Oct. 24th, 2011

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So im totally into Teen Wolf right now but i LOVE Supernatural and the two of them together would be perfect.
so does anyone know of any crossovers? can be gen or slash.

Its a good story idea if there aren't any out there.

Please and Thank you.
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Hi, I lost a fic... :(

1. all I can remember: John/Dean (non-con) and Sam and Adam finds out and Sam takes care of Dean and Adam kills John. At the end Sam replaced John for Dean...

2. Any "Five Times" fic here?

general question most of my fav. ffs and authors deleted their journals, how can I easily rescue the story, without copy and past it on my PC ?

thank :)
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hi all i'm looking for a fic that was searched for a while back:

John's POV. John tries to track down the boys, who have gone inexplicably missing. He finds a motel room full of blood, there's a bloody handprint on the wall and Sam and Dean's fake IDs are there, also
covered in blood. At some point he looks up and Dean is on the ceiling w. his throat slit. The chapter ended on a cliffhanger where John had pulled Dean down from the  ceiling and was cradling him as the room around them burst into flame.

The second thing i'm looking for is ceiling fics where John or Sam find Dean on the ceiling.

and number three: I'm looking for fics where dean and sam are young and are homeless or have been kidnapped.

Selfrecs are cool, Wincest is love. No RPS please
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1. I've been reading way too much Wincest and lately I've been hankering for Sam & Dean Gen Fics. Please rec those fics that are considered classics or your most favorite Gen fics. I'm not really into Dean/OC or Sam/OC fics but I can read them if the fics still primarily focused on the relationship between the two brothers. Can include h/c, casefic, domestic, etc.

2. I've read 2-3 fics that has philippines mythology and folklore on spn fandom and it fascinated me reading aswang or manananggal, etc as the monster on the fics. If you know any fics with these please rec even if it's just a mention. Any pairing or no pairing. (slash, het, femslash, wincest, etc. )
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My OTP is J2/Sam-Dean but I would like to step into the fabulous world of D/C. However, I have no idea where to start! There are SO many fics that I don't know which one to choose. I'm an absolute beginner :(

Can you rec me please what are considered as "fandom classics" when it comes to Dean/Castiel please? Short fics, long fics, AU, Spn stories, I'm fine with everything except Mpreg. I'm not a big fan of Historical AU either.

Thanks in advance for your help! My Kindle is waiting impatiently for some D/C fics to eat <3
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Dearest SPN followers,

this is my first time. So be aware.

I am not really looking for a specific story but one that has Sam (I prefer Sammy as in kid or teen Sammy) being maybe not really related to the Winchesters but he is with them. Maybe John and Dean find him (part of a hunt?)

Sam is believed to be evil or demonic which he is actually not. He ist just a confused, lonely, hurt boy who just doesn't know better and acts "unnatural" because he has been treated like garbage all his very young life and doesn't expect that anybody could be kind to him.

John and Dean (or any other hunter) first also treat him not very nicely but it is Dean who eventually understands that the boy is not evil or demonic and over the weeks Dean develops a strong sense of protection for Sam. Also Dean feels slighlty guilty for treating Sammy not very nicely at first.

I would prefer if Dean (or even John) discover that Sam has experienced abuse (just not only a torture fic, please) and that he is still threatened and that somebody tries to hurt Sam again.

If there is no John around, it wouldn't be a big problem. I just want Dean to have the chance to show Sam a "normal" life and that they develop a strong, kinda brotherly bond.

I am also open for any story that has Dean watching out  and being even more overprotective for a kid/teen Sam - due to some traumatizing experience.

Any ideas and responses are much appreciated.

PS I have already read Come Home by [livejournal.com profile] corri_kun and am still reading !!!Correction!!! A Monster By Any Other Name written by [info]lavinialavender and [info]brosedshield, and beta'd by [info]whereupon

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Long time searcher, first time poster so forgive me if I do something wrong, but I have been looking for two specific fics for a while now and I'm getting quite upset at not bein able to find them with my super awesome searching abilities. I know I've gotten linked to them through spnstoryfinders, but they might've been on either fanfiction or livejournal. Anyway without further ado.....

