Sep. 17th, 2011

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Are there any fics where Cas has either always been a girl or was recently changed into one, and the boys are extremely protective of her.

Thanks in Advance!
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Have there been many Castiel/Rachel fics written that anyone would like to recommend? Especially ones where they act more like angels than just people having sex? Something inbetween "me angel, me too stupid to know sex work how" and "we're angels but not at all confused about all the workings of human sexual relations." Spoiler for Caged Heat )

I just recently started thinking that this could be a pretty hot pairing and now I want to read some!

Mods: There is no tag for this pairing or for the ep in which Rachel appeared, which was "Frontierland." Please to make? ^_^
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I have two completely unrelated requests.

1. Are there any stories where Sam and/or Dean, and/or other cast members join a reality talent show like American's Idol, or America's Got Talent? I'd especially like it if it were Sam and Dean doing it for a Hunt, but a no-supernatural one would work as well.

2. Any good post season three or AU season four stories where Bobby and Sam work together to get Dean out of Hell. Maybe with Dean doing his best to survive and fight his way out as well?
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Hey everyone,

I know these are not the most popular these days in the fandom, but I would like to read your favorites Jensen/Jeff or J3 fics.

I've already read a lot, but they are quite old ones and because I've been a little away from the fandom these last months I was wondering if new ones came out.

Multi chapters fics only, not one shots (except if they really are worth it).
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Hey, this is my first time doing this so I hope I do everything okay.

Anyways, I was wondering if there was any fics that has Dean facing a hard time controlling himself over Sam as his brotherly feelings escalate into something more. I would love some Dean angst. Also if there's a similar fic but with Sam's feelings that would work too! (although I would prefer Dean's POV :P and Bottom!Sam)

A million thanks in advance!
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Hey all I'm trying to find some fics and I hope you can help me! \0/

1. Baby Sammy, any pretense cause baby!Sammy is so adorable. So Sammy as a baby, maybe a toddler up till 3 even? Cause who doesn't love a cute baby!Sammy? No wee!cest of any kind lets keep it gen Even de-aged will do!

2.  Second is a established relationship domestic boys! As in Jared/Jensen. I'm just looking for stories where instead of first times they are already an established couple in an domestic life.

3. Last is any and all mob!Jensen fics. I already read the two by [ profile] fatebegins but I'm craving more. I think I just want some general badass Jensen fics where he's all tough and business like. Jared/Jensen please :)

And that's all! I hope I can find some delicious fics XD
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Hey all!  I have a few general requests!  :)

Is there any stories about Sam being really, really shy?  Like, maybe even a little bit with Dean (considering the no-chick-flick way he was raised and Dean's personality and deflections and what not).  

Along with this, something where Sam is very nervous in crowds, with other people in general (like in school [preseries], interviewing, dating, whatever).  

Protective/comforting!Dean (both physically and emotionally, I love when Dean is protective of Sam when he has low/no self-esteem) is awesome for both these requests!  :)

Thanks so much!  I would prefer gen for these requests please.  You guys rock!  :)
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I really only remember one scene of the fic, sadly, but I'm hoping it might be enough that someone will recognize it. 

I know it was AU, possibly HS or college.  The boys were staying at a cabin (?) where their friends were throwing a party.  There were fireworks and a lake.  I remember Jensen being kind of uptight and insecure about their relationship and Jared tugged him down to sit on his lap and whispered something like "No one's paying attention, relax," or something to that affect.  I remember there was a lot of angst, though that probably goes without saying. XD

Also, I'm like 40% sure it was a big bang of some sort?  Or multichaptered at the least.

I find it very stupid I can't remember more, it was one of those fics I reread quite a bit after I found it but I've gone through my memories and haven't come across anything that rings any bells.  Help?

ETA: Fic found in comments.
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I was looking through the episode tages, and we seem to be missing a tag for Two Minutes to Midnight.
Could anyone help me out on finding fics related to that episode? I'll take either fics as a 'missing scene' type thing, or even a AU off-shoot.
Once again, not a slash lover here. I like Gen mostly.


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