. I really remember that there was short fic set in the verse, where, Sam and Dean were on the beach, rubbing lotion on each other, (sigh) and, a girl from Sam's college, crushing on Dean, had said some mean things about Sam, and, Dean gave her the look of death. Her friend reflects that her friend won't getting anywhere with him now. The boys are already sleeping with each other by this point in the game, by the way.

I have been looking for so long, (used to be so much easier on delicious, cries) but, I'm so hoping someone here can help. So, please, please? LonePanther.

EDIT: Found! On the first day! First one By imaginecoolname, so fast, and, noticable mention to one ofthe wonderful slash loving sis(bro)er of My soul, who jumoed in so close it was a photo finish, sandycub! And, second found by, the persen, if I was ever having kids, I now owe it to, reilaroo! Thank You!
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It was a fairly short fic - a fixit where Dean basically hugs Cas into letting go of the Purgatory souls. And it was sweet and humorous and there was a really cute little pic at the end of them hugging. And I can't find it - help?
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Please I want to reiterate an earlier post of mine about the Specific Fic tag. You all are doing great with our new tagging system, but when it comes to tagging a specific fic search usually people don't.

It's there to help the browsers and for our organization purposes. So please remember to use that tag when looking for a specific fic, and remember if said fic is found please use the Status: Found tag and state on your entry that the fic has been found.

It's not mandatory of course but it would be nice to do that for all our browsers and members and for us so we don't have to add that little tag in after every post that's missing it, thanks.
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I'm wondering if any one remembers an oh-my-god-so-old-story about wee!Dean and John.  All I remember is that they were at the hospital and Dean had to stay overnight.  John stayed with him and somehow they got on the topic of Mary with John realizing that Dean needed to talk about her.  So he curled up with Dean and they talked about Mary.  (Maybe it was John hurt and in the hospital)  

I'm also wondering if anyone has a complete copy of the Ruins!verse.  I tried emailing the author multiple times with no reply, however, on their  LJ they are giving permission for the community to share the story (or at least that's what it sounds like). This is what was posted:

2th-Apr-2011 12:29 pm - J2 Fic
Okay first of all, this post is about three years too late. I don't really have any excuses for not responding to email requests for the Ruins Verse and other deleted J2 fic. I did forget my yahoo mail password for a while, but that's just about my only excuse.

I haven't been writing or posting in this journal at all over the past year, though I hope to do so again someday. It will remain J2 free, however, and as you've probably already guessed by now email requests will probably be unsuccessful (because I'm a bad person).

Apologies again for any fakeouts or frustration. Check spnstoryfinders for resources. They're more on top of it than I am.

Thanks for the help.
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Recently I was reading "A Shell of Myself" over on FF

And I was disappointed when it was temporarily put on hiatus so I guess I am looking for other fics like it.

Essentially something where Dean is kidnapped or something at a young age so he and Sam are raised apart. Eventually they find each other but Dean is really broken.

Yes, I have read "In Shadow" (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5057112/1/In_Shadow) but that's a good example of what I'm looking for.

I want a multi-chapter fic with no wincest or destiel and I want it to be hurt/comfort/angst-  it must have comfort.

Oh, I just thought of something- is there a fic like what I mentioned above but where Dean has amnesia and doesn't remember John and Sam but they remember him and are looking for him? And perhaps he was kidnapped and has/hasn't run away... maybe he's living on the streets?

Nick fics

Oct. 30th, 2011 03:59 pm
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I was wondering if anyone knew of any fics about Nick and Nick's thoughts about being Lucifer's vessal. How he feels, if he think's he's made a mistake, if he remembers anything about the experience. I know there are fics like this dealing with Jimmy and Jimmy's thought's about being Castiel's vessal, but are there Nick ones?

Just, fics about Nick. Not Lucifer. Thanks. :)
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I'm looking for a National Treasure AU I found a while ago but haven't since. It's a Jensen/Misha with Misha in the role of Ben Gates, Jared as Riley Poole, and Jensen in the role of Abigail Chase. I really miss it and wanted to put in my memories but couldn't find the button on the author's LJ for it.

Found in comments :) Thanks everyone.
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I'm looking for some Sam/Cas friendship fics. No slash please, no romance, no sex, no kissing. (Hugging is very welcome, so is both of them caring for/taking care of each other.) Also, preferably no AU.

Either of them feeling "neglected" by the other (e.g. Cas not getting his hug, Sam being called an "abomination", ...) is fine too.

I'm also looking for some sad!Misha fics. Again, no slash please.

Thanks! :)
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Hey all!~

I'm looking for recs, where John and Dean are doing it (can be non-con/dub-con) and Sam (accidently?) sees them. I read one like this not long ago, so totally hope there are more :3
I don't care if it's Sam/Dean or a threesome at the end - just no John/Sam please :] (and no RPF either)

Cookies for reccies~ <3
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Hi everyone, I am looking for this story that I read a really long time ago...
Here is what I remember:
Sam gets turned into a werewolf and he wants Dean but Dean put him into a storage room, so before the next moon Sam finds a way out and gets Dean. It's pretty violent and has non-con/dub-con in it...but that is all I remember.

Hope this is enough for someone to help me !
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Hi people,
I was wondering if there are any good stories with one or both of the J's as hairdressers out there?
Hit me with you best, and self rec are always welcome ;)

I've been watching a salon makeover marathon on tv and got in the mood... :)

Thanks you guys


Mods: no tag for hairdresser as a career so....

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I'm looking for a specific J2 story where Jared is with I think it's Paul johanson? Not too sure on the name and it's an abusive relationship. Paul goes away for a while and Jared calls a hotline for gays in abusive relationships which Jensen volunteers at and Jensen does what he can to help him escape.

Found in comments!
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I've just read Revelation by mystiri_1, and it was amazing! Does anyone know of other God!Castiel fics out there?
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and another one!!!! thx for trying and helping.u r all the best
here we go:dean and cas have a broken relationship(forget the reason).they both live in bobby's house,i think cas in the panicroom,but i am not sure.cas and dean once met at booby's porch and it became a kind od routine   and they met every evening and i think they talk at the end. thx thx thx

and something other for me: i am a big fan of BABYSITTER-FICS (esp. dean raises his child or brother alone and cas becomes the babysitter and they fall in love. so any fics 4 me????ßplease!!!!!!! and thx

and last but not least:this one is an au:as a punishment castiel has ti work on a helper-hotline.dean is one of hie callers(i think he lost a member of his family but i am not so sure)first he tells the wrong name but after a time he trusts cas and he become a regular caller.after punishment,cas has to go home,but i think he is lying and stays in the town.maybe he goes to dean after he did something stupid,but about that i am total not sure.
ihope someone recognizes this.and thx for trying


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