Sep. 16th, 2011

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Hi, been out of this fandom for a couple of years now but I was watching Aliens and remembered an SPN/Aliens crossover WIP fic I read way back when, where Dean is a marine and with the unit sent out to the alien planet. The rest of his unit don't know that Sam is part of the colony there, and therefore his motivation in signing up. There was still only one chapter when I last checked up on the story and I think it might have been abandoned, but I thought I'd ask here if anyone knows which fic I'm talking about in the hopes that maaaaybe it was updated and/or completed. Thanks!
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I read a story a long time ago I think it was WIP but I'm not sure. This is what I remember from the story.
Dean/Jensen was in a type of group-home.
Sam/Jared came there later, because he had stolen a car(i think)
sam/jared and Dean/jensen slowly started to be together.
Deans/Jens dad came and took him away only to bring him back after abusing him.(i think sexually)
Dean/Jen always wanted to wash himself.

I can't remember for sure if its a J2 fic or a Dean/Sam fic. 
The think I liked the most about this story, was how the two boys where written together. It was nothing sexual about it, they where just together. 

Any other stories like this would be highly appreciated as well .
Thank you all . <3
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I'm looking for a story i read a long time ago and just recently saw a post of someone looking for which got me wanting to read it again. So of course, i can't find the fic or the post.

Sam and Dean are kidnapped by a group of vampires wanting to use sam in some ceremony (because of his demon blood) in order to turn human again. Lots of attempted escapes, hurt sam and protective dean.
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I appologize profusely if this isn't allowed on the list of asks but I need a little help.

I have an idea for a story but I'm looking for help on picking where I should take the story, this happens a lot with my writing and bouncing ideas off of friends works wonders, but I'm sick of troubling my posse when they have stories of their own to write.

So I was there any comms where writers can ask for help and bounce ideas with fellow fic lovers?
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As you may remember, AVOS acquired delicious last year. In order for  your bookmarks to be transferred and not be deleted, you need to log   into delicious and accept their terms and privacy policy. You can do   this here:

Since many fans may not have received (or read) the notification in April, please repost this announcement in your journals and community blogs (if permitted). If you love someone's delicious links or rely on a  community's delicious list, please consider writing to them and ask 
them to either accept the AVOS transition or transition their bookmarks  to another service such as  Diigo.

After September 23, if the delicious account owner has not opted in to  the transfer, their bookmarks will be permanently deleted (and of course  any rec links that use delicious will no longer work).

If you do not want to use the direct link above, you can access the   opt-in link via either the AVOS blog or via Delicious' own Transfer FAQ.
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I was wondering if there were any J2 rpf's out there in which Jared and Jensen are straight and are not romantically involved?

And maybe this is too much to ask, but bonus points if the fic is rated below NC-17 :D

I have only found one het rp fic and even that was still smut... it doesn't have to be gen, but I'd like it if it didn't involve threesomes and didn't contain graphic sexual content.

d/c au's

Sep. 16th, 2011 04:58 pm
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Hello. I love au's, so I'm looking for dean/castiel au fics. Rec me your favorites. I've not read much d/c so it really doesn't matter the age of them or their popularity, odds are I've not read them yet.

The type of stories I'm looking for are set in alternate universes, but the characters are still fundamentally, the ones we know and love. A couple of the au's I've read are:

12 Steps by Gedry
300 Things by Cautionzombies

I know there is a ginormous au list, that I do indeed have bookmarked. But it's so huge, that it's a tad overwhelming and I'd never make it through all of them anyway. So, please list a couple of your favorites.

Alternatively, if you know of any good misha/jensen au's, I'd love those as well. They're a bit harder to find. I prefer fics on the higher end of the rating spectrum, but I won't turn down a good story.

Thank you. :)
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So hello! I have a bunch of different requests. Any help would be great. :)

1. Any and all Jared/Danneel. Cos it would be hot.

2. Any and all Sam/Madison, or just fics including Madison. But not including any Sam/Dean.

3. Any Jared/Jensen/Danneel (but not Watching Him Fall, what's at [ profile] spnthreesome or written by [ profile] longsufferingly) and Jared/Jensen/Genevieve.

4. Any and all girl!Jared fics (just not what's here)

5. Gen born-a-girl!Sam fics (but not what's here). Or alternatively, not that porny girl!Sam/Dean fics. Or girl!Sam/Jess.

6. Good outsider POV fics (not what's here), either CWRPS or SPN, well written, good stories, plot over porn (but not saying no to porn :P)

7. Fics written from the POV of Death. I'll take anything but specifically, I want something re: Sam and Dean being constantly brought back to life being annoying and messing with the natural order of things.

8. Specific fic search )
FOUND: The Billionaire's Bidding by [ profile] raina_at. Thanks to [ profile] cleflink for the link. :)

9. Specific fic search )

10. Specific fic search )

11. Rec me your favourite fic. But I don't want stuff that get's recced here a gazillion times - I know that The Doors of Time is a must read and that Last Outpost of All That Is is awesome - rec me something you've never seen recced here, something you love, or something you think should have more comments than it does. Maybe it's an anon-meme fill, or maybe it's by a well known author, but just isn't their most famous fic.

