Aug. 8th, 2011

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This is complete blasphemy, but wth...
I'm looking for any fics where Dean is the reincarnation of God. Since no one knows where God is, maybe he decided he wanted to have some fun with his most loved creation or something, so he decided to become one of them for a while.
Also, any angel!Dean fics would be much appreciated. As in a fallen angel, or a reincarnation or something, not as a vessel.
Thanks in advance!
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I'm really hoping this gets through because I have tried to get this request through to like 2 other comms.

I was wondering if anyone knew of fics that dealt with Balthazar's line to Dean about "the angel in the dirty trench coat who's in love with you".

Specifically, I'm wondering if there are any reaction fics from during the scene or after. Rating is not of import (lol). I'm just interested in seeing how various people wrote out Dean's reaction to the line.

I've searched and searched and I only found one short one on Tumblr, but I really want to read more (and surely there HAS to be more, right?).

I'm working my way through watching Season 6 (I've spent the past two weeks trying to catch up with this series like my life depended on it hi I'm new) and I'm 3 episodes in, so I'd REALLY like to have a few fics to read regarding that quote when I do finally get to the episode it is said in.

If no one knows any fics for that request, I have another Destiel request. Does anyone know if there are any fics that revolve around that scene in season 5 when Dean and Castiel were waiting to trap Raphael and Dean asks what Castiel's last-night-on-Earth plans are and Cas looks very briefly at him before becoming shy? Except not going the way it went in the episode, in these fics Dean wouldn't be stupid and miss the silent answer (because I honestly believe Cas was trying to indicate him when he was asked that question). Rating again doesn't matter with any fics there may be for this request.

Please and thank you, I love you all in advance <3.
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Okay, so I have been searching for this j2 high school/college fic with Jared in High school and Jensen is in college, but the story is told in another persons pov. This guy (I cant remember his name) likes Jared, and Jared is oblivious to his feelings cause he is in a relationship with Jensen. Its about the guy trying to get jared until he sees jared/jensen together for the first time and considers it a lost cause, because they are so desperately in love with each other.

If you can help me out, I would be eternally greatful! Thanks ;)
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Wow I have no clue or reason why I am wanting this since I'd probably already cornered the market on hurt!jared *g*  but after reading [ profile] letsgetstarted  big bang Going Under which feature some severly beaten Jared I want some stories along those lines. Beaten Jared in any form whether it's from a person, inatimate object or whatever. Really just Jared with some bruises, scratches and injuries that has Jensen taking care of him. Can be AU or Non-Au I do prefer bottom!Jared but I am not picky. So whatever is out there rec away!

EDIT: Sorry I forgot to originally add this but any stories that have Chad being a mother bear, protective, etc. etc. over Jared would be awesome! Who doesn't love some Chad every now and again *g*

Thanks that is it :D

Mods maybe we can get a tag person:Chad.Michael.Murray? I mean we have to have the Chad
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Hey guys,

sorry, forgot to add this one in my last request. Here's a challenge for all of you: spoilers ahead )

Thanks in advance!
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Are there any Wincest fics in which Sam gets possessive and jealous over the fact that Castiel permanently marked "his" Dean?

No Destiel, though I will take Castiel/Dean/Sam, provided all three get equal attention. Otherwise, Castiel can stay out of the bed, thanks. :D

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I am looking for stories about Jensen as an adult meeting Jared when he was born and waiting for him.

j2 story

Aug. 8th, 2011 11:03 am
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good morning,
i'm looking for a story i read awhile back, in it jensen's forced to go to rehab, jared has control of his finances and blocks danneel from accessing his bank account. does anyone remember this story? not sure how to tag this but i tried my best.

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 ..gee. Do I sound obsessed with Dean? :P

Anyways.. All general requests!

1. Any fic basically depicting this. super-duper injured Dean has to have Sam take care of him. Lots of whump. I love whump. whumpwhumpwhump. :D Preferably wincest, any rating.

2. Any fic where Dean ISN'T born a girl, so he's cursed as one, or has a spell put on him, etc etc. I've already read Felis Blanco's girl!Dean story...I forget the name...and I think she wrote it. >.> Wincest? :D

3. I've become addicted to any boybride fic, thanks to the Prize!verse and the Journey!verse. I'll accept pretty much anything where Jensen is a boybride, or heck, even alpha/omega(beta?) fic.

Yay thankies!
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I'm looking for a fic which is based on the movie with Jensen as Kirk and Jared as Spock. I was sure I read this somewhere and it was pretty close to the movie I think but I can't find it anywhere. It's not this one and I'm pretty sure I didn't dream the fic least I don't think I did. Any help would be great thanks!
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Hey guys, I'm looking for a few specific stories. I've tried all the usual places (j2_recs, sidebar links, etc) and am not finding what I want. Help?

1. J2 stories like the movies American Pie and Ice Age. I've tried everywhere and have gotten nowhere.

2. Sam/Dean story where Sam is at Stanford and sick with cancer. Won't tell Dean but Dean finds out anyways. Short. Happy endings only.

3. High school Wincest stories. Medium length, nothing too long. Smoking Sam would be nice but not necessary.

Stories focused on Sam, Wincest/J2, self-recs are all awesome.
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I can't locate a Dean/Cas story about Future!Cas' dying wishes after Lucifer!Sam kills everybody in Detroit. It's a real tear-jerker, well-written. Hope that's enough information.
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Are there any fics of outsider POVs of Dean's handprint brand left by Castiel? Maybe Dean is injured enough to land in the hospital, where the staff see and comment on it? Perhaps even concerned enough to bring it up with Dean? Crossovers are welcome as well, though I suspect I've read most of the casefics where the police arrest Dean and note the scar. Nevertheless, rec away! Even a brief mention of it would be great. Bonus points if Castiel plays a role in the crossover.

Any pairings except for Wincest, and self recs are perfectly acceptable!
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Guys  I'm looking for a copy of "Alien Song" by [ profile] garvaldmains , now know as [ profile] karfraegh. It's not  posted on her new journal, nor is it available on her page at Sinful Desire and I'd really like to read it.

Here's a quick summary as well as the original posting link:

Alien Song
In 1947 there was an crash at Roswell... There were five survivors from that crash. Only one who managed to get away from captivity.  One who has been running since his escape

I saved a lot of her fic when she shut her account but somehow I missed this one and I'd love to read it.  I do hope that some kind person can help me out.

Many thanks and fingers crossed.


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