Sep. 29th, 2011

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Does anyone know any codas or alternative takes on the episode "You Can't Handle the Truth," where Veritas asking Dean to explain how he really feels about Sam takes on a more Wincesty feel?

Or, more generally, truth-telling curses, etc that lead to feelings being revealed? Sam/Dean, Sam/Cas and Dean/Cas are all fine.
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I have a very vague memory of this fic. No idea about the content but one part sticks in my brain. Sam is digging through Gabriel's things and finds a box with his halo in it. He later talks to Gabriel about the halo and he says it belongs to the "Messenger" and he's no longer welcome in heaven or doesn't want the role. I can't remember before or after this point so spoilers are missing! Pretty sure it was Sam/Gabriel and there may have been Dean/Cas on the side...(I'll leave that out of tags just in case)

If you can remember this fic I will love you forever and if it's someone I follow, I'm really sorry I've only recently started having good bookmarks!

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Hi all,

I was recently reading a book, and low and behold it mentioned Supernatural, which really excited me for Show!! So I'd LOVE to read any fics that have Show being recognized/awarded by mainstream media. Or maybe one of the actors getting some recognition.

I've never really managed to do a LJ cut, but I'm going to attempt it for this request. In the VERY likely event that the cut fails I'll make the request in such broad terms that it's NOT spoilery.

Read more... )
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Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a story I read when I first began reading Fan Fiction. The story was set in the old west. Dean/Jensen not sure which character but he was a saloon hooker. Sam/Jared was this rich rancher's son who came to the saloon with friends to finally become a man. Needless to say boy meets boy, but Dean/Jensen has some terrible things happening to him so things aren't so easy for the lovers to achieve their happily ever after. I really want to read this story again, and if you know of any other westerns like this one send them my way too I will be soooo grateful!
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After being hit by a recent need to splurge and read massive amounts of Dean/Cas fanfiction, I thought maybe some of you might be able to help me find what I am looking for. I have been browsing other rec lists but I find that they don't always suit my tastes.

What I am looking for are AU Dean/Cas fanfics, R to NC-17 rated (I am a perv!), at least 5k in length (although I tend to prefer 20k+) and that are so utterly depressing they will leave me feeling like a complete wreck well after I have finished reading it. I could actually live without the rating, AU, and word-length requirements so long as I get a very high dose of angst. To give you an idea of the writing style I tend to prefer, some of my memories include Fossarian's "To High Places by Narrow Roads", Strangecharm's "Melting Verse", Obstinatrix's "The Voice of the Turtledove", and Tracy-loo-who's "And I will Walk on Water". Anything that anyone can recommend would be very much appreciated.

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Just read In it for love and was hoping if anyone can rec any more reality tv (like dating shows) with jared/jensen pairing. I remeber another one and would to read it again he only thing I remeber is jensen or jared cant be sure throw a dish on the other's head when they go out on a date.
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I recently read this one particular story but foolishly forgot to bookmark it.

Jensen and Chad were best friends until Chad just took off one day without so much as a goodbye.3 maybe 5 maybe less years go by without a word from Chad then out of the blue Katie Cassidy shows up on Jensen's doorstep claiming to not only be Chads wife but a werewolf who's husband (Chad) been kidnapped.She asks for help in finding her mate and Jensen reluctantly agrees to help her.

Katie was also pregnant with Chad's child.
Jared was sent by their pack leader to dispose of Katie because they all thought she was the one who hurt Chad.
When Jared shows up at Jensens doorstep and lays eyes on Jensen he immediatly claims him as his mate.
Jensen doesn't want to be mated and turned into a werewolf with Jared but he agrees to being his mate and getting turned if Jared helps them find Chad.
They eventually find Chad and Jensen mates and gets turned by Jared and they all go back to their pack and live happily ever after!!. -FOUND!!

Anyone know which story I'm referring to?.

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I have no specific fic in mind.  I am a Sammy girl.  Most time travel fics that I have found are Destiel or more Dean focused.  Not that there is anything wrong with Dean, I just love Sam more.  It can be gen, het, or slash.  Just not with Destiel, please. 

I am obsessed with redo fics.  If you didn't know, redo fics are  where one character(*cough* Sam *cough*) or more goes back into the past or future(preferable the past) and takes over his own body.  If it's the past, he or she usually uses their knowledge of the events to change the future. 

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Everyone who help find wanted stories - Y'ALL ARE SO COOL!

Okay, I'm looking for Jensen or Dean stories were the character personally deals with one or all of the following issues:
1). Self-harm
2). Seizures
3). Clinical Depression
4). Anxiety Attacks

Jensen is a totally different person than Dean and I have read so many wonderful stories that the authors hit the characters dead on. If you have cool stories that are good examples of the two personalities I would really appreciate those too.

