Jul. 21st, 2011

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 I remember a particular scene: Dean keeps getting flashes of a memory. In it Dean has decided to visit Sam at Stanford-I don't remember if he just wanted to see him or if he decided it was actually time to go talk to him (though that doesn't happen). Sam is playing soccer or football or something and has taken off his shirt. In the flashes Dean focuses on different things: he sees the sun shine off the Impala or off Sam's body  (his sweat?) and Sam had dirt on him.Eventually Dean sees the whole memory and feels the arousal he felt watching Sam. This was the first time he felt something like that. He drove off and repressed it so much he didn't even remember it happened.   

So over the course of the fic Dean remembers. I think it is set in season 1. I'm pretty sure it was Sam/Dean eventually. And it was a long-fic.  I have some ideas, but this is one scene/theme so it would take me a while to be sure I had the right story.

Thanks anyone who replies!!
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I'm looking for any stories where Dean has picked up a stalker or something similar, and this person thinks that he could be a better brother than Sam. Tries to integrate himself between the two brothers, always working on getting rid of Sam. Not sure if there are any stories like this about, but if anyone has read anything like it, please reply. Don't mind in the least if the story is wincest or not. As long as it's a happy Dean/Sam ending. Thanks to everyone who answers.

Viking J2

Jul. 21st, 2011 02:32 am
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 So, i just read these really great viking fics on spn_blinfild and now i have a crazy hankering for it. I'm looking for fics where J1 is an invading viking and J2 is a native who J1 wants to ravish or claim which ever is fine. 

*thanks in advance : )
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Hi there. I've been dying to read a fic where Adam is saved from hell (soul and all) and given another chance at life. It would be even better if he was a bit messed up from the experience (you know, since it's hell) and Sam has a chance to be the protective big brother.

Maybe someone here knows of a story similar to this. I prefer gen but will read slash if it is tame (please warn me though)

Thank you for any and all help :)
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I have to go to work today and do something horrible to someone so I thought I would ask for something to cheer me up when I get home.

This may be a hard request but here goes - I read a lot of J2, Wincest etc, and really prefer the long stories. I hope you can rec me some of your favourite long fics. I prefer the UST/Angst ones! I'm rapidly running out of stuff to read which cheers me up.

I've read most of Calamitrycrow, Leonidaslion, Felisblanco, Rogue Classic. And I've read most 'veres - Blow me, Fusion, Drive, Beserker. I have also read most of the Big Bangs (See I told you I read a lot!) 

I will read pretty much anything 

My fav story is Bright Lights of Disturbia, so something like that is great. 

Please no deathfics - happy end only! 


(Mods - I've never posted anything before so if I have done the tags wrong please let me know and I'll amend it)
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 Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a specific smart!Dean fic. I believe it starts just after the whole Vonnegut thing in Season 4, and has Sam getting increasingly turned on when Dean drops hints about how smart he actually is. I believe Dean quotes literature, recites obscure trivia, and at one point Sam buys him a copy of Catch 22 and Dean sort of fanboys over it.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Edit: Found. Link in comments.
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So I watched 5.04 'The End' on TNT today and after the pink satin panties comment, I was wondering if there's any Cas/Dean fics where Dean wears lingerie or anything like that for Cas. Bottom!Dean, please.
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I'm looking for a story where Castiel is a librarian, Gabriel runs a sweet shop(where everything is war themed "Chocolate Bomb" or something) and I think Dean is a mechanic and Sammy a lawyer. It's absolutely hysterical and I would love to re-read it, if anyone knows how to find it...Thanks...
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1) Hey guys, what I was hoping for was if there were maybe some fics out that that involve Jensen/Jared (rps) and or Dean/Sam (wincest). Any nationality/ethnicity will peak my intreast, and I would prefer slash.

2) Same exact thing as #1 but any slash paring is fine here, so long as J2, Sam or Dean are involved in the slash paring.

Historical fics are fine, and even encouraged, but modern fics are also great. Beggers can't be choosers, lol. =P

I'm sure these slash fics exist somewhere, but i'm just having dificulty finding them. Thanks a ton to anyone that helps! =D

Small Dean

Jul. 21st, 2011 03:37 pm
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I've been looking for the tags but I didn't find anything useful; is there any fic where Dean is actually smaller than reality? Like, for a Winchester, he's quit small even as an adult and because he's so small, John and Sam are very protective of him? He's fit and a good hunter but small and maybe fragile looking?

Sam/Dean is cool. No daddy!cest, no non-con, no abuse. Just John and Sam very protective!

