Oct. 16th, 2011

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Has there ever been a fic so intrusive to human emotion that you actually legit cried? LEGIT. CRIED.? If so, then you should totally link me to it. Any genre, length, slash pairing will do. Death fic. AU. RPS. PWP. Mpreg. All of it. GIVE IT TO ME. As long as it is gay and makes you want to blow a rock salt hole in your head with a sawed-off shotgun.

I look forward to your replies, gentlemen.
*okay and maybe no bestiality. But otherwise its a free-for-all.
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I've been looking for this fic for weeks, and I can't find it. It's from Jess' dad's point of view, he's a retired hunter, and the rest of the family doesn't know, and he sees a picture of Sam and Jess and their friends and notices that Sam had been carving protective symbols, and then Sam comes to visit and there was something about salt on the windowsills and a ghost maybe? It wasn't super long, but it wasn't drabble length either. It's at least a few years old, because it's not in my bookmarks. I have no idea if it was on LJ or what, but it probably was. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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i'm not going to waste anyone's time, just trust that i have searched for these stories and come up short. so any help would be greatly appreciated.

#1 jensen and jared broke up - everyone thinks jensen's drug addict, but in reality he's had a severe back injury that's left him a quadraplegic. jared discovers this and they eventually get back together. lots of ocs, very long.

# 2 jensen is an alpha and jared is a beta and they get cast against type for supernatural (jared plays the alpha sam and jensen plays the beta dean) - there's some trouble but they eventually wind up together. i think there was knotting?

Edit: FOUND in comments. That was so fast! Thank you, everyone!
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Two things...

1) It's my headcanon that Dean bottoms.....for everyone (Sam, Cas, Crowley, John, ect) but I'm still relatively new to the fandom (I only just caught up2 days ago) so I'd love any wonderful supermegafoxyawesomehot bottom!Dean recs!


2) Are there any fics where Dean flirts with guys and it makes Sam or Cas really jealous? I've seen fics where Dean flirts with the waitresses and the bartendress but never really flirting with men. So if anyone knows any bottom!Dean with either possessive!Sam or possessive!Cas I'd be really really grateful!

Thanks in Advance!
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Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me look for a fic that I lost track of.

Okay, so it takes place before any of the recent show drama happened, aka angels/heaven, ect.

Unfortunately, there are only two other story deatils I remember. 1)  The woman is an artist, and 2)  She paints a ton of pictures of Dean and one of them is him as Michael.

Other than that, I only know that I didn't read it on lj.  It was one some online fanfiction archive.

Sorry for the vague deatils.  Hope someone can help!!
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so, even though I get so caught up in finding and watching videos about SPN I forget to sleep, I'd like you guys to rec me your favorite wincest videos, or flat out absolute funny videos (that don't have to include wincest, though that's my preference) with the guys.  Thanx in advance!
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Hi peeps! So anyway, I was watching this ad yesterday:

and it got me to thinking, are there any stories out there with one of the boys dating the other one's sister? Maybe keeping it a secret for a while, then gets found out, and the reaction etc... Or just anything with the basic premise anyway. I can't seem to find anything out there, surely it's been done at least ONCE??

Thanks guys!! :D 

Also re tags: I know ofc & omc generally refer to original characters, but I thought it could also just refer to other characters, and there aren't ANY tags for Megan or Mackenzie or family members in general or anything, so... If the tagging's wrong, please fix!

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Hello everyone~ I found this lovely and helpful community recently and decided to join. I was just lurking around until today but now I decided to make search request. I'm putting a cut for season 7 spoilers ^^

Season 7 Spoiler ahead )
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I'm looking for 2 specific crossovers that I'm having trouble locating.I swear my computer somehow vanishes my favorites links.

1) Dean adopts Harry Potter when Harry is a small child.The Winchesters still hunt.Dean still makes a deal with the crossroads demon to save Sam. Harry eventually finds out and tries to make a deal with a demon to save Dean. I think this story was at fanfiction net and it was complete.

2)Harry is an adult and he has custody of Teddy.He works for or is friends with Bobby.Dean and Sam visit Bobby and stay for a while.The story was moving toward a Dean/Harry pairing and it was a WIP at livejournal.

I'm also looking for any good stories where any of the Winchesters or Bobby adopt or mentor Harry.
Gen,het, or slash is fine.


#2 FOUND! Still looking for #1
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It was an underage, (maybe) wincest fic.

All I can remember about this fic is that Sam was having growing pains, and he didn't want to tell Dean because he was afraid he'd make fun of him. Dean feels really bad when Sam tells him that and comforts Sam through the pain.

If you have ANY fic that sounds vaguely like this, I'd love to read it.

Thank you!
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I just realized the awesomeness of podfics (my first try years ago put me off of them) when sorting thousands of bobbins for hours.

I am looking for your favorite and best sounding podfics (I have tried a couple that are too quiet, or fluctuate too much in sound, or the reader is not understandable). I would prefer stories that are no more than 4 parts and no less than 30 minutes long.

Hopefully This Cut Works, click for more detail )
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I'm looking for a fanfiction in which Dean was born female, but thinks he's male. I remember that when Sam was up to about 4 years of age he thought that he was an extension of Dean. I also think that Dean went to hell and when he came back he turned to his male version. I think Castiel was in the story. Don't know if there were pairings in the story.

Thanks for the help of finding the story.
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Hey all!

Well, I'm looking for recs, where there is hardcore/angry/dub-con or whatever "action" with bottom!Dean (no RPF please) - it can be pwp, but it can be also part of a (long) story... just, you know, some harder (well-written?) stuff - and his partner can be anyone, Castiel/Sam/Gabriel/whoever~

Cookies for reccies :3
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Hello Beautiful people :3
I’ve fallen in love with fatebegins’ stories and she has a lot of asshole!Jensen so I was wondering if you guys can help me fine some asshole!Jared fics. I’ve searched for some over at J2-recs but I want to read more. Jared usually plays the nice guy but I’d love to see him be the jerk. I’ll take college fic, high school fic, ceo fic, anything really.
Please no Sad endings or dark fics. Thank you all so much in advance♥ 

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Hi there :)

I'm looking for a J2 AU fic where Jensen is a comic book writer. He's done a series of comics which all feature Jared, who is based on his perfect guy. I can't remember all the details but Jared comes to life from the comic, and it turns out that some of the other characters got out too, and they have to go and chase the bad guy.

The only other thing I can remember is that there's some peas... yes, peas! I think there's a giant one, and they're always talking and chattering away giving a commentary of what's going on. I think one's also obsessed with porn, and wanted to watch J2 in bed!

Can anyone help?

Edit: Found. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kruel_angel and [livejournal.com profile] petite_madame :)
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Hello :)

So I am looking for a Sam/Sarah story that I read last year. Sam and Sarah have 2 kids. And Dean semi lives with them. They all know that dean hunts and they set ground rules so the know dean is safe. Dean heads out for a hunt and gets hurt and Sam has to go out and find him. I believe that there is a sequal too.  Anyone know?


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I'm both curious and hopeful - are there any crossover's out there with The Walking Dead? Or, maybe a crossover with a general zombie apocalypse? Like, Dawn of the Dead or Resident Evil?

Any pairing is fine, though I'd prefer Wincest, Destiel or Gen.

Thank you in advance!
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Hey y'all!
I'm looking for the fic where Jensen's sister tells him Jared was horrible to her before they meet for the first time, and Jensen hates Jared for it even though Jared is totally nice and awesome... and he fights his growing feelings for Jay until finally his sister tells him she made it up to save face when Chad turned her down (or something to that effect)?
I hope this rings a bell with someone!



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