Sep. 12th, 2011

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Hi All!

I'm going away on holiday, so I nedd a bit of podfic!

An I have specific "requirements" ;-)

Sam hunting in his Stanford time.  He get bitten/clawed at/ect. by a creature and changes (or bewiched?). But Sam dosn't go feral and retains his mind, knows he can be dangerous to others.  So Sam takes up hunting solo/lives as a reclue in a cabin. Dean comes to Stanford because "whatever" and dosen't find his brother there, so he starts searching for him. Eventually they meet again. Dean can accept him instantly or has to take his time to come around, dosen't matter.
They can take up hunting togehter or hunting solo but meet up or settle down, Sam can be hunted by others when they seperate, Dean to the rescue;  I don't care, but Happy End.

Can be Wincest or Gen, but no MarySue. John and Bobby as additional Characters are fine. 
Long fics are fine, Self!recs are good (encouraged!)

NO: MPreg, Genderswitch,

I've read "brother wolf" by kirallie, and it was great, something like that would be really great, but, you know..podfic :-)

Love and Thanx!
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Help please.
I can't find this story and its bugging the heck out of me. Hope someone can help.
This is what I remember. ....
Sam and Dean have a relationship. Sam becomes really focused on how beautiful Dean is, like a girl. So Sam decides to change Dean into a girl. Dean knows nothing about this plan, and would say no if he did. Sam buys this powder that he slowly starts to feed to Dean or maybe even puts into the lube that they use. Anyway this powder slowly turns Dean into a girl over several days or weeks and Dean does not notice it happening. Sam talks about how turned on he is getting while he watches Dean slowly turn into a girl. I think the last scene is Dean putting on makeup and wearing a dress because Sam is taking "her" out to dinner
The big thing about the story is Dean never notices what is happening to him and by the end thinks he is a girl.
Does this sound familiar to anyone?  They are on the road hunting while this is happing, but the story does not really focus on that.
Thank you
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Trying to branch out from my usual diet of Wincest here, guys.  Are there any stories in which Sam and Cas hook up behind Dean's back?  Maybe they actually fall in love, and it's all complicated because they don't want to hurt Dean, or maybe Cas really does love Dean but the secret sex with Sam is just really good.  Maybe they sneark around behind his back.  Maybe he finds out and is devastated.  Maybe it ends in a threesome.  Maybe Sam and Cas end it because they love Dean more.  I'm not picky.  I'd just love to read something that puts Sam and Cas together - CONVINCINGLY - and that is still full of love for Dean.  Thanks in advance!
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Hey guys!

I'm searching for this awesome fic I read ages ago. I think it was an AU tag to 'The Devil You Know' 5x20. Where for some reason Crowley (I think??) turns Sam into a hellhound.

On further thought I'm not totally sure if it was crowleys doing but anywoooo.... Sam gets turned into a hellhound in 5x20.

I think it may have been for some kind of challenge but I'm not sure.

Not much to go one but hopefully someone will be able to tell what I'm going on about!

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I really wanted to celebrate Anna for We Love the Women Fandom Hates week, but I'm not good at creating media so I'd like to reccommend good Anna fic and vids by other fans. Any pairing or genre would be great, but no Anna bashing (obviously)!

Thank you!
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Ok, I'm searching through the list but mostly am not finding what I want.

I want jealous!obssessed!Sam. Basically, I want Dean and Castiel to be together and Sam is angry. He can either have unrequited love/lust for Dean OR for Cas. But I want it to be a fic (or many) where Sam is activily trying to break them up.

The Must haves:
Destiel relationship
No actual Wincest but Sam can have Wincest thoughts/feelings, just don't act on it (a forced attempt is ok but that's all)
No AU where the boys aren't hunters and Cas was never an angel. Keep it as canon as possible in that respect.
Dean and Cas NEED a "happy ending" aka, Sam doesn't break them up.
Completed or a regularly updated WIP. Preferably a longer story.

It can have:
Sam trying to force Cas into sex
Sam trying to hurt either Dean or Cas
Cas can be fallen or an angel
It can be soul-less or even unknowingly-possessed Sam
Smut is much loved.

Also, are there any long fics were Castiel leaves for good but Jimmy is left behind and he and Dean fall in love? If they have "I/You used to be Castiel" issues to start with, that'd be awesome too!! Angst and romance would be great! And if it was a fix-it of sorts to God!Castiel (preferably with Castiel being saved somehow), even better!!! Jimmy is just too sweet!!!