Does it exist?
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Hello again everyone! 

What I remember from the story is that Jensen and Jared have known eachother basically their wholes lives, but only through dreams in which they can talk and begin a relationship.  Years later, when Jared is in college studying art, Jensen is a published author of a book I believe is has the words "husband trees" in it.  The book is based off the "dreams" the two boys had.  This ring a bell?

Also, the author "thenyxie", stated that they were posting to a new journal which I can't locate for the life of me.  Can anyone help?

And I am in the mood for some bodyswap fics (and, if possible, one of the boys taking advantage of knowing the sensitive parts of their own body).  Any slash pairings, though I'd prefer Dean/Sam, Gabriel/Sam, Dean/Castiel, or J2 (because there has to be some out there XD)

Thanks in advance ^_^
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I was reading [livejournal.com profile] lyra_wing Dust In the Wind, [livejournal.com profile] dreamlittleyo Res Gestae,and Salvation Verse from way back in the day and I realized that I miss that in SPN fic-the whole Brothers on a Hunt thing. It has been years since I read a non-crack SPN story, I've been on a J2 kick, but today I really hope people can point me in the direction of some good brother fic. Old or new, preferably believable Wincest, but just something about the need to be together emotionally (and I have no issue with physically). I do like it when one of them is getting some some sort of mystical thing, but it isn't needed. Things set around season one are always good.

I just miss that achy crackle of the important thing being that they're out there hunting things together.

If this makes sense and anyone can point me in the right direction of well written well loved fics that would be great
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Okay, two requests, hopefully nothing too tricky.

1: I want Sam/Lucifer with bottom!Lucifer. Vanilla, kinky, it doesn't matter, anything goes. I want PWP, but if you know of any longfics, I'll take those, too.

2: Sam/Gabriel mpreg where Gabe's the one pregnant. The situation doesn't matter as long as Gabriel isn't a girl.
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 Are their any good pieces out there that has Sam or Dean (or both...) longing for each other? Angst and/or depression would be great, and I'll take pieces whether they end up together in the end or not. Preseries preferred, but not required.

Please and thank you!
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Hello again! :)

I am read now a lot J2 storie and of cource I love them but now I miss wincest storie. Can you rec me your favorite fic? I love long fic :) And I also like Dean/Castiel pairing, so you can also rec about that pairing. I really like that Sam is control and bottomDean ;)

I like more;

1. protectiveSam

2. hustlerDean

3. MPregDean (Love that!! I am already read few MPregDean but I am looking more..)

4. AbusedDean

5. Fic where somebody rape Dean. (That kind of fic is very hard to find!)

6. And also I really like to read fic where Dean is slave and bottomDean. I am read few fic where Sam is slave and Dean is master but is there fic where Dean is slave?

Thank you!! :)
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I'm looking for two fics:

1. J2, Jensen plays small parts in Gilmore's(?) and he is basically homeless. Jared finds it out and takes him home. It ends with them getting the roles for Supernatural

2. spn, Dean is blind and they are visiting the Grand Canyon. There is white rafting accident in it, I think.

I hope I selected the right tags this time :)
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HEY guys,

I'm trying to find a fic that I didn't bookmark (silly me). I can't remember the title or the author but it's a J2 AU futurefic. Jensen lives in the temple (as a ward, I thlnk) and he always tries to do the right thing, but his lowly status counts against him and he hasn't gotten very far. Jared is meant to sort of spy on Jensen because Jensen is supposed to know the secret that will make their rebellion a success, but he likes Jensen for himself.

Oh man, it's hard to explain the story. The fic opens with Jensen carrying a bunch of scrolls for a ceremony about to start, and Jared bumps into him and makes Jensen lose a scroll in the dirt. Later, Jensen is told to read that scroll and finds out that he was going to be accepted or promoted (can't remember) in the temple, but his punishment for dirtying the scroll is that this will no longer happen. Ooh, what a way to start it off! It was an epic fic.

ETA: Found! Link is in the comments. Awesome.
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I'm looking for two short, older fics:

First one has Dean being all NC-17 with four or five either shapeshifters or succubi that look like Sam.  Either way, they are essentially sexing him to death, and he's letting it happen because he thinks it's the only way he'll ever be intimate with Sam.  The real Sam rescues him at the end.

Second one is a phonesex fic where Dean is on his way back to Sam in the Impala, and he's dirty talking to Sam.  I think it ends when he arrives where Sam is.  Established relationship.  I'm pretty sure it was called "Are You Close?"

Thanks in advance!

ETA:  Both found in comments - thank you!


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