Sep. 14th, 2011


Sep. 14th, 2011 03:03 am
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Are there any fics out there that show what went on between everyone running into the attic and the sun coming up? It didn't show anything on screen but they must have been up there for at least a few hours right? So what did they do to pass the time?
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Hey guys,

I got 2 requests I'm hoping you guys can help me out with.

The first one is for fics where Sam is hurt and John comes to the rescue. I'm reading Growing Pains (not sure how to make that clickable as a whole) and I'm only on the second chapter but it seems like John is gonna be the rescuer in this fic. Even if he's not (anyone know?) it got me in the mood for those kind of stories. Even though we don't see him a lot, John is still their dad and he had to have come to the rescue before at least once or twice.

My second request is pretty specific. I'm not sure if there is anything out there like this but I found a started fic on blindfold or spnkink_meme (not sure which) it was never finished and I was hoping to find something like it out there. Something where someone hears that Sam/Jared fantasizes about being raped. Like someone breaking in and taking advantage of him and "raping" him but he really wants it. Anyway it turns out he doesn't and someone set him up to be actually raped? OR he's in a position where he's tied up and gagged and someone hands him over to Dom who thinks he a willing Sub but he's not and he can't let them know because he's gagged or they are holding something against him. Yada yada they find out, rescue him. Anything come to mind?

Please help.
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I have been searching the hard way and would like a little help from my friends now, please:-P
I just found two fics that were based on a show I've never seen before, "Dollhouse". One was an RPS with Jensen as a doll and it wad perfect! The other had Dean as the doll and it was short but also perfect!
Please if you have in SPN or SPN-RPS fiction that is based on or is a crossover fiction recommendation with "Dollhouse", please, please recommend anything even close. I'm so excited to see what's out there!!!

Ghost Sam

Sep. 14th, 2011 01:49 pm
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I'm looking for any fic where Sam is, for whatever reason, a ghost. I was reading Dies Felices and got inspired. Help me out, please!
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Hi there people,

I was wondering if anyone could rec me some stories about the J's having a long-distance relationship. I prefer AU stories. 
It doesn't need to be permanent, or anything, just you know. The whole ordeal of being away from each other over time, only being able to call and such. Schmoop, them missing each other, love and some dirty phone calls maybe? *snickers*

I'm not sure I've ever read a story like they exist? I've read one about them meeting online and then not meeting before they got married, but I want them in a relationship before the long-distance starts up...may it be work, or other things...

Anyway, thanks for all your help, you're the best

Regards, -Ace-

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I've recently done two things: discovered Steampunk and not read a lot of Supernatural fic. I feel that it would be best to remedy both of these at the same time, so are there any Steampunk AU's of the Dean/Cas flavor?

Thank you for your help.
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I'm looking for an older fic that retold the movie Sleeping With The Enemy With Jared or Sam in Julia Roberts role. I can't remember if it was Wincest or J2

I looked through the Movie/Novel retelling and AU tag here but so far have been unable to find it.

2 requests

Sep. 14th, 2011 09:13 pm
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1) I recently discovered how fan-freaking-tastic Smallville is and was looking for a few great crossovers. Gen only for this one please and if you can try to stay pre season seven (that's how far I am) that'd be great, but I'll live if they have spoilers.

2)Any fics where Dean's possessed by a ghost. I read one once a while back, but don't remember where I stubled across it. Last time I tried search, no one knew it, so this time I'm trying to cast a wider net. Ghostpossessed!Dean (Slash is okay for this, but I'm not really a huge fan wincest.)

Thank you in advance and smile! :)

Mods: could a Gen tag being summoned into existance, maybe... please?  Redacted for silliness
EDIT: Please no RPF.
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I'm in the random mood for some innocent 'cheating'

Something along the lines of the following ramble:

Jensen accidentally kisses another guy (or even a girl) while he's drunk on a night out or he's caught off gaurd and something happens or almost happens. It's completely not his fault but he couldn't feel worse about it. He comes clean to Jared thinking that would be the best way for their relationship to stay intact but Jared is so shocked he gets the wrong picture and thinks Jensen did so much more than what he's trying to admit to and he breaks up with Jensen.

Or visca versca! (<<I like saying it this way better!) Jared is the one occused of cheating and Jensen breaks up with him.


They don't break up straight away, they try and get past it but the un-cheater gets so paraniod and it just doesn't work and they're forced to go their seperate ways.

Mpreg at the time of cheating, marriage then seperation, anything for more angst!

Happy Ending though please!!!
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Hi all,
I'm looking for a Dean/Cas story titled "Sandstorm" that was posted to the deancastiel lj awhile ago. I had it bookmarked to my delicious, and was going to clean up the link later, only the link is no longer valid. The original link is Does anyone know what happened to the story? I no longer have the author's name, but the story is about Dean finding himself accidentally possessed by a young angel who is a bit infatuated with Castiel.

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I have been trying to find a story called, "Sir" by sonicthecat7, it hadn't been updated since 09, but I haven't been able to find the author anywhere. I also have just the title of a story I have been searching for, not sure if it's a spn or J2, it's called "Avoidance". Can anyone help me find any of these? Thanks to anyone who replies.


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