Sep. 25th, 2011

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It's been a long time since I've read this fic, so the details are pretty blurry, but I believe it was set during S4 when Sam wasn't the angels' favorite person. In the fic, Sam gets stressed and semi-accidentally whammies Dean with his demon powers, making him overly-agreeable/mindless. Sam then puts him in the Impala and they are on the run. Eventually Sam realizes that Dean does absolutely nothing on his own perogative, only following whatever orders Sam gives and overcomes the demon blood's influence, realizing what he has done. He then calls on the angel's help to fix Dean. Castiel & Uriel respond. Cas takes Dean away to fix him while Uriel stays with Sam in order to help him get rid of the demon blood. It includes a fixed Dean and happy ending, but that's about all I can remember. I'm unsure whether this fic was wincest or gen.

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Good day to you all! 

It's my first time posting in this comm, and I think I've exhausted both google and bing in my search. Does anyone know what happened to vita-obscura1? This author's journal been deleted and purged, and I can no longer find his/her fics. The url of the old journal is

If anyone can help me look for him/her or his/her fics, I would be deeply grateful. I do hope someone tracked this author! 

Thank you! 
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1) Specific J2... I remember that Jensen had some sort of physological problem. He was dependent on pills and Jared was helping him become independent. I remember one scene where Jensen is in a large group of people and gets stressed and hides in the bathroom and takes some of the pills to help deal.

2) Jensen (or Jared) smokes alot. I tried going through Delicious with very little luck. Need fics where one of the boys smokes, preferably as a stress managment thing, but I'll take anything at this point. Gen, any pairing, wips, self recs, heck... even pwps. I'm desperate here!


EDIT: #1 is found! Shouting Out Loud. It was rec'ed as a smoking fic and ended up being the specific fic I was looking for :)
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Ok, so my friend reccomended a movie to me last night called "Shelter" its a gay love story about this guy named Zach who is an artist, who gives up basiclly his whole life and a scholarship to CalArts for his selfish sister and her 5 year old son. He then falls in love with his bffs brother, Shaun.

As i was watching this, i realized that it was extremly fimiliar, but couldnt place where I heard of it before. Until five minutes ago when I remembered reading it as a J2 love story. But I apperently dont have it saved anywhere :( so if anyone would be so kind to help me out that would be fantastic!

Thank youuu!!!
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I could have sworn I saw a request like this in the ljseek thingie while I was roming the mpreg stuff this week but now I can't find it again for love nor money.

Either Jared or Jensen has a baby but gives it up, the other J adopts said baby and when the biological dad comes looking for the long lost child, the J's meet and fall in love. I don't even know if a fic like this exists but I hope so.
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Hey guys I believe I asked for these type of fics before but didn't really get much response (mainly cause I'm sure there really isn't that much) but I'm trying anyway I'm sure there is gen fic out there for the boys I haven't read yet.

So any and all gen fic that depict Jared and Jensen as friends instead of slash.

Thanks guys!
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1. Hi guys, i've been looking for some good sam/dean/cas stories. perferibly legth ones.

2. I would also love some destiel that happens during the last couple of episodes of season six. Gotta say the episode "The boy who would be king" really sold me on the destiel ship.

3. I'm love for wincest, destiel, or sam/dean/castiel stories that have them in some sort of animal form. I recently read the story "Animals" and fell in love with it, so i have some major cravings for stories like these.

I really appreciate any help. Bye! :D
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ive been trying to find a specific weechester fic, in which Dean is taken by some nasty and is waiting for John to come find him but he never does. Dean gets himself out comes home and realises John never realised he was missing so he leaves. Pretty sure in was on

also any other fics where we have young hurt/sick/neglected Dean.