1) This first one is kind of an AU thing. Basically John dies when the boys are young, like 14 and 10 or somewhere close to there, and Bobby and Pastor Jim come to help them and CPS figure out what's going to happen to them. But Dean overhears a conversation between Bobby and Jim and misunderstands it, thinking they're going to split Sam and him up they run away. It goes on to describe some of the places they've lived, off the radar, and bobby and Jim constantly searching for them with no luck. Then years later when Dean is 16 and they've settled down somewhere where dean is a mechanic and is the "legal gaurdian" to sam, everyone thinks he's 18, and things are going well until Dean is shot in a drive by shooting while eating at a restruant with Sam and it makes the news which Bobby sees. That's all I remember but there is a very vivid scene after dean is shot with Sam holding his brother and crying. I really want to read this one again help me!

2) This one is also sort of AU on 1st season where there is a third Winchester brother, I'm pretty sure his name is Daniel, but he is the youngest brother. He grew up with john, Dean and Sam but ran away like Sam only when he was in High School. He settled down in Lawrence and the story picks up on his high school graduation. He notices Sam and Dean there and they tell him about their father missing and tries to get him to come with them but he doesn't want to. Then a little while later YED finds him in the Winchester's old home, and yellow eyes threatens him or something. Then Sam and Dean break into Daniel's apartment and kidnap him to protect him, taking him on the road with them. That's all I remember besides the fact that it was really cool.

If you know of these stories please help me out and post a link in the comments. Thank you!
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Hi guys!

I have three demands!

1)  Specific Fic: I'm looking for this fic where Dean is de-aged and after a hard time, he admited to Sam that he want to stay this way. I remember that there is a lot of insecure!angst!Dean. I also remember that Bobby was awful in it, he wanted to change Dean back even if Sam & Dean didn't want it. He tracked them back, when the boys left. I remember that all Dean wanted was someone to call Dad, someone he feels safe with. I think in the end, Dean changed back but Sam tell him that he didn't matter, that he can still be his Dad. Please I really loved this fic, help me find itStatus: FOUND.

2)  I'm looking for all the RPS fics you can think, when one of the boys ( only J2 please I don't do Misha or Cas) he's somewhat verbally or physically attack by fans, during conventions.(or else)  I'm a sucker for a situation in which, for example, a fan is insulting one of the boy AND the other gets angry/upset/sad and defend the other. It can be Gen or Slash it's okay I don't mind! I need it come on, hit me with it ^^

3)  I was wondering if there are any fics out here, where Jensen (Not Dean!) calls Jared (Not Sam!) Baby-boy? It's just so cute! Oh it can be Gen or slash I don't care, but, I must say, if you successing in finding a Gen!Fic where Jensen calls Jared baby-boy, I will send you a cookie!

Thanks y'all, I hope I'll get a lot of reading to do!

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I'm looking for fics where sam has a stalker and dean is all worried about him.
 It would be even cooler if sam went out on a date with this guy and the guy started stalking him after that but it is not necessary...

Slash or gen and bottom!sam please...

Thank You XD 

P.S. I am also fine with wincest and self recs XD!!!!
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I'm searching for an old fic. It was told from the perspective of a man who used the midas curse to create gold statues of people. It was kind of an art form to him or something? He picked up prostitues and would turn them to gold at the 'perfect moment.' Sam and Dean pretend to be rentboys or something in order to cut off his cursed hand. There was definitely some strong NSFW elements between the boys.

Anybody got any ideas who might have written it, and if it's still floating around on the net?
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(Apologies to the mods if the tags are incorrect/incomplete.) Hey guys! So, I've got two requests for you awesome people to try and fill today, if you'd be so kind. One is probably a common thing and another is more specified. Any length or rating for both.

1. This is a J2 request, although it can include other pairings, as long as the Js get together in the end. What I'm looking for is one of the Js to be poor/really hard up for money, and to be embarrassed about it. Not necessarily looking for homeless!fic or for them to have bad parents, although those are just fine. Cookies if they didn't really think about it until they met the other J, and end up doing something silly/stupid to try and fix their problem. Obviously, the rich or better-off J shouldn't give a flying crap what the other one's credit rating is. EXTRA cookies if the poor J can't really afford something basic, like clothes or food, and that is explored.

2. This is a J2 OR SPN request! Any stories relating to Halloween - your favorite fics, I don't care what they are! For Supernatural, I prefer Gen, but I like Sam/Dean, or Destiel, although I'll read well-written Sassy. Bonus points for a couple of good scares along the way!

Thanks in advance!

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Earlier this week, I came across a fic which I would like to read again; however, the new Delicious being what it is, I am afraid that if I did save it, it is now lost.

For the benefit of sensitive eyes... )

Thank you all in advance for any help you can give!

