Sep. 2nd, 2011

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Hello there!
I'm looking for fics (Dean/Cas or J2) where one of the boys is a transexual and the other one doesn't know it - he thinks the one he's dating/going out with is a woman and eventually he finds out the truth. Or they can be just friends, but the man is in love with the transexual one and thinks he's a woman. The more angst, the better, but only happy ending fics, please. I never came across a fic like this in the fandom, so I'm asking for your help, because it's a theme that really interests me!
Thanks a lot in advance!
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I am watching Scream 2 and just saw the part where Gale and Dewey were trying to get away from the killer. They were separated and ended up on opposite sides of sound proof glass where Dewey was attacked by the killer and Gale had to watch as he was stabbed "to death"

So, here's what I'm looking for. Any scenario exact or similar to that where Sam/Jared is the one being attacked and Dean/Jensen or any other character is forced to watch.

Thank you so much!!

P.S. Can be gen, slash, wincest, surviving!fic or death!fic. I would be really happy if it was a 'happish' ending.

Guilty Dean

Sep. 2nd, 2011 05:38 am
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Hi guys, I tried to search in here what I was looking for, but I'm not that great in searching and I failed miserably. So, I was wondering if you could help me with this. This time I'm not looking for a specific fic.

- I'm Looking for a Fic where Dean is mad, pissed and says or does something (that for him isn't that big of a deal), but because of it Sam is badly hurt (physical damage), and just after that it's when Dean reallize is biggest mistake, and feels guilty as hell.

In other words... I was trying to find a Fic where Dean screw up, Sam suffers because of it, Dean feels guilty.

I would love the help, Thanks.
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'Kay, kind of a weird request, but is there any gen J2 fics floating around.  Just something I'm in the mood for. 

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I'm looking for a shortish story that was posted this spring or early summer that put a twist on the opening scene from season 1 ep 1.

It starts from Sam's POV, he hears someone breaking into the apartment, fights with them, etc, it ends up being Dean, but Dean is there for a very different reason, to kill Jess, because he is a serial killer with a predilections for killing blondes that look like his mother.

I remember in the author mentioning that she was inspired by a vid that was evil!sam set to "paint
it black" by the rolling stones and also by [ profile] secretlytodream's "Roaring of the Lions" vid.

Thanks in advance for your help


PS- I wouldn't mind finding that Paint it Black video, either!

ETA- Found the fic! Thanks, you guys are fast!
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Hi there!

I'm looking for fics which has sex scenes that are as realistic as possible. Details under the cut:

Read more... )

author sam

Sep. 2nd, 2011 05:33 pm
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I think it might be a big bang but I'm not positive. Sam becomes a famous author and writes about their adventures through fiction. One of the names he uses is Sean who Dean thinks is himself because they are so close in spelling when the main character is actually Sam. They live together and rent a house. Dean is planning on taking cooking classes (dessert I'm think) and there are a few ladies in their neighborhood that have a book club. They are going to read Sam's book next. A reporter calls the house and asks for an interview. Part way through Dean gets pissed and hangs up.
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Hey. New to the community (nice banner!) and am looking for a certain kind of fic b/c of a fanvid I saw.

Basically, a crossover where John fathered another son either before he met Mary (Angel - Wesley) or after he lost her (Buffy - Xander) and the boys find out and meet their long-lost kin.

Prefer Xander/Spike and Dean/Castiel when doing slash pairings. NO incest, please.

Thank you very much.
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Hey ;) I am looking for two fics, one I have been looking for, for a couple of months and have had no luck, even on google it just isn't working so I'm really really hoping someone here can help.

1. A zombie fic where the end of the world is coming and everyone is turning into zombies, Sam and Dean are separated, I don't remember why they aren't together but I do remember that Sam has moved on and is in a relationship and living with Christian Kane. Dean goes to Sam to take him someplace safe but Sam won't leave without his new boyfriend so they take him with them. They end up at some cabin, maybe a hunters old cabin and they get it ready for the zombies to come. In the end Christian has left Dean and Sam together to work on their relationship and then comes back with Steve I think.

2. Is a mute Sam, he has stopped speaking to save Dean? There was something about Sam walked down the road to meet an old lady and when he came back he didn't speak. He had done the same thing once before when he was a teenager and Dean and John were really angry when he did it, this time around Dean gets angry but realizes pretty quickly that there is a reason for the silence.

That is about all I can remember, hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about.

# 2 found, thanks[ profile] legion_of_zelda

#1 found, thanks [ profile] arachne13

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Could you guys recommend me some good J2 fics having to do with Greek mythology,like for example one or more of the boys being a god,but thats not required(i've already read "The lengths i will go to") I'd like Long ones,but I'll take

Thanks in Advance- Amanda
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 Hi, hope you can help me with this :)
So it's a Jared/Jensen AU long fic.Jared gets accepted into some big name football team (i don't remember wich one sorry) and Jensen is already in this team, I think he's captain and he feels his position is threatened by Jared (which it is) therefore he's not all happy about having him in the team at first and doesn't talk to him.
I remember that at one point Esera Tuaolo ( real ex player who came out) makes a speech about homosexuality, his coming out, tolerance etc... also at one point Jared gets on a table and starts singing "Baby got back" ("i like big butts and i cannot lie...").
What else? Chad Michael Murray's also a player in the team. Oh! Jared and Jensen had to do a photoshoot for GQ and when the magazine came out, the article  went on and on about their chemestry. There's another gay guy ( Brock Kelly if i rememeber right) on the team I don't think anything happened with him.
I think that's about all I remember, hope that's enough :)
Thank youuuu!

FOUND (in the comments)
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I am looking for any stories about one of J2 or both being fathers since teen years.  Does anyone have them? Can't wait to read them! :)


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