Oct. 5th, 2011

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I love looooong J2 fics,It's what I read most of the time,But I'm fed up of fluff
I want to read something full of threat and danger,angst and tears,death(Not J2) and sorrow
darkness and attempted murder as long as J2 are the victims,and not the criminals,I want something to get my teeth into and hopefully keep me on the edge of my seat ,of R rating or higher,I'd be very grateful if you guys could point me in the direction of any of your favorite fics of this kind
Mwah :)


Oct. 5th, 2011 01:46 am
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Hey Lovelies!

I was wondering if there were any Dean/Claire fics? Obviously the longer the better, but I've been searching and I can't find any at all.

Hopefully you guys know of some! Also, I'm not concerned with her status as underage, so if she is in the fic, I still want to read it. ^_^

Thanks so much!

sick boys

Oct. 5th, 2011 04:17 am
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After browsing this site for months I have finally gathered the guts to post! So here we go.

I love sick fics. But what really completes a sick fic for me, is puking. I love having one of our boys vomit. So I would love it if anyone knows of any fics where Sam/Dean/Jared/Jensen puke? I'm cool with wincest/J2/gen. They don't even necessarily have to be sick, extreme pain, a curse, anything could be the cause. The more miserable and pukey/gross it is the better!

Thank you for any recs you can give!
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I've gone through the tags on here and I've even trawled through AO3 looking for stories. Any Dean/Castiel stories where Cas is a crossdresser or lacks either gender and wears both male and female clothes. Dean meets Castiel and is instantly attracted. I'm hoping for more plotty/long stories focusing on the LGBTQ side rather than the porn side. A lot of the stories along these lines are Wincest and not really my cup of tea! Thanks in advance ya'all!

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Hi, I'm not sure if this kind of fic exists but I was hoping for a crossover with the TV series 'So you think You Can Dance', where the boys, either Jensen and Jared, or Sam and Dean, go in and audition for the show. It would be even better if its J2 or Sam/Dean.
If it doesn't exist I hope someone would write one, I think dancer!boys would blow the judges away :)

Otherwise, I'm looking for any AU where the boys go in to audition for something and the fic is slash.
Thank you, anyone that can please help!
*crosses fingers hopefully*
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Hello!  I'm looking for a Destiel fic that was written during season four.  It was about Castiel dealing with being more human.  It talked about his life as an angel and that he had, I believe, four faces so he could look everywhere at once.  It also talked about how his love was all encompassing and never failed, and how different it was in a human form.

I've been searching for ages and any help would be very much appreciated!


Oct. 5th, 2011 04:38 pm
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I'm looking for fics where ...

- Dean get hurt by human, like maybe another hunter, bullies in school, or gang in streets. 
- homeless dean. 
- pre-series fics.
- teen Dean
- abusive John/foster father. 

Thanks in advance. =]
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another story i've completely forgotten the title and author of, however i remember a lot of details- goes like this i think-
-the trickster, before anyone knew it was gabriel, i'm pretty sure he was just a trickster in the fic, not an angel at all, dumps dean and cas into a 'mystery spot' style time loop, same day over and over again, the day ends when one of them dies, only to start over again
-even if cas poofs away to heaven he is killed horribly in battle, even if dean doesn't know, and the day resets
-the deaths are crazy terrible deaths, its a series of werewolf attacks or hurricanes or zombie hordes etc
-the point is the trickster says they have to decide which one of them has to die permanently
-much angst etc they're stuck in this loop for like months
-cas kisses dean and dean freaks out completely so they stop talking, cas poofs away immediately at the start of everyday, to fight heavenly battles and it seems quiet for dean but now dean can't keep food down and can't eat and the day keeps resetting as cas dies and dean slowly dies from starvation
-eventually cas comes back and takes dean to a hospital and they sort him out and dean and cas make up
-the trickster fools dean into thinking that cas sacrificed himself for him,and dean gets pissed at cas, but of course it was a trick to get dean to reveal his true feelings, which breaks the loop
ok-its quite long at least 10 or 11kand its in 4 parts, i remember that distinctly. set mid to late season 4 and rated r i think. i swear the title is so close to my brain, i'm going to kick myself when someone tells me!
thanks in advance, sorry its such a fricking long post :(

FOUND-link in comments
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I'm loving season 7 so far, and I'm desperate for any well written fics about this season. What are your favorites so far? Any pairing, any rating, pretty much any character from season 7 is fair game. Thanks guys!!
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Sam and Dean inherit an estate and settle down. Dean fits right in, but Sam feels guilty and like he can't rest. There's a hunting library in the house and he starts being the go-to person for hunters and find resources. I think the town they live in is called Peace or something like that.

