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Ok, you lovely, lovely people. Here's what I'm looking for. I just read Between Things Misnamed by [ profile] vulpesvortex, a crossover with House of Wax. It was wonderful, but it made me think up a scene I want to read in a fic. I would love to read a fic crossed with one of Jared's horror movies that has a scene in it similar to the following: Dean sees Jared's movie character in trouble/killed or sees his ghost (if the character is already dead in the story) and initially thinks it's Sam, initializing a freakout/panic attack of angst-tastic proportions. Of course, then the real Sam enters the picture and there's much relief and love all around.

If anyone knows of a fic like this or has written a fic like this, PLEASE LET ME KNOW LIEK NOW!! :-) And if you don't know of a fic like this but get inspired and write one, I will write your name in my trapper keeper with little hearts all around it. *G* (Am I dating myself by knowing what trapper keepers were? Do they still make them?)

Sam/Dean is my weapon of choice, but gen will work too, as long as there's plenty of brotherly love to be found. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU in advance for anything you can come up with for me!!!

(And hopefully LJ won't eat 90% of this post like it did when I first typed it out and submitted it!)
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Hey everyone. I've been looking for this fic for several hours and it's driving me insane. This is what I remember:

* Sam's captured by some pagan worshipers who want to sacrifice him to the trickster god (or specifically Loki, not certain)

* Loki ends up...well kind of torturing Sam, but I especially remembering Sam getting to bargain his life for those of the pagan worshipers and eventually one of the woman worshipers couldn't take his torture anymore and offered to trade places

* Sam was eventually healed

* I remember the fic as a whole being quite dark and when Sam was older.

Any help would be appreciated!

FOUND! Fic in the comments.
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All righty folks. This is my first time posting so bear with me please.

I read this story a while back and I do not remember the author or title, but here's some of the main points that I do remember:

1- It's a Sam/Dean story taking place in season 1 (I think)
2- Dean finds out that Sam is into bdsm in the sub role and decides to fill in as his dom.
3- Sam tells Dean that his previous mistress had been Jess
4- It's 3 chapters I believe and in the last chapter there is puppy play

That's all I can really remember. I do believe that I found it on the bottom-sammy lj, but I've looked all over that journal and can't find it.

So please and thank you if anyone can find this fic!

Edit: It's been found!! Thank you!
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I know that this is an actual story and I possibly have it saved somewhere, but i just can not find where it is on either of the sites I read from, so I hope this description helps out a bit.

1) The story is located on either FanFiction or Live Journal.

2) It deal's with Sam and Dean, not Jared or Jensen.

3) As mentioned in the Subject, Dean is a Demon and Sam is a Vampire. I can not remember how Dean becomes a demon, but I'm pretty sure it happens sometime after season three, (John is dead, (or never mentioned at least))  Dean asked for Sam to come back to life, and on a hunt, Sam is changed into a Vampire, I believe. Because of that, the deal is broken and dean is taken to hell, but Sam get him back with his own deal I think, (I don't remember any more!! *cries!* ).

4) One of the scenes I remember is that they pull up to a Road House. It is not Ellen's or Jo Harvel's place, but one similiar that is a haven for hunters. Sam breaks the seal to allow Dean inside and they know the male bartender who knows that Sam is a vampire and that Dean is a demon, so he makes sure Dean doesn't get any holy water in his drinks. There is a hunter in the bar who focuses on them, he's pretty nasty from what I remember. Something comes up, and absent mindely Dean asks for another drink, and once drinking from it, he starts choking, it had Holy Water in it. Dean is outed, but Dean is more worried about the hunters finding out about Sam being a vampire. The bartender tries to help them out, trying to convince the other hunters all the things that the Winchesters had done for them in the past in their own hunts, but the hunter that is focused on them convinves the others that they are no longer the winchester boys that they once were. There's a scuffle, the bartender is injured, (can't remember if he dies) but the boys manage to escape.

