Aug. 13th, 2011

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I'm looking for a specific Supernatural Wincest story, this is what I can remember:

Something has happened to Sam that leaves him sort of catatonic/blank/empty. Dean can get him to move from place to place, get him to feed himself if he gets him started, etc., but there's no response. They settle in some small town, it's winter through much of the fic I believe, Dean does some repairs on the house, and Sam's condition makes the townspeople nervous/wary. As time goes on, though, Sam finally starts reawakening/coming back to himself little by little.

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Hey, I'm looking for a fic I read a while back. Jared gets into this private school for art after his mom dies, where he meets Chad, Sandy, Danneel, Jensen, Chris, etc. Jared is a talented artist and Jensen is the Ackles heir after they graduate high school. They live in a small town, I believe it's called Ryleigh, in Texas.

The story actually takes place when Jared is 22. He comes home after 5 years away for Danneel's wedding. The rest is flashbacks to his time in high school and his relationship with Jensen.

I believe the title has something to do with "An order to things" or something like that, but I can't really remember. If any of you could help I would be so grateful!
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Hello again! I was wondering if anyone can help me find this fic?

Castiel can't remember anything, but through time, as his memories come back (with the help of the brothers), so does the feathers on his wings.. The last feather is about Dean? & ah, they were probably at Bobby's?


Oh, rom-com related fics recs is very much welcome, tyvm! Dean/Cas, Jensen/Misha. :)


Fffffound! See comment below. :)
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I just got back from a road trip and I'm REALLY craving J2 AU fic where they are truckers. *laughs* Does anyone know of any such fic? ^__^
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I just read the story "American Son" and I was wondering if there were any other fics out there where J1 is famous in some way and dates J2, who is a normal guy. 

Also looking for stories (this could be included in the previous request, but I'm putting it separate just in case) where rich!J1 dates poor J2 and J2 has a hard time believing some rich big shot would date him and can't get used to all of the money being thrown around. Already read the "Nobility's True Badge" story and I love it.
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 Hello all I was wondering if you guys could help me to find a few fanfics that I have lost from my bookmarks.

1. I know that Dean is turned into a werewolf but there are two different kinds of Werewolves. He then later turns Sam and kills John. I know that he calls himself Sam's Father/brother. I also remember that Gordon gets a newly made Sam and uses him as bait for try and trap Dean and his father wolf.

The second fiction is a bit more vague sorry for this but I just cannot recall more. So this is more a request for general fics
2. The boys are taken and used as bait/leverage for John.

3. Sam is taken while in college by someone. This person keeps him in a room bound and keeps tell Sam how much they love him. I know that it is an NC 17 kinda fic.
Anything in these lines are fine. I just would love to read a few fictions that are great reads with lots of hurt/trapped/kidnapped/used boys
Thank you for all your help in finding these

Numbers 1 and 3 are FOUND!!!! by the Wonderful Cherry916 They are ;

1.Hunter of the Shadows and it's sequel Hunter of the Shadows Book 2: Hunter Rising by skagtrendy1
3.The Good Son by phantisma

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Hey everyone,

I have been thinking about this fic that I want to re-read and I can't seem to remember enough of the story to find it.

I remember that its a J2 AU story, Jared & Jensen meet in some kind of club or bar and Jensen's friends (Chris, Steve, and some other guys) choose Jared & make Jensen go to the bathroom to fool around with him or something like that.. I remember Jared being mysterious & refusing to have a relationship with Jensen & that he is estranged from his family for some reason.. I also remember a scene where they were at a party & Jensen gets roofied & Jared realizes & takes him home..

I really really want to read it again.. please help.. thanx in advance.. :)

ETA: FOUND in the comments.. :D
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Has anyone here read/written a fanfic about one or both of the boys having a foot fetish? I recently found out I'm attracted to them. Anyway, it doesn't matter who's the fetishist, Sam/Jared or Dean/Jensen, as long as there's foot-worshiping included.

