Oct. 21st, 2011

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Hey y'all.

I'm wondering if there are any Dean/Castiel fics out there that deal with Dean being all "OMG I thought I was straight" and/or Castiel being all "OMG I thought I was an asexual angel". Any kind of fic that explores the boys' thoughts and uncertainties in entering into a relationship would be very welcome.

Alternatively, are there any fics that deal with Castiel losing his virginity in a realistic way? As in all the nervousness, awkwardness, and giggles that come with doing the sex for the first time.

Thanks in advance!
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This is a rather unspeficic search for AU-fic.

Okay guys, I just watched Disney's latest version of Rapunzel and In combination with the just very recently released spoilerish things made me crave Jen!punzel...  or Jar!punzel - but as close as possible to the latest Disney version. Singing included. I combed through several old posts but with the tragic loss of Delicious many old link collections have died a cruel death and my google-fu has lost all its magic powers.

Also, other adaptations of recent pixar and Disney movies are welcome (I already know most stories covering the "How to train your dragon" AUs, thank you, I wrote one myself - so anything goes except for that) but I really, really, really would love you eternally if you'd come up with a link to something Rapunzel-y (not a word, I know.)

So help me fandom, you are my only hope.
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So I've read stories where Dean or Sam were permanently / seriously injured, where the story dealt with their recovery and their new lifestyle and their changed perception of themselves. 

I wonder if there's any story with Jensen or Jared having been permanently / violently / suddenly injured or disabled that follows or mentions how they're dealing with this. Going from perfectly healthy men to coping with medication or physical disability, and maybe even having to cope with being a victim of a crime, any residual emotional trauma and stuff…. 

The story don't need to be J2 or established relationship or even romance at all. I just want a well-written story with that issue featured in there, what comes with it is fine. I've been going through the J2 Recs comm, which is my one and only source, so everything's welcome. 

Thank you. 

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Its a fic in which Dean and Cas are both patients being held in a hospital/prison where they are harvested for love. The summary consists of what if love really did cure all?

Sam dies pretty early and Cas is used to replace him because the people being harvested don't always survived and they come in pairs, therefore making a whole lovebird thing..therefore no love.

The whole story was based on a dream the author had..its pretty short but really powerful. Its really all written with the sentences starting with "Now imagine.." or "what if.."
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Hey all!

A friend of mine told me about a story that was written as an AU of the episode "My Heart Will Go On".

cut to be safe... )
Mods: is there not an episode tag for "My Heart Will Go On"??
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Hello Peeps,

I'm looking for any fics (if they exist) where sam is dating a guy and dean is being all over protective big brother and what not.
Here is what I'm Looking for.

1. Slash obviously...
2. Bottom!sam only please. No bottom anyone else.. Thanx
4. also bonus points if dean gives this guy the third degree because johns not there and what-not

For my second request i would like instead of sam being with Jessica when he is at standford... I would like for him to have a boyfriend.

Extra points if he lives and keeps in contact with sam and also if he is in some sort of an abusive relationship.

Thank You! 
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Looking for a specific story I read it like about maybe two years ago and i was never able to find it again. I believe it was on fanfiction.net and was a wip at the time. I know that it starts off with a possesed john beating a young sam outside of a motel and he ends up in the hospital with terminal injuries. It could be someone else that caused this though. I also remember that he was in a wheelchair because of messed up muscle function and breathing problems. I belive that dean was also hurt very badly for a little while in this fic and he was also in a wheelchair for a couple of chapters. I also belive that bobby, pastor jim, and some of the other hunter friends were involved also. I also remember one chapter where sam is worried that he will be useless to everyone becuase all he does is pretty much sleep throughout the whole day.

Thank You!
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THERE'S A a particular Supernatural tale I've read on Fanfiction.Net, but can't seem to find. From what I remember, the story focused on the Winchesters going to a Hotel (or some sizable building, it might've been a mansion) to vanquish a disruptive she-ghost from the property.

EDIT (10/24/2011): 'Tis been rediscovered: "No Traveler Returns" by JennK528. Thanks to everyone else for the suggestions as well.

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Specific Fic: I thought I saved this fic, but apparently not- Sam's deaged by a Unicorn, Dean takes him to Bobby's... I don't want to ruin it for anyone so I won't say how it ends, but hopefully that's enough to go on.

Rec: This may sound stupid, but has anyone ever written a fic during Civil War era where the boys fight on different sides of the war? Like Dean's a rebel soldier and Sam's a yankee? Anything gen or het for this only....please, and thank you. If this exists bonus points if a human Cas is in it with them, or Bobby...whatever. This story wouldn't be with 'supernatural' things in it like ghost or chupacabra's etc. just humans... Sorry for being picky, I'll really take anything that has some of the things, but this is the whole.
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I'm looking for any Non-AU hurt, abused, self-harm, or eating disorder Jensen. Any pairing is okay, I just want some good, preferably long fics. Please no sad endings or death fics though, I want something that winds up happy :) Thanks in advance.
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Got a couple of general requests:

1) Evil or demon Sam in which he follows Azazel of his own accord. No raised-by-YED fics, please, I was thinking of something more among the lines of Dean not killing Azazel in AHBL and Sam going to him while Dean is in hell. Or anything with adult Sam deciding to follow him, really.

1 take 2) Any fanfiction in which for any reason Sam uses his powers or whatever and his eyes turn yellow.

2) Human AU with the angels. No Destiel fics please, unless there are also other pairings.

Thank you in advance!
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I'm looking for some crossovers... really good ones, not corny.

1) stargate Sg1, atlantis crossovers with Supernatural.
2) Troy Supernatural crossover

3) Lord of the Rings/ Silmarillion Supernatural crossovers.

my only restrictions: must have Castiel in it, and not be a corny crack fic.

please and thank yous.
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1) I am just getting into Sassy (something to read in between the Dean/Cas :P). Unfortunately, it seems most of the recent fics are naturally season 6-7 and soulless!Sam. The sassy_otp comm has a very confusing tag system so I am having a hard time finding fics I want.

I am looking for Sassy fics that end happy. I would love some fics that show how their relationship starts. Established relationship is great too. I also do not want Dean to be unhappy about their relationship. Any ratings and A/U welcome. I am pretty open to any that end happy and no soulless!Sam (I think I would prefer pre season 5 OR A/U).

2) Does anyone know if there is a comm that regularly updates on SPN memes around the fandom? It seems I only find a meme by accident when someone crossposts them on a comm I watch. If not, does anyone know of any Halloween/Horror comment fic memes going on right now?


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