Aug. 24th, 2011

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I'm looking for a fic centered around Dean where he is the new God or he might be the new Jesus. And they have to get him to the throne in heaven...maybe...and I'm pretty sure he turned water into beer. Also...I'm pretty sure it was a Dean/Castiel as well. If anyone has any clue what I am talking about please let me know! Thank you!

J2 nurses

Aug. 24th, 2011 12:43 am
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I read this really funny tidbit on Not Always Right and laughed out loud, it was awesome. Of course it might as well have come out of a J2 fanfic for me, so now I'm really looking to read a story with Jensen or Jared as a nurse, and an incident like the one linked above happeninng in the story. I'm already familiar with the stories on the J2 Recs community. 

Any funny nurses stories you can recommend?

Thank you! 
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I'm looking for a ff where Dean e Gabriel are married. Dean find a little boy and they decide to adopt him.
They go to stay together and Dean stop to hunt temporarily.

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I'm looking for a fic that I know I liked, but I apparently didn't think to bookmark/record it in my recs. I only remember a few details.

#1. Jensen and Justin are in a rock band.
#2. Jensen and Justin are in a rocky, secret relationship.
#3. Jared, I think, is their new roadie.
#4. Jensen has to fight his developing feelings for Jared because he doesn't want to screw up his and Justin's relationship anymore than it already is.
#5. Near the end, Jensen leaves the band (and Justin) and becomes a hermit for a few weeks/months, and decides to give an interview to a music mag, coming out as a gay man.
#6. Ends up as J2.
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*Hello to all,
 I've been searching for a few stories and can't find them and was wondering if you all could help?

1) It's a pre-series . Dean and Sam have been going to a bingo hall and have been wining stuff for the place they are staying at. At one point Dean sends Sam (who's like between 10 to 13 years old I think)  up to get more bingo cards. The older ladies fall for the puppy eyes and smile and give him extra cookies with the card. Ring any bells for anyone?
2) This one was a WIP when I read it. It was a cross between J2 and Dean & Sam. J2 adopted Sam and Dean. The thing that sticks out most is that at one point Jensen was talking to Dean and they were laughing that Jared sorts his cards when they play poker.

3) Is rather a vague one. I don't remember anything other then at one point Dean, Sam and John were making a meal together and John opened a can and Sam was thinking that when their Dad was home, he opened the cans and when he wasn't there, Dean did it. Sam was thinking if he would ever have to open a can himself. I know it's not a lot to go on and I'm sorry.

Thanks for any help you all could give!

*****Edit # 1 found by meansprite (link in comments) and # 2 found by stormglider (link in comments) Thank you for all your help everyone! # 3 is still not found
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Hey everyone.  A while back, I read a Jensen/Misha fic where they both are on LJ and they flame eachother's fics (and Jensen calls RPF 'soul rape').  Zach Quinto is in it too.  Ringing any bells?

Also, if there are any fics where the boys are involved in the fandom, please share!!!  J2, Jensen/Misha, Jared/Richard, Misha/Richard

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I'm looking for a J2 oneshot fic.  Jensen comes home and finds Jared and the dogs lethargic, it turns out they have carbon monoxide poisoning.  I know I have it in my memories, but I cannot remember what the title is.

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I was wondering if there are any J2 fics out there where one is getting married to someone else and the other shows up at the wedding to stop it from happening.  Could be the Js have been having an affair, were exs or were secretly in love with each other but never said anything.  Happy ending for the Js with them leaving the church together.  No idea if this even exist but I would welcome any and all recs of a similiar nature.

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1)  One J is obviously the more domestic of the pair and much more... flamboyant while the other is not. Or one J has a job that causes him to not be able to be "open" at work while the other J is not as concerned about what others think. Kind of similar relationship dynamics to the movie "Breakfast with Scot."

2) Long term established relationship fics. Like the J's having been together for 5... 10... 15 years. Schmoopiness a must!

3)Specific request under cut for kinkiness )

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Hey Everybody,

I'm looking for a specific Dean/Castiel fic - the basic plotline is that Dean is a recovering drug addict. After moving into a fixer-upper, he gets a new neighbor - Castiel, of course. Castiel is raising his nephew and Dean and Castiel quickly become friends. They want more, but Dean promised his sponsor that he wouldn't sleep with anyone for a year. 

