Aug. 27th, 2011

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so....hi ;D...could you please help me here?

first...there is this great story called " To the Edge of Earth"....I don't really remember the name of the auther but the  story was really good...I read the first chapter some long time ago....or my memory is really bad because I can't remember anything other than it was about a doctor Jensen and  a cop Jared and Jensen was kidnapped....but I can't find any more of the story so does any one know any thing about it?

second.....are there any stories about sam being his normal emo and you know complaning about everything....this could be in the boys early years ( before stanford) or later but the main thing is that he isn't paying atention and Dean is hurt because of it or protecting him....some guilty sam....some protictive Bobby and/or Jhon will be wincest please

also...are there any stories that have Jensen dying of any reason with very protictive crestian and steve and he meats Jared who is troubeled or sad or angry and jensen helps him somehow....they fall in love but death is stronger than any thing....the typical "sweet november "or "a walk to remember"....I really want to cry here guys =(

and given that I am from an arabian country....I don't know if you are keeping up with the news but we are having some revolutions are ther any stories about our boys (J2) being reporters in a war zone ....or one of them is ( jensen)....while the other is really scared and worried about him

I really am gratefull for any given help :D
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As Hurricane Irene comes roaring toward New York, where we so recently had earthquake tremors to boot, I find myself hopeing for a slew of 'boy in a hurricane' or other disasters stories.  I'm more prone to RPS these days, but SPN of any sort is good (XOs) too.  Slash is fine, gen is fine. Kink is okay.  Would really love to see Jensen and Jared either acting on the show, or as characters working with the leverage team (Maybe they're a hitter/hacker duo from a dispersed crew Sophie worked with once with Griffin Dunne?  Also, Stories where either of the Js work on Leverage during their hiatus?  Or, where they are part of the Leverage team- Jon was a friend of Nate, or Dean slept with Sophie, etc.

I have all these ideas for stories in this vein, have seen few, and am just not in a space where I can write these combos.  Would love to see anything other people have done. 

Complete story recs only please, WIPs make me cry inside in my special place.
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Here's what I remember:  Dean is the hot new mechanic in town, and all the obnoxious cheerleader-types at Sam's high school are trying to get in his pants, but Dean only has eyes for Sam.  There's a scene where Dean and Sam are messing around in the garage and one of the cheerleader!girls bursts in.  There's some nerdy kid at school who keeps bothering Sam to hang out with him and basically stalks him.  Sam told him that he was with Dean but the kid didn't believe him (until Dean makes out with Sam in the school parking lot against that Impala).  

Ring a bell, anyone?  I remember the story so clearly but can't seem to remember where it is.  Help!!

ETA:  Well of course NOW I find it after looking for an hour... Safest Place to Hide by [ profile] munibunny, nonupdated WIP.
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Hi, I'm looking for J2 fics. If anyone has a favorite J2 story under the categories I'm about list, please provide a link or at least the title and author.

1) Stories where Jared and Jensen hate each other at first but eventually fall in love. I've read and loved The Play Nice Proviso by qblackheart and It's a Thin Line by itsthedetails. I don't care if the story is non-au or au. Either is fine.

2) Metahuman/Mutant Stories. You know, any stories where one or both of the boys is a metahuman/mutant and fall in love with each other. I'm particularly interested in any stories that take place in a school for people like that (like Xavier's in the X-men universe).

3) Stories where one or both of the boys is a wizard/warlock/sorcerer etc. Bonus points if it's set in a school for magic users (major Harry Potter fan here). Even more bonus points if one of the boys is the first person with magic in their family.

Thanks muchly to anyone who responds!

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So Irene's about to hit, and I'm looking for a fic to keep my mind off of things.

I remember reading this awhile ago. It involves Gen and Jared breaking up, Jensen and some movers come over to move her stuff out. Later on, Jared ends up moving and Jensen and those movers come get his stuff this time, too. I think they meet a couple more times later, but I can't remember details.

If anyone has any idea what fic this might be, I'd love a link. Thank you!
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Okay, so this one's pretty straight-forward. I checked the tags to see if there was a category for this one, but amazingly enough, there wasn't -- so here we go.