Thanks in advance!
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Hi everybody, I just read riyku's fantastic new story, Song and Dance, where Jared delivers singing telegrams wearing all these really weird costumes. It reminded me of a similiar story. Jared and Jensen are neighbors, one of them just moved next door to the other one. Jared has this job, where he dresses up in different costumes, like a clown, gorilla, etc. Jensen has never spoken to Jared, and Jared is convinced that Jensen thinks he's crazy because of all the different costumes. I could have sworn that I bookmarked the story, but I can't find it.

Does anybody know this story? Thanks.

FOUND! Link in comments.
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Hoo boy, it's been years since I last posted here!

I'm in the mood for some badass boys! A good casefic where they really are the best at what they do! Any pairing apart from wincest is fine, but can I ask that you rec nothing to do with the end of season 6 as we still haven't seen it over here in the UK *sob*. Outside pov is also good, but I'm not too fussed! The longer the better! I'm after something really epic!

Please and thank you.
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Hi I'm looking for a J2 fic where Jared is a basketball player and Jensen is his Physical therapist. Where Jensen works they make bets on the injuries and Jensen wins the bet with what is wrong with Jared. Jensen is asked by hos employer to go to Jared's house. They don't get on at first but over time they start to get on and then start a relationship. 

Hope someone knows what I'm looking for

FOUND Link in comments 
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I am looking for any fics where jared is hurt either on set or at a convention (emotionally or physically) and jensen is caring/worried/protective of him. Can be slash or gen. Self recs are more than welcome just no WIP's please.

Thanks in advance :)
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1)I was wondering, are there any good fics with Dean in heat? As in an animalistic "need to have something in me NOW" kind of way. Destiel would be prefered for this prompt, but Wincest is ok. Please, please, please?

2) Same as above, with Jared instead of Dean (yes, I realize Jensen plays Dean, but still...). J2 for this please.

3) Sex rituals with a pariing of Destiel, Wincest or J2. Please?

Thanks to everyone who`s helped me in the past! I hope I`ll be able to get some links for these too!
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I don't know why I just thought of this story this morning, but ti's driving me nuts that I can't find it!

Here's what I remember:
Sam was held in a psychiatric ward wrongly without his consent, and Dean went in with him. I believe the doc was something supernatural. Sam was kept in a straight jacket, and I think was made to wear a ball gag. Dean took care of him in the room. I also believe Sam was claustrophobic or something, because being in the jacket made him really panicked. Bobby came to rescue them in the end.

I honestly don't remember if it was Gen or Wincest. 

Ringing any bells?
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Hi guys!

I'm hoping you can help me with something. I'm looking for a specific author, not just a single story.

This author writes a lot of AUs. There was one where Chuck was a demon price and Anna was an angel princess and Dean and Cas were the head of their security or something.

There was another one where (I think) they were all angels, but there were (maybe) class differences or something. In this one Dean saves Cas's life and while trying to heal him accidentally bonds them.

I also remember Gabriel/Sam being a secondary pairing in a lot of these.

Does anyone have any clue?

Edit: Found! The author I was looking for is [ profile] gedry :)
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I'd like anything with Sam/Dean at school, highschool, maybe Sam at Stanford... where you get to see what outsiders (other kids, teachers, professors, roommates...) think about them... with emphasis on how different from everyone else they are, of course: too "grown up" for their age, nobody can be a match for them if it comes to fight, they are so-many-levels-more-dangerous-than-your-average-bully/downrignt scary/really good with guns, knives, etc.... Dealing with dangerous situations (not necessarily supernatural stuff), how strongly they stick together and rely on each other, protect each other... so the contrast between a BAMF! Winchester and your
average elementary school/high school kid/college guy :) Maybe them doing some kind of sport at school where they are really good without even trying (faster, stronger, better reflexes, aim, whatever)... People first not knowing them/underestimating them, and then really surprised... some stories where our "outsider" gets attacked / threatened with a gun/whatever, and the Ws unexpectadly come to the rescue and save him/her, despite that he/she would never have thought they stood a chance (with what not knowing these things about them before). Someone having known the boys for a relatively longer time, and thinking that he knew them pretty well all along - before getting really surprised :) is even more welcome... 