Woo! Found in the comments. :)
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Hello storyfinders,

I wonder if you can help me. I'm looking for some J2 fics (especially non AU) where one of the boys is ill and the other looks after him, leading to the realisation that he's in love with the other J. It can be cleaning up after them when they've been sick, spoon feeding, bathing, wiping their snotty nose etc. - things that go beyond normal friendship into things you only do for someone you love!

I don't mind what rating they are, and they don't have to include sex. I won't turn it down, but please make sure the sick boy is better before they get nekkid! :p Long fics are especially welcome, but no WIPs please!

Thank you :)
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Hey guys, I've got a few requests today.

The first two are specific stories that I can't find. I'm 99% sure I read both of them on FanFiction.net but I've searched all over for them and cannot find them.

1.The first one is titled Obsession and it's about Sam getting kidnapped by a clown with OCD and tied up in a tent at the circus. It's one of my favorites and I wish I had saved it.

2.The next one is about Sam being taken in by the Benders after they kill his family, I think. They rape him and used him as a sex slave and one day they kidnap Dean. Sam has something wrong with his leg, I think, and Dean witnesses that they abuse him and they plan to escape together. At one point something happens and Dean loses the trust he has for Sam.

3.My next request is for anything in which Jared/Sam is possessed. I mean like The Exorcist kind of possessed. There is a story I read by Cha I think like this, I'm not sure where to find it now but I like the concept of him being hurt and weak because something is inside of him taking it's toll and hurting him.

4. Anything like Last House on the Left where Sam/Jared is raped and beaten and his family goes after who did it? Doesn't necessarily have to be based off the movie, can just be anything along those lines.

5. Anything where teen!Jared/Sam is bullied and gets hurt really bad. Or anything where he is homeless and gets really hurt?

6.Okay, my last requst is for any stories where Sam/Jared is a creature (i.e. werewolf, shapeshifter, vampire, maybe he has wings) and he is captured or hunted because of it. I'd like if he's not a bad guy and people don't understand or care but think he's evil anyway.
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Looking for a specific Mobster fic that I believe was a one-shot. Some specific parts I remember was Sam being in class at Stanford and they start discussing about John and Dean. I remember the main thing that Dean went to pick up Sam because John was missing and it had to deal with a dead cop and some missing money. Dean worked for the family business and ran the business while Sam hated it and ran off to Stanford. I also remember the fic mentioning how dean and sam always used to kiss and none of his father's people would say anything. I think Jessica also dies in this fic too. Also any fics along the same line is welcome! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hello everybody! I hope i've come to the right place to ask this. I am new to this community and i would appreciate some help finding a fic that i've read a year ago involving Jensen&Jared. I looked for it everywhere and still nothing. The only things i remember about it is that Jensen and Jared were working together on Supernatural and Jared was secretly having a crush on Jensen. On the night of his birthday, a drunken Jared lights a candle, mistakenly uses a wrong spell (borrowed from the set, i think) and wishes for something. The next day, Jensen is nowhere to be found, and he wakes himself as a cat. I remember though that i laughed many times while riding this fic, especially when Jared was making fun of Jensen when he was playing with some toy that Jared bought from the pet store. Later on, it proves that the spell was something from a egyptian goddess related with cats or something...But in the end there's still sex and everything is ending happily...Please, help?! Any pointing to the right direction is truly appreciated...:). Thank you
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HII Guys! I've been looking for some general stuff here

001. Stories where Dean comes for Sam at Stanford, only to find him with a kid! Preferable if Jess is dead, or not involved for some reason. Wincest is preferable too but Gen is fine.

002. Eating disorder Sam (don't give me recs given here or here. as they're basically Dean with the disorder and not Sam).

003. Stories where Sam purposefully cuts himself or hurts himself. Once again, nothing from the links given up above.

004. Stories where Jensen has to chose between someone else and Jared, and doesn't chose Jared. Preferably, Jared's POV, and a happy ending, please!

005. Stories where7x02 Soilers )

006. After reading this, I really want some Demon-Dean-and-Sam that aren't evil. Anything out there? ETA: Wincest only, please.

Thanks guys!


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