Aug. 30th, 2011

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I'm looking for two stories, both were before season 6 and I think were both for holiday season exchanges.

1) Follows the storyline of Wings of Desire, where Castiel and Anna are the angels on Earth and Castiel becomes fascinated by Dean. Dean is helping support Sam through law school and I believe is working as a mechanic. Castiel keeps visiting Dean in his home and touches his arm to soothe away the stress. FOUND! 

2) Castiel goes into Hell and saves Dean, but Dean is so damaged that Castiel has to take Dean to purgatory to repair him and because no demon can come into purgatory and drag Dean back to Hell. Dean's so damaged that he doesn't even resemble a person but some sort of beast and he has to be chained up so he doesn't attack Castiel. Dean doesn't remember anything from his life, but as he becomes human again he starts remembering things. He remembers the song Wanted Dead or Alive. I think the story stayed pre-slash but I don't really remember. in the end Dean doesn't remember anything from purgatory when he comes back to life. FOUND!
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Hey guys I'm looking for any fics that has the boys getting wings in some form or another.
I dont mind if the pairings are Sam/Gabe or Dean/Gabe with a side dish of Dean/Castiel? or just Gen.

Either way I'm dying to read something with the boys and wings.

I'd also love to read mpreg fics with Sam/Gabe or Dean/Gabe

and lastly I would love to read a fic with a bodyswap and whoever gets swapped ending up in a very awkward situation with the other person's partner.

And please please please NO WINCEST WHATSOEVER, thanks.
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so, i'm in a weird mood.  i'm looking for stories where john is like as awful as he can be with Sam, both physically and emotionally.  I also want Dean to either find out and kick his ass or find out and take Sam and leave.  Just basically badjohn fics where Sam is the abused party and Dean goes all BAMF on his ass.  Or in reverse, where he's badjohn to Dean and Sam finds out and goes all BAMF on him.  Either or is fine.  Wincest is preferable, but I'll take Gen too. 

Also (I know, ain't I a stinker?), fics where John finds out about the boys sleeping together.  Because some of the ones i've read, and I cannot remember the title of a single story how frellin weird is that?, have been some doozies!  But such interesting reads!

Recs? Give me what ya got!
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Say A Prayer and Close Your Eyes by [ profile] annie46 has me craving doctor Jensen who has Jared as a patient. I don't care if Jared's severly injured, minorly injured, being abused...I'll take anything as long as Jensen rescues him. Bonus points if Jared and Jensen end up together.
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Well, I don't know any AU-Stories in which Dean and Sam don't know each other but then meet and start to hunt together (like in 4.17 - It's A Terrible Life). And they keep hunting and eventually fall in love. :D
They can be brothers (they should just haven't met before) - I don't mind if it's Wincest. And it should be at least over 10.000 words long.

So, summarized:
- The boys never met before.
- They don't know anything about demons, vampires, etc. until they accidentally discover one together and kill it.
- They start hunting for real and traveling through the states (like in the series) and learn about killing supernatural things.
- Eventually the fall for each other.
- Rating: preferable NC-17, R, M xP
- Length: between 10.000 - 200.000 words

What I don't like:
- death!fics
I don't mind if it's kinky, possessive, BDSM, ... and stuff like that ;P

Just wanted to know if there are any fics along these lines.^-^



Aug. 30th, 2011 05:26 pm
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I just posted to this community, but I'm greedy so I'm back:D

I am looking for some Jared/Jeffrey fics. I went through the tags on this community, and most are either J2 fics, J3 fics, or have daddy!kink, so preferably none of that. 

I will take pretty much anything else though. In my mind, Jared always tops, so that would be great, but I haven't developed a preference yet in this pairing so I'll take toppy!Jeff too. Long and short fics welcome as are self recs. 

Maybe something angsty? Some srs bsns? I don't know, hit me with what you've got, lovelies! 

Thank you! 
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Hi all!

I am looking for long, well written Dean/Cas AND Sam/Gabe fics...

I have read a lot of good fics that have one or the other, but not a whole lot of LONG fics that have BOTH pairings... so, could you rec your favorites?  Well written, long, good plot, AU/AR is fine, mpreg is fine, dub/con and non/con is fine though I prefer happy endings.

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Looking for fics where Sam’s more or less just out of it. Could be madness or just appear that way to outsiders. His condition could be from his powers, hell, etc…, but he very much lives in his own world most of the time. Dean is the only one who can really understand him and calm him. Much love of protective!dean.

Thank you!
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I remember reading a fic ages ago, before the end of season 6 for sure, where Cas becomes a pagan god. How and why I can't remember, but the bit that sticks with me was Dean inventing a ritual to worship Cas with since gods need worshippers, and then being embarrassed/sheepish about it. I have no idea if it was Dean/Cas or gen - any suggestions?

ETA Found - it is Now and Forever by [ profile] amempress.
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Heya. I've been hit with a strange craving. Now, for the longest time I didn't know or really care about the Gabriel/Sam pairing. I didn't. Wasn't for me. And then I re-watched "Mystery Spot," and saw far too many amazing fanvids on Youtube. So what I'm asking for first is your best recs -- self-pimping is fine too -- of that particular pairing. I have a fondness for Bottom!Sam and powerful!Gabe, however, so anything along those lines would be great. And dark!fic would be amazing too -- because, really, it is concerning a guy who killed people in hilarious ways just for being dicks.

The second thing I wanted to ask for was your favourite, or best written case!fics. Because the smut is great, but sometimes plot is good too, right? But a twist! I'd like it alot if it was pre-series, or had flashbacks of a pre-series case or event. There doesn't have to be pairings, but the boys being actual brothers would be awesome (just finished watched season three, and my god do I long for the days of prank wars and bro-tastic teasing, you have no idea.) with a side of John or bobby or anything, really!

And finally, I'd like to ask for any fic, set in any season, or even pre-series, about John being an awesome father. Hunting down and getting rid of the thing that kidnapped his sons, sticking up for them if he gets called into their school, even sticking around and taking care of them while they're sick. Anything. Anything under the sun, so long as John is caring and protective and generally amazing -- or even flawed and doing his best to do his best by his sons.

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All I remember of this fic is that when Sam was a kid, Gabriel was posing as a pagan god, and some of his followers offered Sam up as a human sacrifice. Gabriel sees what they did and gets extremely angry.

Anyone know of anything like this?


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