Thank you :)

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This is only a vague memory and I am starting to wonder if I dreamed it.

I think it was J2, or a very AU SPN fic lol.
One of the boys is starting to realize he has feelings for the other. So he goes to a sex shop to try to...find something that will help him. Main things I remember is that one of the people working was reading Busty Asian Beauties and there was a girl who took it upon herself to help the boy out and give him a tour of the sex shop. She was much like the crazy fangirl, Becky.

...Does it exist?
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Okay, so I just found out about the newest Ackles dog, and I'm curious if there are any stories out there with Oscar in them. Anyone? *offers cookies*
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I really want some non-AU fics where Misha feels left out or even picked on because he's new to the show and the boys have had the past seasons to bond with each other and the crew. I don't want intentionally cruel boys, but maybe they pick on him out of good humor, pulling pranks. Can be J2, can be gen, can be an eventual J/M/J... I just want hurt feelings Misha and some eventual comfort by the boys.

Thank you!
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Looking for a Dean/JDM story... )

ETA: [ profile] chrunchy_crunck  (AWESOME name btw :D) found it, located in comments section. Thanks a lot, I appreciate it!
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 Hi! I'm looking for a J2 fic I read recently that I can't find in my memories, it had Jensen living in an apartment with Chris and Jared moves in across the hall. Jensen's a huge hermit who almost never leaves the apartment, but Jared notices him and at once time talks to him through their balconies that are parallel to each other?

And at one point I remember after Jensen and Jared had been together for some time, Jensen was home alone and heard someone come in the front door, and since he was home alone he hid under his bed while he called Jared? I forget what happened to Jensen that made him so afraid of people, but I do also remember Jensen feeling guilty because he was so scared to be alone it meant Christ couldn't even go out on dates and meet people. Any help would be great, thanks! 

Literally found this one minute after I posted this!  You're Like A Parachute by [ profile] saucyminxfix 
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Hello everybody! I jus watch Burlesque movie (again!) and I love it :) I Just wonder, is there anywhere Burlesque fic about J2 style?

Sorry my english... :D

Thanks! :)
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Ok, so I realy don't remember much about this story. Only that the boys or maybe just Sam was taken by this dude. The guy put something like a metal mask on Sam and it had holes in it so that when he covered the holes he couldn't breathe? Does this sound familiar to anyone? I'd like to read it again and actually remember what happens. lol.

Please and thankyou
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Hello all. I have a sorta odd request that I am hoping someone can help me with.  In general I am looking for places I can find Supernatural and J2 meme and prompt fills.  I have seen in author notes that stories were written for certain prompts in the past and I am interested in reading ones that did not get posted to communities like Padackles and such. I am not really fimiliar with how these prompts are done so I was just hoping someone could point me the right direction or if there were some communities that had prompts and filled stories.

Also along the same lines I vaguely recall a prompt for stories that dealt with J2 or Supernatural and the topic of the prompt was something along the lines of "differences in classes in society". So if anyone knows of where I can find this prompt and any stories that were filled under here please let me know!!!

Thanks everyone and I hope that someone can help me out!!

PS. Mods I hope my tags are ok because I could not really find any that went with my request
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 Recently I stumbled upon the M2Homegoods com and I was like woah, Mike and Misha!?



So I read everything there. It wasn't enough. Now I need more. 

More Mike and Misha!


Give me what you have, plz!


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I'd like any fics where someone cheats on the other. J2 and wincest are prefered, but I will take any pairing. And if possible, I'd like if the guy who cheated isn't a complete, over-the-top asshole.

Happy ending optional! :D

PS: I thought there was a cheating tag. Could we get one, mods?
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I've been wanting to re-read a J2 fic where Jensen ran a comic book shop and Jarred was the customer he crushes on. I'm not sure on most details except that there was an argument centered around Deadpool being the best and/or most badass character and Jarred was buying comics for his young niece, maybe?

Vague, I know, please help.



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