To get the ball rolling:
- Best Kept Secret by [ profile] raise_the_knife: a cute little hooker!Jared fic from a Working Hard For Money fic meme
- I Have A Rendezvous with Death by leonidaslion: outside POV, post-apocalyptic, shapeshifting!Sam and immortal boys
- Filibuster by anonymous: Sam in cursed into talking non-stop for 24hours, comment fic for [ profile] ohsam

Likes and dislikes just fyi )

OK! So that was longer than even I expected. Sorry about that. Hope you can help though! :) x
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Hey guys.  I'm looking for a fic that I read about a year ago, maybe?  In it, Jared has disassociative identity disorder, or multiple personalitites.  His other personality has sex with Jensen on a one-night stand (I can't remember, but I think Jensen's a doctor in this fic?), and then a few days later Jared himself meets Jensen and pretends that the guy Jensen met was his twin.

It was a really sad, angsty, hurty and schmoopy, awesome fic.  Does anyone remember what it was called?  I tried searching for it through delicious but none of the tags I entered worked to bring it up.
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The wincest tag has been retired. Deleted.

Please use the "pairing" tags for your wincest searches.

pairing: dean/adam
pairing: dean/john
pairing: dean/john/sam
pairing: dean/sam
pairing: dean/sam/adam
pairing: john/sam
pairing: sam/adam

mod note

Sep. 16th, 2011 06:53 pm
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Last one for today.

I just wanted to welcome our two new mods, [ profile] beckalooby and [ profile] cherry916. They are awesome and will be helping with approving posts.

And also our semi-new mod who never got an official welcome, [ profile] vinylreckoning.

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I'm looking for a fic where the apocalypse happened and Sam was in charge of the world. Dean was his consort.

I remember a specific part vividly. Dean had a new guard and one day Sam's enemies came to try to kill Dean, the guard protected him and I think Dean had scissors or something and when Sam found out he had a weapon he tied Dean to the bed and forced the guard to watch him whip Dean for a very long time. The next day when the guard visited Dean he looked into his eyes and all defiance was gone. He never spoke to anyone but Sam again.

Also I remember they were at some sort of meeting and after it was over Sam was beating Dean and the guards daughter (or granddaughter) walked in on them and said that Sam should be ashamed of himself and that her father would have nightmares about what Sam did to Dean and even after he forgot who everyone was even her mother he still cried over Dean.

I think at some point there was an assassination attempt and I also remember the end scene was of Sam driving Dean in the impala.

It's not writingbybonio fic because I am still reading that.

Can anyone help? Please and thank you
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Goodness I've been searching everywhere for the follow two fics to no avail.

1.In the first story Dean's soul gets put inside the body of a recently deceased 18 year old guy .I remember Dean didn't remember his old life because somehow the Angels didn't get a chance to restore his memories.I also remember that Sam went back to standford and he 'met' Dean after the impala broke down and he had to take her to a mechanic and the mechanic turned out to be a rencarnated Dean.I also remember that the body who his soul was in was that of a sad out of the closet young guy who had a hard life .Oh and at the end the Angels finally get to restore Dean's memories.It turned out to be wincest and I remember being angry at Sam for going back to stanford and starting a new and happy life after Dean had only been gone for less than 3 days.

2.The second story was a RPS/SPN crossover WIP fic.In this one Jensen flees with his abusive boyfriend's daughter and ending up at Dean's place.I remember Dean had a limp and that he was married. There were only about 4 chapters at the time .Oh and the abusive boyfriend's daughter called Jensen 'daddy'.- FOUND!!

I hope someone knows which story's i'm referring to.
Thank you in advance!.

Season 6

Sep. 16th, 2011 08:24 pm
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Hello everyone, I just bought the 6th season of SPN and watched it all in a matter of two days! Now, I've been putting off reading anything season 6 related so as not to spoil myself, so now I would really appreciate if you could rec me your favorite season 6 Wincest Fics! I am so excited to read them! They can be AU or not as long as they're based around the happenings of season 6.

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So I am looking for any Doctor Who x Supernatural crossover fics with the Doctor and Castiel. I would love for this angel to have the tardis, just saying. 

Anyway, I would prefer Ten or Eleven as far as Doctors go.  Also, I would take MishaxDoctor if that exists. 

Help a girl out? I'm desperate. 
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Are there any completed stories set in the 2014 AU (episode 'The End') where future!Dean and Cas survive at the end and they get together? Preferably a happy ending. Smut not required but will be much appreciated (lol). Maybe something oike, after past!Dean leaves, future!Dean realizes that even though Sam is lost to him, he still has Castiel and they start to heal and love...?? Angst is good but please no MAJOR self-harm or non-con. I needs me a happy ending right now. :)

Thanks in advance!!!!


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