Edit: Found!  Strange and Charm's Six Degrees - http://strangeandcharm.livejournal.com/163793.html
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A few days ago I stumbled upon my very first GirlCas/Dean story and now I would sincerly love to read any GirlCas/Dean story wether its a human girl born Cas or a Cas who takes a female vessel........I'd gladly and happily settle for GirlDean/Cas stories.I just recently started reading destiel fics and I just would greately love to read some GirlCas or GirlDean Destiel fics.Any length and rating will be great though the longer the better.

Hopefully someone may be able to assist me,
Thank You

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Edited a bunch of tags today.

The "character: xxx and xxx" and "character: xxx and xxx and xxx" have been phased back to separate character tags. The one I'm still working on is "character: dean and sam" with over a thousand more to go (please don't use this tag anymore). The "person: jared and jensen" tag has been phased back into single person tags.

Someone requested distinctions on the "abused" tags. I mass changed them all to "warning: abused!xxx (physical)" and went through a bit and added (emotional), (mental) and (sexual).

Added more "affliction" tags and some "career" tags.

Updated the "crossover" tags, still more to go.

If you have any more suggestions, feel free to direct them to the suggestion post, it's always open and we've had some great comments and suggestions so far. Please don't post a suggestion here on this post (it'll either be deleted or screened), I want to keep them all in one place. And if I missed one of your suggestions, don't be afraid to give me a poke, I might have saw it and gotten distracted by something else and thought I already did it.

I still see people using old tags (sometimes), so if you haven't seen the new ones I suggest you take a look at the tag post or the suggestion post.

Also a question that's been bugging me for some time. I see all these acronyms that I have no clue what they mean. So I want to compile a list and know what they mean.

The one I see the most is "LF", which I thought stood for "lost fic", but then it didn't make sense with the rest of the sentence and then I thought it might mean "looking for". Any help?

Then the next one is "LFS" does that stand for "lost fic search"?

"ISO" is that "in search of"?

Those are the ones I can think of at the top of my head, I'm sick as a dog. If you know more of those acronyms please let me know. Thanks!
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Hi Again,

I was wondering if there are any fic that are AU's of All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1 and events there-after where that somehow sam survived being stabbed by jake and he ends up paralyzed from the waist down. Can be wincest but I am looking for gen on this story.

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I'm wondering if there are any fics/fanvids/fanart/manips based off of/based around the Brokeback Mountain storyline? Any and all pairings & ratings are fine - RPS is excellent too! Thank you in advance :3
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Hi all,

2nd attempt here but here goes.

Looking for a j2 fic where Jared breaks up with Jensen and is with a pregnant sandy/gen. I know that Jared thinks he's the father but when Jensen finds out they get back together and move in with each other. However Sandy/Gen moves in too because she is adamant the baby is for Jared. dont know if it was completed but I remember Sandy/Gen seeing Chris + Steve getting busy in the kitchen and freaks out,

Hope u guys can help

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Hello everyone :) This is my first time posting here, I hope I'm doing it right.  English is my 3rd language, so sorry if there are a lot of mistakes.
I have a few requests; maybe some one can help me out ! :)

1) I'm basically looking for Wincest fics where Sam takes care of Dean. Dean can be sick, injured, suffering from memory loss ... it doesn't really matter as long a Sam is taking care of him. 

2) My second request are Wincest fics where Sam worships Dean, as in, he thinks he's the most beautiful, wonderful person in the world. His world basically revolves around Dean. He can't stop touching Dean, and really likes to please him in every way. And I would love if Sam cuddled Dean. A lot.

3) Possessive!Sam; rec me your favorites.

4) And I would also like a few good first-time fic recs.  :)

I prefer toppy!Sam and I don't read non-con and mpreg. No Dean/OMC and Sam/OMC.

Thanks in advance ! :)

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Okay, first off, THANKS to everyone who has helped me in the past. You guys are GREAT! :)

Second, I recently read a story (and forgot to save it...) and would LOVE to read it again. All I can really remember is that it featured Sam, Dean and Castiel. Castiel had been tortured for several days (maybe weeks?) and one thing specifically I can remember is that his EYES were sewn shut. The boys pretended to be FBI, I think, to get Castiel help at the hospital and what not. They eventually had to take him somewhere safe. I can't remember if this was a post season 6 story or not. I also can't remember if it was a Dean/Castiel romance. I'm fairly certain it's a longer story though. It was pretty angsty and dark, what with the torture. I'm sorry I can't remember more.

Any help in finding this is most appreciated!!!

(Found in comments and a BIG thank you!!!!!!)


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