The fic is totally AU - no supernatural baddies, John is also a drug addict/alcoholic, and Sam still went to Stanford (I think)... Anyway, it was a great story and I'd love to read it again. 

Thanks so much!

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Okay one would think being in hospital I would wanna read anything but, turns out I'm just a freak, shocker right?

Anyway, I'm in the mood for some Sam stuck in the ER or having a bad experience with roommates etc while Dean just has to it while his brothers is in pain.

Thanks guys!

Phone sex

Aug. 24th, 2011 08:42 pm
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hey guys! anyone know any AWESOME and VERY WELL DONE phone sex/dirty talk fics? j2, sam/dean, and dean/cas, jensen/misha (au)

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I read this fic a couple years on I think it was 15-25 chapters long. 

Dean gets a call from an old friend of his. She was possessed and wanted him to kill her, which he did. I'm not sure if Sam knew about her death, but I know he didn't know the girl and the backstory. In the past, Dean had been addicted to.. crack? Something that he smoked. Sam didn't know anything about it. After the girl's death, he starts smoking again. He gets addicted really quickly and eventually tells Sam, who tries to help him get clean again. It was during a case, I think it was a giant killer bird, but I could be getting it mixed up. Dean smokes cigarettes like crazy. I remember him telling Sam that if  he weren't smoking cigarettes, he would be smoking drugs again. 

It was complete and on Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!
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Hey guys! Last night, I read a fanfic that blew my mind - best thing I've read in a while, fandom-related or otherwise. It was beautifully done, gave me chills and made me squeal at the same time. The fic is Masse Shot by [ profile] road_rhythm, and it is AWESOME. So basically I was wondering if there's any fics out there with a similiar prompt. For those who don't wanna click on the link (you really should, it's a great fic) the prompt was basically this: Sam and Dean are involved in a pool hustle gone arwy. Dean loses the bet and can't pay up; someone suggests that Sam pay it back in a way that doesn't involve money. 
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I´m looking for a specific fic I read on about a year ago. Unluckily I can´t neither remember title nor author but it was a short fic, set in Season 4.

I can´t remember the story exactly but I think it mainly was about Sam leaving in the night to meet up with Ruby and Dean was sad about it (can´t remember if they had an argument or if he was just fed up with Sam chosing Ruby over him) and cut his wrists. Sam sort of feels that something is wrong, abandons Ruby and returns to Dean. He finds him barely alive but it isn´t too late yet.

I really hope someone can help me :)
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I am looking for a fic that I believe was on I believe it was called Fledgling and had to deal with Castiel making Dean and Sam into his fledglings. I remember they hatch in bobby's barn or something there of and all of the angels go them and try to protect them from Zachariah. I believe the fic was still WIP and only 3 chapters.

Thanks in advance
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hi i have never posted on here I'm usually just a reader but i cant find a story and it is driving me nuts....... i hope I'm posting this the right way....

any way i don't remember a whole lot about the story just bits and pieces.... i think jeff some how come into ownership or just taking care of jared.. i believe jeff and jensen were already together.. jared i believe was young he was coming into his first heat... they may have been wear wolves but i don't think they were... though it was an AU.... jeff was worried about mating with him because he knew the knotting would hurt or something a long those lines.... i believe jeff tells jared about when he first got with jensen and how he had to learn how to take good care of him cause going into heat is very hard.... any way i hope someone out there can help me out.. thanks very much!!!!!
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Hey! Looking for fics that emphasize Jared's large size (Not in a kinky way! :D) I want emphasis on Jared's size and... One, he uses his size for good (protects Jensen from bad guy X). Second, the gentle giant scenario where despite his size, he is actually very meek and shy. Lastly! Any fics where Jared's size intimidates people and he feels bad about that so he trys to make himself seem more harmless.

No oneshots or pwp, looking for decently lengthed fics. Selfrecs are great! J2 preferred, but will take any Jared pairings.
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Hello Everyone.
I am looking for a story that I read but cannot find now!! It is an mpreg where Dean (I think) is pregnant and he runs away because John will be upset he got pregnant by his brother. Jensen finds him at a gas station and helps him give birth. He then takes him home to Jared, who is a nurse, and he ends up staying with them.  I beleive that Sam shows up and he stays with them too. I remember  Jensen finds out they are brothers when they go to confront John but Jared and Jensen don't care and still let them stay.

I hope someone can help me find this story!!!


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