Thanx in advance!!!!
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Can you give me links to a fanfiction featuring robo!sam? I'm not picky about the pairing. It can be robo!sam/dean, robo!sam/castiel, robo!sam/balthazar and if there is one robo!sam/gabriel.

Also i wouldn't mind if there is a genderbender fic with the same pairing as above as long as it's robo!sam or i guess a few evil!sam wouldn't hurt. Thank you in advance.
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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a specific fic : I don't remember much but it's about Sam and Dean, they grow up on the street, they are not hunters but Dean run errands for a mob guy and Sam is like a genius and is a bit chubby. They are lovers.

I also remember that Sam help the mob guy to make more money because he's really good with investments stuff. And later they kill the mob guy and take over the business and make it more or less legit.

I think that the story begins from the point of view of 2 FBI agents or cops.

I hope you'll help me find it.

Thank you.


Sep. 12th, 2011 04:30 pm
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Hey everyone! I'm looking for fics where Jared/Jensen are doing the friends with benefits thing. I'm not too picky about any other story elements, except please no d/s. The longer the better, and both AU and non-AU is fine! It also doesn't matter if it's the main focus of the story or just something that's going on for a while, I'll be happy with it.

Thanks in advance :)
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1. I'm looking for fics based on the movie 50 First Dates. I already checked the movie remake masterlist and found one fic (At the heart of night and darkness by kuromatic), but it was password protected. I really love the idea of this movie (though not the movie itself so much  :D ), so I'd love to read any fic you think fits. Pairing doesn't matter, although I prefer J2 and sam/dean.

2. I remember reading this one fic like a year ago and can't just seem to find it anymore. From what I remember, it was a non-au J2, the boys were working on Supernatural. Jensen was a shapeshifter of some kind and Jared didn't know it. Jared sleeps with like 3 girls (they're all Jensen) and starts dating one of them. The girl is so like Jensen, but Jared just doesn't figure it out. I remember this scene where Jared and the girl!Jensen go to a bar or something and there are people they both know. Someone (JDM maybe?) notices that the girl is actually Jensen and gives him a little talk. Does this sound familiar? I've already searched from j2-recs and spnnightcrawler; hopefully it's still somewhere.

I hope someone can help me. Also, this is my first post ever on lj (been lurking for like 2 years), so I'm really sorry if something isn't like it should be. I've never tagged anything before! :D

Thank you all so much!
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Does anybody have the link of this one particular fic where Cas gets his powers back and becomes even stronger when .... umm... when he sucks off Dean and Sam?

FOUND:   How Castiel Got His Groove Back  by  Lexhibition :
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I'd like to see stories in which Sam in seriously injured in front of Dean. I don't care how it happens and I don't really care what the injury is. I prefer a bloody injury, but I wouldn't turn away a different kind of injury, as long as it is just as serious and Dean knows right away that it is-no waiting period. Dean should be able to reach Sam at some point, even if he can't right away, and try to save him/comfort him. It doesn't matter if Sam survives or not, I like both styles of fic, although I have a slight preference to survival over death.

It can happen at anytime during the series, or post series, or pre-series. I like Gen and Wincest. I accept self recs

Thanks in advance! :)
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I've read Fleshflutter's Someone You Might Have Been several times now, and it only gets better every time. But I've recently been turned on to podfics, and I wanted to see if anyone knows if there's a podfic of it out there somewhere. I could have sworn I saw it once but I can't remember where, so if anyone knows I'd greatly appreciate it!
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some time ago I read a fic where sam and dean got cursed and it became impossible for them to stay away from each other. i think it happened during a hunt with john, i remember him closing the boys inside their motel room and waiting for them to finish having sex.

ring any bells?
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Hey guys. I'm looking for some good fics where Sammy is a werewolf and keeps it from Dean? or maybe Dean does't know w wolf is Sam and tries to hunt it then finds out? Or something like that. That would be super helpful :) Please and Thankyou :)

Also, I THINK I tagged right. Sorry if it's wrong.
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Looking for any fics where Jensen or Dean have a serious illness like cancer.
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Anyone know a fic featuring Azazel or YED!demon? I want the fic to have pairing of YED!demon/sam, YED!demon/dean and YED!demon/john. I also wonder if there is one featuring YED!demon/bobby or YED!demon/Mary?

I like genderbender fic too so if you could help me find fic featuring YED!demon and the female version of (sam, dean and john), that would be great. Thanks in advance for the help. :)


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