I know, I'm pretty hung up on this, already submitted a partly similar request before, but pleeease, if you have a favourite story along these lines, share it with me!

Can be gen or slash either (but in the latter case ONLY wincest, no Sam/OC or Dean/OC, except if it has a happy Sam/Dean ending eventually :)).

Most kinks are OK with me, just no non-con between the boys, and also no hard D/s stuff between them. Well, I can't really come up with plots good with my request AND having these in them at the same time (remember, Sam/Dean really loving each other more than anyone/thing, protecting each other, counting on each other, either "only" the "normal W. brothers-way", or in the wincest-way too :) ), but, ya know, just in case I was not enough imaginative and they are still out there :)

thx for the help! (and sorry for the highly probable mistakes, grammar or otherwise, still learning English :))
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Ok, I am reading a new fic (only 1 part posted, wah) and would like to read more along the same vein.

1. What I'm looking for are stories where Cas (for any reason) has been turned into a child and Dean & Sam have to take care of him. It doesn't matter if it leads to romance (Dean/Castiel only please) or just a great friendship/family story. I would love to read stories where we get to see Cas go from infant to adult (either the normal human way aka slowly or a sped-up way, as in he experiences a babyhood-childhood-teen years-adult in a very short time). If it's a 6.22/7.01 fix-it, even better!!! The "Cas turned into a kid" stories I've read have either had Sam angry and NOT wanting to help (esp after 6.22) or him playing a very minor part so something different (even if tht means DEAN is unwilling at first) would be AWESOME!!!

2. I LOVE LOVE "The French Mistake." I cried, I was laughing so hard. So, are there any stories where somehow, someway Misha survived the attack from the bad angel and it changed him for the better? Whether he stays there and lives his life or even finds a way to Dean & Sam's reality (imagine his shock at learning that his TV show is real! lol) doesn't matter.

Thanx in advance!!!

Oh, and I LOVE long fics so don't be afraid to rec any (and self-recs are as AWESOME as chocolate).
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Hey Guys,

Im looking for two fics that I have lost.
1. Pre series weechester fic with neglectful John and hurt Dean. In one part of it Sam says "Dad doesnt love us" and Dean corrects him that John loves Sam but not him, also theres swimming in a lake.

2. J2 with Single Dad Jensen whos daughter makes friends with Jareds younger sister when Jensen moves to their town. AU and really sweet. I thought id bookmarked it but didnt.

Can anyone help me out please?

Thanks guys.
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Hey guys!  I've never posted in this community before but I'm a frequent visitor, and I was wondering if you could help me find something.  

I'm looking for a story that starts out as Dean getting hurt or gravely ill or anything like that, but Sam ends up becoming so distraught or wrung-out because of it and trying to nurse Dean back to health that Dean ends up taking care of him in the end?  I don't know of any that exist, so I'm wondering if you do.  

I prefer it not to be slash, but I don't mind if it is.


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Hello, everyone.

So, awhile back I lost this amazing PWP that I thought I had saved in my memories (nope), and I'd be thrilled if someone out there could help me out.  I don't remember too much, but it went something like this:  Sam and Dean pull over to the side of the road and have sex in the Impala (bottom!Dean like whoa).  Uh, yeah.  That's basically it.  

I do remember some details though:  Sam's dirty talk escalated throughout and was downright filthy hot by the end, and Sam kept telling Dean how passing cars could see him all strung out inside the Impala.  One of the cars that passed by had a family in it, and somehow this evolved into some crazy daddy!kink which... gah.  So hot.  I'm sorry that this is so vague.

Well, thank you!

Blind Cas

Sep. 25th, 2011 11:13 pm
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Hey guys,  I'm looking for an AU fic where Castiel is a blind pianist.  He and Dean get together, somehow, I don't remember, but I do remeber that Cas wrote a song for Jess' birthday, and that she freaked out when Cas showed up, because he was super famous and she really liked him.

Any help?  Thanks.


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