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Im looking for a dark spn or J2 fic. I remember reading one awhile ago about jensen being obsessed with his neighor Jared and ends up kidnapping him. It was a really dark twisted fic. Anyway if anyone knows which story that was or if you anymore dark twisted J2/Spn fics let me know


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1) NOT britomart_is Fic - Like Luggage of Some Departed Traveller. Jess/Sam/Dean Fic. It follows the canon and ends around Season 5 i think. Jess has Sam's kid, even though she was sleeping with both boys. Ruby also happens, Sam also goes on his addiction. Dean also dies after the crossroads deal. Difference is that when Sam "left" Dean to be by himself, he went to Jess and stayed with her to look after the kid.

2) Sam/Jensen Fic. The plot was about finding dreams. Both of them get together. They do love each other but they break up. Jensen follows his dream of acting. I think Sam was the one the dumped him. There was also an ocean involved. (read this back in 2007)

3) Where the Monster world of SPN is unreal. John went a bit psycho after Mary's death. He killed people with reasons that they're monsters of the dark and he dragged Dean along in the ride. Sam managed to leave that world behind him. Fic is Wincest. Lot of hurt!Dean. He was raped (by John I think) and he just got out of jail for all the crimes (killings) he committed. Pretty sure Sam is a lawyer. He took care of Dean after he got out of Jail. I read up to where John comes after his kids...

4) Similar to number 3, but Dean is a girl instead of a boy. I forgot if the SPN world was fantasy or real. John comes after Girl!Dean for some ritual? or because of gang lords? very vague. SORRY!!

5)NOT  "Richardson, or Thereabouts", but a Jared and robot Jensen (very similar to Dark Angel) fic. Jared found Jensen and took him home to look after him. Jared teaches him humanity and Jensen learns (something) and he loves it. He was also a very quick learner (like Alec in Dark Angel). His old owner/maker (probably Jeff) ditched him and resurfaced again in the fic. Jeff wanted him back or something but it wasn't because of a genuine reason. Also features Mike and Tom.



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Hello everyone! First time poster, and watcher of SPN, as I recently got into it. :D After watching 4.10 I got a craving for a type of fic. I've scoured the tags, google and delicious as suggested but I'm just not finding anything (though I've found lots of other delicious things to fill my time, this place is the best! :D). I don't know whether what I'm looking for has just not been done before, or is just too specific and that's why I can't find it lol.

Anyways! The type of fic I'm looking for has Sam delving into dream-walking to see inside Dean's dreams since he refuses to talk about his time in hell, or go into great detail, and Sam wants to help, to know what he's going through and to share that burden. So he dream-walks and gets a full taste of what Dean's gone through the past four months. Bonus points if at any time during the dream it has Dean calling out for Sam. :3 That part broke my heart at the end of s3. I'd thought about it before during the early eps of s4 but with ep 10 and Dean's admission about what he went through, though not in detail, it made me want it even more. :3 I hope there's something like that out there, and I hope this wasn't too horribly long. D: And I hope I did the tags correctly. :3
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Since I have discovered fanfic, I have found some authors and stories I love. Now I want to discover more. Please give me some of your faves. It doesn't matter what length, and can be J2 or Sam/ Dean. I love angst, unrequited, werewolves, protective, shy and just funny. Please no death fics. Self recs and mpreg (if well written)  ok. Bonus if you help me cheat on my boyfriend J2 with Jensen/Chris or  help them cheat with Jensen/Chris/Jared.

Mods I hope I have the tags right, wasn't sure about this one.
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#1. During their first time, Sam tops, and afterwards apparently confuses top/bottom with dom/sub. So he keeps trying to tell Dean to do things like strip, or get down on his knees, and Dean just laughs at him and tells him that's not the kind of relationship they have. I don't remember anything more specific than that, but the the tone was basically light.