Thanks ahead of time for your help!
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Has gone looking through the tags and can't find this story anywhere It's a Gabriel/Sam story I think. Gabriel helps Winchesters defeat Lucifer by collecting loads of different artefacts such as a Sword and Gabriel own Trumpet that he has misplaced and needs to go back in time and get. I think Crowley has one of the artefacts needed and he and Gabriel know each other. 

Thanks in advance 
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Hey guys! I'm hoping you lovely people will be able to help me find some good fics to read!

Lately I've been seeing a lot of Dean!POV and Jensen!POV fics. And believe me, I love them (if I didn't I would have major trouble enjoying fanfic, lol), but I'm really in the mood to read something from Sam or Jared's POV. Hurt!Sam/Jared would be awesome, because hurt!Sam fics are where I've been seeing a lot of Dean!POV for some reason. Angst is awesome, but a happy ending would be nice. But I'm not too picky about the genre of the fic. Just know that I'm a Sam/Jared-girl, so it'd be nice if it's Sam/Jared-centric

Fics can be short, long. General or slash or het. No Destiel, unless it's not a main part of the fic, if possible. Sam's basically my fandom bicycle, so I'm good with him paired with anyone short of Ruby 2.o or Madison. (The pairings in the tags are by no means the only ones I'll take fic for ;D). If there is slash, bottom!Sam/Jared is preferred. Just warn for bottom!Dean, please?


And since I'm here and I've wanted to request this for awhile...

Anyone have some good Sam/Jared recs? Like, the pairing Sam/Jared? I'd look on delicious, but they're all sorts of confusing and I apparently haven't bookmarked the few I've actually read. I'm cool if it ends up as Sam with Jared and Jensen. Just would really like to see some Jared/Sam interaction. (And I probably just missed it, but I didn't see a pairing: Sam/Jared or pairing: Jared/Sam tag, otherwise I would use it ;D)

Edit: Self recs are love and more than welcome. :D
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I'm looking for a fic in which Sam thinks he is turning into a demon and he begins to fall apart. He starts hallucinating and tries to wash blood off of his hands, but in reality there's not blood on him - except in a panic attack he washes so hard he starts to bleed, and mistakes this blood for somebody he thinks he's killed or harmed. He looks in the mirror and sees black eyes and finally Dean has to barge in and force Sam into calming down. Dean was very concerned for him but then I can't remember what happens towards the end.

On a side-note, this is my third attempt at trying to post a story to find, and I'm wondering why it's not going through? Am I breaking a rule or something? If I am, could I get a PM and let me know? Thanks for any and all help I get. C:
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Hello, I'm new so I really hope I'm doing this right.
I'm looking for stories that have:
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
And I would love for- Jared angst/protective Jensen.

I'm a sucker for hurt/druggie/sick Jared and for Jensen to be all 'oh god I'll help you buddy.'

It doesn't HAVE to be slash.

Thank you so much!! :D
Have a spectaculacular day!

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I'm looking for a specific fic that I can't find in my bookmarks. 

Dean somehow is really a trickster. But he doesn't know it. I think it's not really a new story. It started off with Dean in police custody. I think it was on I read the first chapter, was impressed and bookmarked it. Or so I thought.

Does anyone know it?

ETA: shadowkeeper89 found it for me. It's Dog Eat Dog by silver ruffian. Thanks a lot!!
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Hi storyfinder people,

I've had THE shittiest day today at work, and it looks likely that things won't improve until at least Christmas, so, I thought  what better way to cheer myself up than with some Wincest?! xD

I'm usually a top!Dean girl, but I fancy a change and I'd really like to read some fics where Sam has persuaded Dean to bottom for him for the first time. I'd love there to be some angst thrown in, especially where Sam has been wearing Dean down over time. I really want Sam to get Dean to just try bottoming, and if he doesn't like it, they don't have to do it again. Of course if he likes it and wants to do it again, that's all good too! :D

Must be fully consensual Wincest please (no AU, boys aren't brothers etc.), no Mpreg and completed fics only please! NC-17 preferred.

The longer the fic, the better, but I'll take pretty much anything!

Thanks in advance! :)

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Ok, so i just read "Man In The Water" by Morrezela and I absolutely LOVED it and I am in desperate need for more like it. Please help? In it (I don't know how to cut so I'll be vague so I don't spoil it) , Jared sees Jensen skinny dipping in a lake one morning and starts coming back to watch everyday. Jared gives himself away by leaving gifts and at first Jensen is scared but eventually comes back and starts having one-sided convos with Jared until they finally meet. J2 ensues.

So basically, what I'm looking for is well written J2 AU's where one J pines/stalks the other J and the other freaks when they realize they're being stalked but then is flattered and starts trying to reach out and get to know their stalker. Major pining and voyeurism with stalkeristic tendencies is a must. Bonus for long fics, NC-17, shyness, adorableness, and schmoop. Major bonus if they meet the parents and struggle to explain how they met. I'd love the aftermath of them hooking up as well as the build up to it.

