Jul. 27th, 2011

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Hi again, I read this story a while back and would like to read it again, but didn't take down the vital info, anyway, Sam is still at school and already wanting to do other things, not hunting, He's supposed to be training with Dean I think but isn't. And when John finds out he blames Dean and makes him run more and do more training ( doing Sam's as well). When Sam comes back Dean is being sick and he thinks this is funny, not realising Dean had done his training as well as punishment. Not sure how it ends. Has anyone read this or knows about it, Thanks to everyone who answers.
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okay guys, i have another request i have been trying to find all day. jensen goes off to college promising jared the is gonna come back to him (they are from a small town) meanwhile, jared waits for him. life happens at college and eventually jensen stops writing jared and marries danneel. he is gone for years and comes wanting to at the very least to be friends with jared and at the most, to pick up where they left off but jared hates his guts. it has steve and chris in it ans a couple of others i can't remember. also jared got hurt riding his motorcycle and reluctantly let jensen take care of him.

does anyone know this story?

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So I'm rewatching 2x14 (Born Under A Bad Sign, my absolute favorite), and I can't help but notice that for whatever reason, the Impala seems ALOT more 'snarly' in the opening bits, before the title card. Which got me curious.

Uber-vague season 6 spoilers. )

As usual: Self recs a-okay, any rating, any genre except horror, Wincest is awesome, gen is good too, just no het, please.


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