Aug. 6th, 2011

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Hi I need help finding a fic. Here's what I remember.

Dean ran away (I think because John injured deans back) Anyway, Dean is now living a normal civilian life. He works in a hardware store and has built a whole new identity. He carries a little extra weight as part of the disguise. I remember a scene in a restaurant where Dean is given the choice to sit with his friend from the hardware store or with Sam, and he picks Sam. It was wincest. I hope this jogs someone's memory, I'm going nuts here!!!

Note to mods. Since lj went all screwy my tags aren't working. I've improvised, hope that's ok? Feel free to add more tags if needed.

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So I've scoured like mad and I think I've found most of the post-6x22 messed-up Sammy fics, but I'm craving some more.

Are there any maybe lesser known ones out there I might have missed?

Thank you for any help!
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This may be an odd request but here goes: Are there any stories out there where Sammy and Dean are in an established relationship and Sammy is not ok w/Dean being with other people (waitresses, bar hook up, the occasional man)?   The Sam I see doesn't come across as the type that would let Dean use him  until he gets with his next girl.  Dont get me wrong I am D/S all the way, guess I just want Sam to stand up to Dean and not take this from him..

If it isnt out there I understand and thanks for any help, C
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Hi I've just finished reading the amazing Captured By The Game where the yellow eyed demon sends evil!Sam undercover to befriend Dean and I was just wondering if there were any similar stories out there.
I've tried searching the evil!Sam tag and there are some brilliant stories but they all seem to have Dean being used as a sex slave or being controlled by Sam.
I want Sam to genuinely love or at least respect Dean, possibly to the point where Dean ends up turning him good again. Any rating or pairing is fine, thanks in advance for your help :)
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I'm currently looking for any fics that have the pairing of Dean and Gabriel OR Jensen and Richard as vampires. Both of them can be vampires or one can be human and the other a vampire, either one is just fine with me.

And mods, would it be possible to get a tag for Richard as well? Thanks.
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Ok Adam was never one of my favorite characters and I admit I am grudgingly starting to like him.

So please rec me stories you think accurately portray Adam or Adam is awesome in the story. Can be wincest, gen, any season, could be Au or basically anything else I am not picky.

Things I would love:

Showing interaction between Sam and Adam

Since you all know I am a hurt!Sam junky some protective Adam would be awesome!

Plus it be kinda cool to see how Dean views having another little brother

(But again I am not picky those are just bonuses)

Thanks XD
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Does anyone know where I can find any Richard/Matt fics? I know there's gotta be some out there after what we see of them at the conventions. Anything will do. =)
I would love to see mpreg the most...I dont even know why I like that but I do XD And can we please get a Richard tag? We have one for Matt but not Richard
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For some reason I'm in the mood for hurt!Sam and I've always been a fan of good old fashioned barfights/hand-to-hand-combat. So, any story with that, either long or short, case-fic, AU or whatever, please! Sam wins in the end, Sam loses in the end, I don't really care. 

Please, though, no hurt!Dean (i.e., Dean-hurt-focused stories), nothing set after s3 and please keep it realistic and not over-the-top, stories like "Ambush" would be a little too hard to read for me right now. I've also read everything from K. Hanna Korossy. I'm not really a Wincest-fan, but for this search I would even consider reading it IF the story consists of more than sex-scenes. ;)
Special bonus points, digital cookies AND everlasting gratitude if someone knows/has written a story with Sam getting in a (bar-)fight to show John that he is as good in protecting his brother (or someone else) or fighting in general as Dean is, though I'm not getting my hopes very high for that...

No RPF, self-recs are more than welcome and... that's really all that I can think of right now. 
Thanks in advance! :)


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