Oct. 29th, 2011

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General searches:

1) Gabriel being protective over Dean pre-series or before Dean went to hell. For example, Gabriel (whether in the guise of a trickster/archangel/something else) meets Dean and decides he likes him enough to protect him. I've seen several Sam/Gabriel fics along these lines, but I'd love to read any Dean/Gabriel ones. Gen is also fine. It would also be awesome if Gabriel decides to say 'screw you' to Azazel or Lilith and nips the apocalypse in the bud.

(also, I'm aware of the recent influx of fics at the debriel_mini comm this past week; any relevant ones are already on my reading list!)

2) Any fluffy Castiel/Crowley fics out there? It doesn't necessarily have to be fluffy, per se, but it seems like all the fics I've read are dubcon or noncon, set in or after season 6. One party always seems to be trying to manipulate the other. I'd love to read anything that explores them genuinely wanting a relationship together.

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Looking for a zombie fic. I remember it being pre-series. Sam is still at Stanford. The zombie apocalypse happens, Sam and fellow students are trapped in the dorms. Dean makes his way there and ends up in a firehouse.
I nearly positive the fic was gen.
Thanks in advance.
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I really hope I'm doing this properly, but as a first time poster, one never knows.

I'm looking for a specific J2 fic wherein Jensen meets Jared at a bachelor auction. Jensen was gay, but had been working with a special publicist or something to maintain a straight image.

There was also something about him having tried to commit suicide and Chris finding him, I believe.

If anyone can help me, it would be much appreciated.

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Last night I was part way through reading 'Do I seem bulletproof to you' by Fleshflutter. This morning I came to continue my reading and discovered that Fleshflutter has deleted her journal... :(

Does anyone know if her stories, in particular Do I Seem bulletproof to you, are available anywhere else? New account? Posted directly  to a community? PDF? Going to be published and I can by the eBook soon?

Please help as I would love to finish reading this story! :)

FURTHER UPDATE: As at Wednesday 2nd November (Australian time) the journal is still deleted. If anyone who knows [livejournal.com profile] fleshflutter can update us all on her journal's status going forwards, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks everyone for all the input so far! 

UPDATE: Apparently the journal is only 'deleted' (down?) for the weekend....thanks [livejournal.com profile] vodou_blue for letting us know!
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Hey Guys,
It's midterm month, and I really need a Dean fix. I'm looking for any stories where Dean is sort of pseudo adopted by a family, someone other than Bobby or Ellen. I'm thinking more along the lines of an older teens or adult Dean meeting some people while hunting, maybe after Sam and John left, and these people realized how amazing Dean is/can't believe how his family/father treat(s) him/become like his family. If that makes any sense at all, great : ). Sam is always welcome, but no wincest please.
Cheers, Tes
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Hello all~ How are you this fine Saturday?

1. Are there any fics where Dean says yes to Godstiel and bows down? I am of the preference of happy ending fics, where the boys somehow de-soul Cas without killing him. I've just been wondering if there were any out there where Dean bows down to Godstiel like he'd asked them to.

2. Rec me your Sassy! I am in the mood to try out some Sam/Cas, preferably with awesome!Dean or at least slowly comes around!Dean.

Thank you!
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Hello fellow spn-fiends. I'm looking for a couple of fic recs if you would be so good as to help me out.

1. Looking for au fics where dean and sam are taken by social services and put into foster care or adopted by another family.  I'm a dean girl so dean-centric would be ideal.

2. I just said I'm a dean girl but I'm also srsly loving Cas. I've found a sad amount of main character Castiel fics. I'm looking for good story/plot/characterization fics with Cas as the main character or the main plot point, please!

3. And for fun, I'm loving most of the crossover fics with supernatural. Any golden glories that anyone wants to rec?
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Happy (almost) Halloween, all!

Looking for two kinds of stories today:

1. I just finished reading 'Between Zzyzx and Henderson' by redsirenfiction, and would now like to read any other stories where one or both boys are parolees or ex-cons. I can tolerate non-con in fic unless one of the boys is the perp, in which case...no. Also, I prefer happy endings but it's not a deal-breaker.