#2. This one I remember was a prequel/teaser for a longer AU work that hadn't been written yet. In it, Bobby finds a guy who keeps skinwalkers as pets and kills him and them, all except for the youngest, who is 7-8-9? (something like that) and Bobby can't bring himself to do it. So he takes the kid back to his place, cleans him up, tries to figure out who he is and where he came from. Turns out, It's Dean, and he was kidnapped and changed deliberately by these guys who sold him and the others they made for money. I thought It was one of tigriswolf's fics, but I looked and didn't see it.

ETA: #2 Found http://hoodie-time.livejournal.com/319974.html#cutid1 See Spot Run by Liliaeth 

No wonder I couldn't find it.
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Hey guys.

So, I really loved the dinamic in Thepis where Jared was the on set makeup artist and Jensen was the actor, and I was just wondering if there's anymore where one is a crew member, preferably Jared, and the other is an actor, preferably Jensen, but I will take either. Thanks gang!
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So, I was reading some rec's and I stumble upon some fic's in which SPN and RPF were crossed over creating twins out of characters and actors. And there was incest. And I kind of liked it.   Is there more of this? I've read Twin-Verse and Whipporwhil, both amazing. 

Whipoorwhill - 

Twin Verse

So yeah. I would like more of this twin idea. Not necessarily twincest, but hey thats a super bonus. Any pairings. I do love the Misha Cas idea. help a girl out?

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I was wondering how much Jared/Danneel fics there are out there? As in as the main pairing. I'm figuring that they won't be long!fics but anything you can share will be greatfully recieved. :)

[mods: I really have no idea what to tag this as, but there should probably be a Danneel tag :)]
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Hi there! 8D

I'm looking for fics with Cas interacting with Ellen, or Jo, or preferably both of them. It could be simple bonding or fun times or long-ish, epic fics. I'll take any :)
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Ok, so. I know this was requested before but now I can't find the request.
And I'm putting it under the Cut, just in case

The fic I'm looking for -> )

Any help is appreciated

thanks all

ETA: Found in Comments

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The fic I am looking for is one of Sam/Dean eventually getting together fic.
The parts I remember was this lady offered them a room with one bed and boxes all around it because they helped her with a supernatural problem. I think they both hint at her that they are fine with sleeping together when she apologises.
I remember a part where they are both out on the porch and eating icecream she made for them
and at one stage Dean gets excited about it and I think he spoon feeds Sam some. Love to read it again.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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I'm looking for 2 fis:

1) Sam and Dean are having sex. They have a safe-word; it's RED. Dean keeps saying it but Sam doesn't stop and Dean's has flashbacks of hell. Sam realises, takes Dean in his arms and comforts him. Then at the end he asks Dean how hell was and Dean answers; it was red.

2) It was RPS. Jen and Jared have to film a rape-scene for a new episode of Supernatural (Sam rapes Dean) and Jen isn't dealing so well I think...any idea? I think it was a J2 fic. They were together...
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Ok so I just read and loved 'Tailgates down in the parking lot' by toxica939 (http://toxica-fic.livejournal.com/30349.html)and its reminded me of another fic I read ages ago. One or both were in high school, in a small-ish town, and there was lots of parties or just hanging out in fields/paddocks, around bonfires, sitting on the back of their trucks.
Someone may have lived in a shack in a paddock (Steve? Chris?)
J&J might have been friends forever or one of them might have just moved there, I cant remember the details, and its possible I'm combining a few fics here. Pretty sure it was first time not established relationship.

Sound familiar to anyone?? Recs along these lines greatly appreciated also!
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 Hey everyone,

I read a GEN fic once where Dean gets cursed to tell the truth for 48? hours. He gets stuck in a psycho place where the people are interrogating him and Sam and Bobby come to the rescue. It has a flash back or something of when Dean was little and it explained his fear of flying. Can anyone PLEASE help me?? I don't know if I'm mixing two up or not.... But that's what I remember. 


EDIT: I didn't want to spoil the story or anything. so, under cut. )

EDIT: found! thanks!


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