5) The boys are being hunted by the hunter that was focused on them back at the road house and figured the only way to deal with him was to face him, so they end up taking him on, and things go back and forth, but i believe in they end they end up either crippling the hunter or killing him, and they drive off somewhere.

6) I do not remember if this is a wincest or if it's simply strong brotherly love, either way, I just love the fact that the brothers have a stong connection with each other and would willingly do something for the other, no matter the cost.

I really want to read this again, but I just can't find it and it's so agravating! I hope this summary/detail's is enough to help you all our, it's much appreciated. If any questions arrise, I'll try and answer them from what I remember.
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I've been trying to find re-find a story I read awhile back that had Dean, Castiel, and maybe Sam forming an army to fight the devil I suppose. The main part of the story was when Dean was surrounded and about to die and Cas sacrificed himself to save Dean. I remember there was a big deal about Dean being able to see Cas's grace without dying, however he seemed to be catatonic for a time after wards as a result. I can't remember if Castiel was able to come back, or if the story was Destiel. 

Anyone who can recall such a fic would be doing me a huge favor, thank you.
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I'm on the prowl for the story about Sam and why his cast always looked new. It was because it was constantly being replaced, because it got wet, or a poltergiest threw a knife through it, or Sam used it as a blugeon to knock out a girl, things like that.

Anyone seen it? Thanks guys.

EDIT: FOUND!! \0/ Ya'll rock.
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Hi The fic I'm looking for is Where Jared's brother brings Jensen home with him from college and Jared falls for him. Jensen tries to stop anything from happening but something does and Jensen feels guilty. Jensen avoids Jared for some time and when he next sees Jared he is at college and seeing a guy who he brings home with him. Jensen is jealous.

One scene I remember is where Jared, Jensen,Jeff and Megan are by a lake I think exchanging Christmas gifts.

Hope someone can help me 

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Hi, I lost link to fic. Again *facepalm*
Does anybody remember a story, where Jared and Jensen made a bet that Jared whole day will be speak only with quotes?
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Hi ;)
Recently I got hooked into dragon!Jared fics. I'm really, really, really into it. Not only dragon!Jared, but the dragon's Riders too.
I want more stories like that! <3 I've read everything on thematic J2 recs (which was awesome <333).
BewareTheIdes15 Unchangeable is ingenious.

I'm looking into stories like that! Please help me?
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I'm looking for Fan fiction that I think that was posted  on samdean.archive, unfortunately I can't remember the title or even the name of the author (Because, let's face it, I normally don't even look at the name of the author) I just bookmark the stories that I love, but it seems that sometimes I just forget to put theme there.
Well here it goes...

1- Sam is in Stanford. He doesn't talk to Dean quiet a long time.
2-  Suddenly Dean calls him to his phone, and they become to talk everyday.  
3- At one time they realize their feelings for each other, and Sam wants to know where Dean is to see him.
4 - Dean has is reason for not wanting to see him, Sam doesn't no way, But some time after, Dean finally tells him the truth, that he has become blind ( I don't remeber way)
5- Sam goes to him and they make love,

I don't remember if he starts to see again, but I think I tall the all story, It is driving me crazy because I read this story a long time ago, I try to searched for it but I couldn't find it, So you guys are me last hope.
And i'm sorry if someone wanted to read it and I screw the end up. 


Found by [ profile] vinylreckoning
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I'm looking for a Dean/Castiel fic that involves Cas being stuck in his true form (possibly temporarily?) after a non-canon end of the apocalypse. Dean and an archangel (not sure whether it was Michael or Gabriel) find him in Hell after the battle and take him to Bobby's. And his true form is kind of frightening - 7 feet tall with (I think) something strange about his hands and he can't talk. Oh, and Dean plants him a garden.

The really annoying thing is I was fairly sure I already had this saved, but I'm completely failing to find it now. Help?

Found by [ profile] jennytork and [ profile] sidium: Rough Gold by [ profile] teh_helenables.


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