Aug. 15th, 2011

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I read this a while ago but have lost the title. It's a period piece, Dean is working ina brothel and Sam is a noble man who hires him. Things happen, Dean gets hurt and they find out he's really the lost eldest son of Lord Winchester, I think. Has anyone read this, knows the tile or author, Thanks to everyone that answers.
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Hey gang!  I read this story like just last week but forgot to bookmark it! Jensen is an Omega who works at an animal shelter, he ends up meeting jared when he's like 11 years old because his father jack has brought him to the shelter to get a dog.  Jack and Jensen end up married,  even though Jensen wants a big family and Jack is through having kids. Jared has basically decided that he wants to knot Jensen when he comes of age and they try to keep it from Jared's dad.  It's a happy ending though and I cannot find it anywhere!  Help please :)

Mods, hope I didn't go overboard with the tags, also, I didn't see a knotting tag or did I just miss it?  Let me know!
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Looking for any J2 stories where their detectives like Sherlock Holmes and Watson or even Veronica Mars and Wallace. Preferably a love story between them.

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Started reading this fic a while back had to leave before I could finish and now I can't find it and it's driving me nuts. Not much to go on but here goes, dean and cas aren't together in beginning, cas is hurt or falls and dean comforts him they end up sharing a bed where dean comforts cas with light touches and kisses he does so in a not very sexual way if memory serves. Sam calls Dean on this and Dean breaks and says something like just let me have this, just this one thing. Any help will bring love forever.
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I have a serious craving for some domesticity and what is more domestic than kids^^!

I am looking for fics in which Sam is the one who has a kid. There can be another parent (figure), but I do want Sam to be the (adoptive) father in some ways. Super special chocolate coated internet cookies for having the kids grow up to be/are teenagers, because having Sam deal with teenage angst makes me smile. :)

I don't care about the pairings but gen or het is preferred as is in-universe stuff (meaning not total AU's alternate reality is probably par of the course XD). No deaging stuff please.

thanks community <3
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Hey! I just found this comm and would like some help finding a specific fic. I read it a while ago and I'm pretty sure it was dean/cas. In it, Dean had to choose who to save from going to hell, either Sam or Cas. He chose Sam, and Cas had to watch Sam being freed, leaving him in hell. Eventually Cas is saved and the ending is happy IIRC. I know there was a similar post before ( but the story provided isn't the one I remember reading. Any help would be appreciated!

Found: in the comments yay
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As the subject says, I am looking for the best Dean/Castiel fics out there! Rec them to meeeee! And here are just a few, tiny guidelines for what I'm mostly looking for (otherwise any rec is fine, really). :D

1. Happy Endings; angst is fine, so is h/c but it must be happy at the end!
2. Season-related fics are welcome!
3. As are AU! Canon-AU or comeplete AU are just fine.
4. Long fics are perfect, shorter ones are welcome as well. :D
5. Completed fics, but wips are okay if they're active.
6. No RPS or Girl!Characters
7. No death fics
8. Bonus if there is awesome!Sam

Um, I think that's it! :D I've seen all 6 seasons, so don't worry about a fic spoiling me. :D Also, if it's alright with the mods .. I went with the basic tags for my post, since its about recs, but once I do get some recs I'll edit the post to add in the tags according to the rec. If not, please let me know! :D
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I'm looking for a specific story I read a long time ago. I thought I had it bookmarked but can't find it. :( &nbsp;And I&nbsp;want to read it again.

It was J2, but Jared was a cat that belonged to Sandy and Jensen a hamster that belonged to Chad. The humans are roommates and the animals find friends in each other.

Jared saves Jensen from his cage and they escape to Sandy's room. Later the humans find out they are friends.

Thanks for any help finding it.

EDIT: found here -->
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Hello, all,
I'm looking for stories where Castiel's role as the Angel of Thursday plays a part in events. I've seen a couple stories where he explains what the position means to Dean; I'd love to see more stories like that, but I'd also love to read stories where Castiel has to do something as the Angel of Thursday. Thanks for your help.
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 Hey everyone,

The first fic I read a while back, and I'm pretty sure it was in one of hoodie_times challenges but I'm not sure. It was an AU where Dean is deaf and he and Sam are trying to rescue a girl from a wendigo's cave. There is a cave-in and Dean and Sam are separated.

And the second fic is post-hell and Dean is free of all his scars but he misses them. Especially the half moon one on the back of his wrist. So Sam decides to help him and cuts it back.

Thanks your all your help!

Edit: both fics found in comments! Thanks!
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 Hello all,

I'm searching for a lost fic in which Jared and Jensen were secretly together but caught by Jensen's brother, who basically blackmailed Jensen into breaking up with Jared.  Jared didn't hear from Jensen after they got caught, and he was pretty hurt.  Jared went off to college, met his roommate and some protective friends, and then Jensen showed up (he was absent for an internship or something during Jared's first semester, maybe?).  I can't really remember much of what happened after that.  


ETA: Found!  The story is Come As You Are (You're All I Need) by [ profile] itsthedetails . Thanks to [ profile] fatebegins for finding it!

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Too tired to comment...

1) J2, BDSM. Jensen is in a relationship where he is basically a trophy husband. In responce, he gets a job as a seceratary for Jared and his company (which specializes in BDSM). He falls for Jared. I rememeber this one part where he says that Karate is defending the circle, while tai-chi? was ```please, come into my circle`` and he defends himself using these teachniques.


2) boys dealing with exaution. ex, Dean`s return from Hell, Castiel`s inability to sleep, Sam`s dreams, etc.

3) touch-starvation. Dean, Sam, Castiel badly needing human contact.

For both of the above I would perfer to see others mentioned comforting them. Wincest is fine, though I perfer Destiel.

That`s just about it. I`ll be more energetic in thanking finders then I am in posting. I`m just so. Freaking. Tired.

Thanks for putting up with it.

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I read a fic a while back in which Gabriel comes up with the idea that he's going to get Samuel Colt to design a new Colt Spoilers for end of fic... )

Thanks in advance.

ETA! FOUND! Thanks to the awesome [ profile] littlebunnylost  Link in comments.
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 I've never posted here, but I was reading a WIP fic a while back, and now suddenly my bookmark doesn't work.

Anyways it's a Sam and Dean fic. It's got Meg in it. Basically Meg has captured both boys, and both are being trained to be her pets/slaves. Sam was captured first, and is pretty much a pathetic sex slut, and Dean went in to rescue him and got caught. Now I can't actually remember whether it was written all the way through, but any help anyone can give, I would love.

It's kinks definitely involved BDSM and D/s. I know Sam has to convince Dean silently, but through sex, to cooperate with Meg, and her training for them.
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 I'm trying to find a drabble, I think it may have been from blindfold not quite sure, that I read ages ago
It was Sam mpreg, he'd been kidnapped by demons or whatever and it worked out that like for every one demon he gave birth to, two more would take its place?
Im sorry I cant remember much else
Help would be appreciated! 



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