Sep. 9th, 2011

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Hi guys! So I'm looking for something a little specific, but I'm not sure it's ever really been written. If not, I'll take what I can get, but God, I hope it exists.

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Any and all help you guys can give me would be much appreciated! Thanks a ton. :D
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Hey ya'll, I'm back again. This time I'm looking for:

1. Any fics where Sam/Jared is being abused by Dean/Jensen or John/JDM or anyone really... Not exactly looking for anything sexual. Really just looking for Sam/Jared being the physical punching bag.


2. Prison fics where Sam/Jared is attacked,ambushed,assaulted (i.e raped) by other prisoners or guards. Dean/Jensen could be the rescuer or he could find out later, or he could not be in prison with Sam/Jared at all. Like him being on the outside trying to get S/J out because he shouldn't have been in there in the first place.

Thanks in advance!
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I am reposting these hoping someone can find them this time around.
1.It’s a college story in which Jensen, Jared, Misha and I believe Jeff (Jared’s brother) all live together. Jensen and Jared keep hooking up with each other, but are not in a relationship. Then at some point Jensen hears that Jared is on a date with somebody else and he gets jealous. It is not the brillant 2010 BB Crush.

2.Jensen lives with a little girl who turns out to be his dead sister's daughter, Jared comes to live with them, they possibly live on a farm/ranch, Jared mistakenly believes that Jensen was in an incestuous with his sister, at one point the little girl becomes ill at school and the school calls Jared to complain that she (the girl) is faking a fever to get out of an exam

3.had Cassie in it. If I remeber right Dean and Cassie went on a date, and Cassie truned off Dean's phone when he wasn't looking, because Sam kept calling; because he was in trouble but Cassie thought he was to needy.

4.all i can remember is that jared meets jensen who has a litte girl. i think jensen was married or lived with sandy but she had recently died of cancer i think. jared was sandys friend/boyfriend years ago and didnt know she was dead. jensen is keeping the secret that the little girl he has raised is really jareds.* Found*

5. In the wake of the downfall and its sequel The aftermath of the downfall by gothic_angel86. Any copies or pdf out there? It has been deleted and the author is gone.
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i'm looking for jared & jensen au fics where their parents or friends help them realize they belong together or should date hopefully rated r or nc-17 fics. thanks
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Hello awesome people!!!!

I just finished reading [ profile] slashboyz AMAZING story and it got me completely hooked on the J3 fandom. So I was wondering if anyone has some great recs where Jensen was abused, either emotionally or physically, and Jared and/or JDM either rescues him from the situation or is in a relationship with Jensen in the future and have to deal with the fallout then. My only requests are that the recovery is realistic - no immediate 'poof, I'm over it' - and that Jensen not be too much of a marshmello. Thanks, all!!!!
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I remember reading a fic about Sera (the publisher of the Suoernatural books in universe) and Becky getting together and cosplaying as Sam and Dean having a wincestuous relationship, (They both used strap-ons to have some fun together) but I've been unable to find it anywhere. Has anyone else seen this fic?

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Hello, I'm a first time poster here so please PLEASE let me know if I've messed up (I've read the rules but wouldn't put it past myself to make a mistake!).

Ok, I'm looking for a specific TYPE of SPN fic.

Basically, John is brought back to life and he learns that Dean & Castiel are 1) together or 2) want to be together. He is NOT happy and wants to end it. It can be either because he's possessive of his sons or even has UST for Dean, he's afraid of Cas or mistrusting, he's homophobic, whatever, jsut so long as he doesn't want and activily tries to end the Destiel "profound bond". If they're working a case at the same time, even better! It would add to the tension. also, if John was less than kind to Dean (ie: he abused Dean in some way, anyway) that would work too! In fact, if abusive!John hates Destiel and wants to break them up... I'd like that!

My only real requirements are this: No Wincest (unless it's John obssessed with Dean and is One-sided only). The pairing is Dean/Castiel (sex a plus!!!). Completed or currently going WIP's and self-recs are very welcome! Angst, drama, family, romance, friendship, hurt/comfort please (humor should be aboit liek it is on the show but not the main genre). I love angst and h/c so heap it on but I want a story where Dean/Castiel get their happy ending. I don't care if Cas is an angel or fallen. I don't care if it's in a specific season. It also doesn't matter if John accepts Cas in Dean's life or even if the others (Sam, Bobby, etc) do but it would be interesting if they were all taking sides. If such a story as this exists AND has Jo and Ellen in it too... I can die happy. I prefer canon stories but AU if the characters are true to the way they are written on the show.

Thank you all in advance for any help you can give me. Remember: I LOVE self-recs so don't be afraid. Also, I'm not really THAT picky. As long as it comes kinda-sorta close and is Dean/Cas with some John (though NOT threesomes...) I'll give it a go!!!
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Hi! I'm new to this community and this is my first post, so I apologize if I did it wrong. I've been lurking on here for a while and havn't been able to find a fic like this so here goes nothing.....

I'm looking for an h/c fic where dean is seriously sick or injured in some way so Dean wears Sam's hoodie, the one he wears when he leaves the hospital in the ep. "Faith." I'm looking for something where the hoodie plays an important and/or prominent role in the story.
I would really love wincest, and NC-17 would be even better, but gen is fine too. No other pairings, please, unless its J2.
Bonus if it's a pre-established relationship fic (them discovering their love for each other while Dean is so fragile would be awesome!), virgin! boys, angst, protective!Sam, schmoop
No major character death fics, happy endings only please!
Pre-series, wee!chesters, wee!cest, AU's, future!fics, and pretty much everything else are all welcomed too, I just really want somthing centering around the hoodie.


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