Jul. 25th, 2011

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1) I'm looking for a verse that was called The Tainted Verse, I think.

2) Any fic where it's Dean that lost his soul and not Sam. Hurt!Dean, Protective!Sam who wants his brother back.

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 So I'm an absolute sucker for military fics, especially World War II (or World War I) and/or the American Civil War. Dean/Castiel is what I'm looking for here primarily but if anyone has any Sam/Gabriel (Band of Brothers crossover? Sorry that just popped into my head) then I'd take that too. No Wincest or any RPF thanks.
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Hi, I am looking for a fic I read a while ago. It is a total AU fic.

Cas is a science fiction (I think) writer mourning the death of his wife/fiance Anna. He is mugged and loses his memory. Dean helps him out. Sam and Jess are married off-screen, and Ruby and Zachariah try to take advantage of Cas's predicament. Dean rides to the rescue, of course.

I have no idea who wrote it (sorry!) Thank you!
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 1. Hi! I am looking for a threesome fic with Sam/Dean/Castiel that I read forever and day ago, but only remember vague details about. Castiel and Sam are together (Sam was really messed up, but I can't remember why) and Dean is jealous (or upset about them being together). I think they are at Bobby's at some point. In the end Dean and Castiel end up sharing Sam. I know the details are vague, but it was a while ago I read it and that's all I can remember.

2. Secondly, I'd like any recs with Sam/Dean/Cas that anyone can give me. Communities, delicious bookmarks, or specific recs would be great! I don't know why I'm having such a hard time finding these, but it's driving me crazy b/c I know that there out there! 

3. Lastly, a fic about Sam and Dean having their own made up language that they used their entire life. I know that it was incomplete, but such a sweet little story.

Thanks in advance! 


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Ok, I read this fic, so I know it exists! I just can't find it now, which vexes me greatly!

Sam has the ability to astral project and he messes up somehow and becomes disconnected with his body. To all appearances, he's in a coma. Jess calls Dean for help. Dean comes, and Sam possesses both Dean and Jess individually in order to interact with the other. He also uses their bodies to, um, have congress with the other. Eventually they get Sam back in his body.


ETA: Found!
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Hey guys!
I'm looking for a specific fic and was hoping for your help :)
I've read it about a month ago and it was j2 NON-AU in which jared and jensen meet for the first time before supernatural at the CW party. I remember the scene in which Chad and Jared were hanging at one corner of the party and Chad pointed at Jensen who was at the other corner and said that that was a guy from Dark Angel and Jared went to Jensen to be friendly. They start hanging out together and soon become friends, then best friends. I remember at the end of fic Jared brought in the script where he and Jensen were supposed to play ex-boyfriends on Supernatural instead of brothers.
This fic was also followed by the series of Sa/Dean AU fics in which they're exes and i believe there were some Jared/Jenses interviews thrown in about them playing a gay cople on TV.
Ring any bells, anyone?
Thanks in advance, guys :D


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