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This is my first post here and I hope I'm not gonna do something wrong, so here are the two stories that I'm looking for:

1) This one is a story where both Dean and Sam get hurt on a hunt. John realizes that Dean has a broken arm, if I'm not mistaken, but he drops Sammy off with Bobby. John doesn't check Sam for injuries, but he was injures and Bobby finds out. John blamed Sammy for getting Dean hurt. I know there are a lot of stories like this one, but I do remember two specifics lines that may help: Sam tells Bobby that whenever Dean even so much as falls, John is checking him over for injuries, while he doesn't do the same with Sam. Bobby says Dean had a habit of hiding injuries. Another part, is that Sam gets into Bobby's lap, saying he wants his dad back. FOUND

2) This is a fic after the demon blood drinking Sam. Sam suffers through after-effects of drinking demon blood. The blood attacks his kidneys, and he has to go through dialysis. But Dean doesn't know about that because he was working with Castiel. Months had passes, but Dean thought it had only been days. FOUND

I'm pretty sure both of them are in, but I'm not sure.

Links: 1)


Thanks in advance.


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Where any of Jensen/Jared/Misha/Richard get taken from the TV show universe and dumped into the Supernatural universe - bonus points if their Supernatural counterpart is still there and hilarity ensues.

Please no Wincest (either J2 or Winchesters or any mix of them), any other pairing is kosher :D. Dean/Cas and/or Sam/Gabriel are huge bonuses.

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1. I just read the fic "In A World So Wrong (Hold On)" from this years Big Bang where Jared is turned into a zombie-like creature but is still sane. Are there any other fics like that where one of the J's is turned, or is already a "monster", but doesn't behave like the other ones, who are evil.

2. I was also wondering if there were any high school fics where one of the J's is a monster and they become friends and fall in love.
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I'm looking for a Dean/Sam fic.
Dean's caught by the FBI. He's strapped to a bed in the hospital and blind. He refuses to speak and eventually rescued by Sam.

Please help : ) 
Thank you
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I recently posted here for hurt Jared fics and got exactly what I was looking for :) (Thank You). So I'm hoping you can help out with this one too.

 I'm looking for a hurt misha fic either at a convention or on set with one or both J's being worried/protective. It can be slash or gen and self recs more than welcome :) No WIP's please.

Thanks in advance:)
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Hey im looking for a story but i don't remember the title and such but it is: cas/dean, an it is after dean was possessed by micheal and it burnt him out. I dont think he could function at all. Cas took care of him and I'm pretty sure they were hiding from the angels. Through the course of the story dean was improving though.
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I'm looking for a fic that has Dean maybe 15 years older than his current age, and he lives by himself (although Sam visits) when a kid steals a tractor and runs over his shed. The kid ends up doing manual labor in repayment, and then gets to know Dean and doesn't think he's a creepy old man after all and actually likes him as a friend. (there's more to it than that but I don't want to spoil the story). I know I read it over the summer, but I can't remember WHERE i read it.
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Hiya! Need some help from you nice folks, because looking for these fics is driving me nuts. All three are slash, first times and kind of oldies, I think.

Story 1 - Dean/Sam pairing. Dean gets turned into a hawk or eagle. At some point, the brothers go to an Indian reservation and have to perform some kind of ritual. I remember they have sex while Dean still has his wings, and in the morning he's back to his old self.

Story 2 - Dean/Castiel, I think. I remember very little. Sam and Dean are chained to the ceiling in some room and some demons are guarding them. Sam is unconscious. Castiel shows up and kicks ass. That scene at least was from Dean's POV. 

Story 3 - Sam/Dean. Sam and Dean go investigate some murders or suicides in a school and get possessed by the souls of two ghosts who used to be lovers and that are behind the deaths.

Thanks in advance for any help offered.

PS - Stories 1 and 3 found.

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Have there been any fics that basically show what would've happened if it had been just John & Sam hunting together (say Dean died around the S2!premiere) and they had to face all the same stuff in S4-S6? Considering that Michael could wear John, I don't see that as an impediment to the particular storyline. I strongly prefer gen in emphasis.
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Hi, searchers! Looking for three general themes.

1. Dean, the boys, or Castiel get a pet. Either dogs or some kind of supernatural pet. No cats. I will take Jensen, J2, or Misha fics.

2. H/C fics with hurt Crowley or Lucifer (weird I know :P). No sad endings. I will even go for not so mean Crowley or Lucifer fics. I would prefer Nick!Lucifer.

3. True form Castiel fics. Especially if they deal with his four faces. PWPs welcome for this one.

Any pairings [Dean/Cas or Cas/anyone is my fav though) or ratings. Gen or slash only (no het). A/Us (such as all human, etc) are welcome.
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I remember this story where Jared (I think it was Jared, they could have been Sam and Dean) was at a bar with his friends, and then a werewolf!Jensen comes waltzing in with one of his friends because he was looking for his mate. I think he went in to heat and these werewolves go crazy lust-driven when they can't find them. And then Jensen sees Jared and jumps in his lap, and then proceeds to bend Jared over the pool table and take him in front of all the patrons...but now I can't find it!

I will love you forever if you can help me!


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