Thank you!
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I'm not sure if this needs to be under a cut, but I don't know how to make one anyways...(thinky face) oh, well, it's not exactly graphic...

1) I'm looking for fics were where one of the team has an animal penis. (read knot, barb, etc.) I'd prefer Destiel (expecially if it's Cas), but I'm ok with Wincest. I've already read many with J2 knotting, so you can include them if it's not a knot. (Sam/Gabe's good too, I guess)

2) I'm also lookiing for fics were Alec (Dark Angel) has the above traits. Also, fics were he goes into heat would be great. I'd perfer slash, but I'm not to picky.

So, If you could please, please, please share links with me, I'd be ever so thankful!

PS, Thanks to those of you who've helped me in the past. You've made me :D
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Alright guys, I have three requests for you, one is specific and two are general.

#1: I'm looking for this Jensen/Jared slash fic where Jensen basically portrays Little Red Riding Hood and as far as I remember Jared is the wolf. Only Jared and Jensen have known each other for a long time and are best friends. Jensen realizes that he has feelings for Jared in the fic, and he also ends up spending the night in Jared's den in the woods that only he and Jared know where is at so he doesn't get caught in the rain. That's about as much a I remember. Thanks for your [future] help!

#2: MPD/DID (Multiple Personality Disorder -also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder) fics. I've already read The United States of Jensen, The Three Faces of Jared, Underneath It All and its sequel. =)

#3: And finally three. For this one I was just hoping if there were any fics out there pertaining to Jared's character Thomas Kinkade in Thomas Kinkade's: A Christmas Cottage that crosses over with SPN or RPS in any way. I would love gen, -though slash always gets the extra cookie, lol- if you had any. =)

Well, that's it for now! Thanks a ton.
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Hi Ya'll. Because of Delicious' new change (don't get me started on it!), half of my stories were deleted (SAD FREAKING FACE MAN!), including one of my favorite stories.
  1. I don't remember the name but I know that it's based off the television show, The Bachelor, with Jensen being the person looking for love. It was pretty long and amazingly awesome. Someone help!

Also, anything with television based stories would be awesome, minus these ones.

Now, for a few general requests;
  1. Is there anything where John sends Sam to a reform or military school? I was watching a show where the characters were sent, and I thought it'd be interesting!

  2. Anything where Dean and Sam are doing homework. I don't want incredibly smart Dean and/or Sam. I just want them to be doing homework together.

  3. Anything with Dean comforting Sam for some reason. He's hurt, someone said something mean, etc., etc.
Mods: Tags are to show variety of what I'm looking for.

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I am looking for any pairing/rating (RPF included) based on the works of Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli (such as Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Ponyo).

I would prefer fics where the SPN characters are the Miyazaki characters (not Sam and Dean in Spirited Away land) but will take any kind.
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1) Some hurt!Sam (any level of hurt is fine) and him being comforted by someone other than Dean. (John, Bobby, Castiel, Gabirel...etc.)

2) Dean and Sam are raising Ben or Jesse (Or another kid, male preferably)

3) Any fics where the boys are with Adam. I'd really, reeeally love some post-hell!Adam angst and H/C~

4) Any fics with an Alpha/Omega(or Beta) dynamic. Any slash pairing~ Bonus for Mpreg!

I'm very much a slash fangirl, but I love gen as well, so either is fine with me~

That's all I can think of right now, thanks in advance to anyone who helps me out here!

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Hope I'm doing this right but a while back I read a story where Dean walks in on sam using his powers (i think it was from "in the beginning") but he basically just walks back out and leaves. He meets up with this older man and they finish a hunt together and he helps Dean create a new identity. Meanwhile, sam decides to give Dean some time to cool off and goes out with Ruby for food or something. He comes back sometime in the middle of the night and assumes Dean's asleep. In the morning, he realizes that Dean is gone gone seeing as he left the impala behind and him and Bobby try to hunt him and down and even with Cas' help they can't find him.

there wasn't really a happy ending I guess and I remember that Dean and Sam say some very harsh things to each other towards the end of the fic.

Thanks in advance and sorry if I did this wrong.
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I'm in a mood. Does anyone have Sci-Fi or Dragon stories to share? I would also take fantasy, but no vampires or werewolves.

Also any X-over with Dark Angel would be cool.



Sep. 29th, 2011 11:58 pm
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Hi all,

I'm in search of any fics were it is Jared/Sam who screws things up. i.e. cheats, is abusive, or just doesnt treat Jensen/Dean right. I dont want anything morbidly dark because life is crappy as it is. Would prefer a happy ending, not  a big fan of ambiguity or sad endings and would really like bottom Jensen/Dean.

Thank you :D


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