I was specifically looking for any and all priest!kink fic with Dean and Castiel. I'd read "The Voice of the Turtledove" by [ profile] obstinatrix and really enjoyed it and have seen a fic here or there like that on [ profile] deancastiel but what can I say? I'm greedy! I want some more! So, anything along those lines (if you're familiar with [ profile] obstinatrix's fic) would be eeeeexxxcellent. Seriously, fire away!
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Hey, help needed. I'm Looking for an early season 4 Wincest fic. I can't believe I lost it, as it had a very distinct title, so, I'm assuming it got deleted, and, I am here hoping someone has a copy of somewhere. Can't believe I lost it! Uhh! So, anyway, moment past, it was called, "To bear My Brothers Cross", and, had Dean/Alistair rape in it. And, by early season 4, I mean, early season four. Before 4x20, to be sure. So, please, please, pretty please tith sam, and Dean on top, I really hope someone can help. LonePanther.
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Okay? I'm in the mood for some Castiel and Balthazar lovin'. I don't know what it is about this pair that makes me waaaaant, but boy does it.

Help a girl out?
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Trying to find two fics. One wincest, one J2.

1. Sam is in heaven and Dean has to find him. Eventually, he finds Sam in a cottage, laying in bed with a dream!version of Dean. After he lays down with Sam, Sam asks him how he knew he'd be there and Dean answers, "It's my heaven, too."
Found! by [ profile] jennytork

2. Jared is in love with Jensen. After they get drunk one night, Jensen tells Jared that he's in love with him. Jared's hungover so he kind of misunderstands, and Jensen ends up apologizing and crying, until Jared kisses him. It ends with something like "Jared doesn't know everything about Jensen, he doesn't know what the sex will be like, but it's okay, he has their whole lives to find out."

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Someone posted a search for a fic a while ago looking for a Dean/Sam fic set during high school where everybody wanted Dean and Sam and Dean sort of did a public kind of coming out where Dean kissed Sam in the school's parking lot. So it got me thinking that i'd like more fics along the same lines... someone/everybody wants one of the boys (because honestly, who wouldn't?) and the other brother gets jealous/annoyed that he can't make it clear that Sam/Dean is his. So, one of them gets possessive and does the public claiming or it could be the other seeing his brother's annoyance/jealousy and makes it clear he's taken, but some how everybody at Sam's school finds out that Sam is dating Dean. This could also take place at Standford, i'm flexible, i just want the admirers to get an eye full of Sam/Dean PDA and know they don't have a chance. ;p

I would love longer fics, but short ones are okay as well; also the higher the rating, the better!

Thanks in advance! ;p
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Hi all,

So I just read the J2 highschool fic "I'll be" and now I'm looking for fics along a similar line. I'm looking for the boys (either J2 or Wincest) where other people can't believe J1 is with J2 for some reason, maybe one is a jock and one a geek, or other people are jealous of one J? Can be AU, non-au, highschool fics etc. Any length :)

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Looking for a fic that I read on FF that I hope is somewhere on LJ, or that one of you wonderful people out there read it over on FF and knows which story I’m talking about. John is a proper ass and sends a teenage Sam (not older than 15 - if I can remember correctly) off to a cabin in the middle of nowhere to toughen up.

Dean is not there as he's on a hunt with Caleb. Sam not only gets seriously ill, but is also attacked by a man who wants to rape him. Sam also makes friend's with a boy, that is in fact a spirit. Other characters include Bobby, Joshua, Caleb and Pastor Jim.

Contains plenty of hurt!Sam, protective!Dean and off course mean!John.

Hope someone out there can help me out! Would love to read this fic again.
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 I'm looking for a fic that I believe is Dean & Sam but it may be J2. In the fic the two are in a relationship and they have a son. The fic was quite long and had been seperated into two "books". During the second book the son is a teenager and becomes a focus of the story also; he figures out that he is gay and that he is in love with his bestfriend. I believe it was a Mpreg fic because I think that Dean or Sam was pregnant with their son during the first part of the story. Also if I remember right Sam either does cheat or comes close to cheating on Dean with a guy that he works at a bookstore with.

Found in comment...thank you!


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