2. And, in celebration of 'Chuck' season premiere last night, I'd love to see any SPN/Chuck crossovers that might be out there. Bonus points if Chuck and Sam knew each other from Stanford and are each quite surprised by their friend's secret life :) Any season, any pairing, etc...

BTW, sorry the tags are vague, but then again my searches are kind of vague too, so...

Thanks in advance! You guys rock!
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so yesterday I watched the movie "sense and sensibility"....you know it?....I watched it for like the nth time and I can't not watch it ;D....I just love movies about these eras so my request is....any fics about Jensen\Jared or Dean\Sam ( but not related) in that time...where they love each other but are bound by rules or peoples expectations....any fics that have them spoken for eachother but knowing eachother....and they have to be wedded and with time they love each other.....I just love to see some adorable pretty and very nice Jensen(bottom and even pregnant would be great) with kinda bastardy Jared...you know?....I hope you got me

another request is for Jensen\Jared relation and Jensen tries really hard to keep it going maybe romantic dinners or buying gifts and remembering dates....things like this while Jared doesn't pay much attention or take their relation for granted and their friends warn him that he will lose Jensen if keeps that up...maybe they break up and maybe they don't but I want Jared to try fix things after he hurts Jensn really bad (also bottom and pregnant Jensen/Dean would be great)

thanx alot for any help ;D
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I'm reading [livejournal.com profile] elles18's story, Turn Up the Bright Lights and I have been reminded of another story with Hurt!Jensen, where he's never met Jared, but knows him perhaps from the Internet? His usual ride isn't able to pick him up after a medical appointment, perhaps physical therapy, and he ends up calling Jared for a ride. Jared picks him up in his SUV and takes him home. Their relationship develops from there.

I'm thinking that Jensen might have been an author?

If anyone can tell anything from this very vague tiny snippet, I would appreciate it, because it's driving me crazy.

FOUND!! A PUUUUURFECT MATCH by [livejournal.com profile] butterflywrites

Thank you so much! Jensen's a Customer Service Rep that works from his home.
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I'm looking for a specific kink fic dealing with saline injections. I can't remember if it was Sam/Dean or J2. It would have been from either spnkink_meme or blindfold-spn.

Details under cut... )

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Is there any fanfiction that is either a crossover with Ghost Hunters or is like Ghost Hunters? I've been on a GH kick, and well, everything is like J2 to me. Thanks guys!
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hey there and hello to all!!!!
i am looking for another fic.all i remember(and it is not that much)is:
 cas lost the souls of purgatory and he and dean having a disput( I think) in bobbys salvage yard.because cas teared down sam's wall and hut him that much ,dean is not able to forgive him and after one kiss,cas is leaving the yard.sam saw the kiss and i think they talked.dean decided to stay with sam.thats all unfortunately !!!! but thanks for trying!!!!!!!!
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Hi, I have two requests for fics. One's a for a specific story and the other is more general.
1) There's a J2 fic out there, I can't remember to the title or the author, but I remember that Jensen and Jeff Padalecki were best friends and Jared goes through a sort of ugly duckling transformation and Jensen falls in love with him. Jeff has problems with it. Doesn't mind Jensen being gay but definitely minds Jensen being with Jared.
2) Looking for any good stories involving Native Americans. Please have the author treating Native Americans with respect, no stereotyping, expect for any joking that Dean might do. No Wincest please. I don't otherwise care if its a J2 fic or SPN. SPN stories can be AU. I have read and loved Slashboyz's  Two Spirits and sahsa_dragon's Way of the Warrior. So, if anyone has a favorite story involving Native Americans and J2 or SPN, please leave a link.
Thanks muchly,
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So, the new delicious sucks, yes? I really want to reread this fanfic I found a couple months ago, but I can't find it! The story goes like this:

Castiel goes to Hell to stop the apocalypse. He has a few minutes to say good-bye to Dean and Sam, but the guys are tired from a hunt and Dean won't listen when Cas tries to explain. A few years later, the guys get a call from Missouri about weird stuff going on at a hospital. Turns out it's Cas, rescued from Hell by Crowley. They take Cas back to Bobby's house and let him recover. Cas loses his voice, so everyone learns sign language, and eventually Cas joins Dean and Sam on a hunt.

I hope someone recognises this. Thank you in advance!


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