Jul. 17th, 2011

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by Miss Begonia and Lean On Me by titheniel. I've followed recs on several delicious lists but they've disappeared or something. And I'm dying to read them/finish them since Lean on me goes up to chapter 9. If anyone could upload a pdf to megaupload or something or send it to me by email, I'd be very grateful. I'm not looking to spread their fics if they don't want people to share them....I just wanna read them. ^^;; Much appreciated!


Jul. 17th, 2011 01:27 am
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So.... I'm seriously lacking stories under my 'wet' tags. So now I'm on the prowl for any stories where Jared, Jensen, Dean and/or Sam are wet. Could be swimming based, from snow, caught in a downpour, whatever.

Please note, I don't want 'sexually wet'. Thank you.

Any genres except death-fic and horror, any rating, any pairing, self-recs welcomed. I'd adore some snow-ones, but I'm not going to overtly hold my breath. You'll just get lots of cyber-cookies for them! :D 

Thanks guys.
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I was wondering if there is any J2 story based on the recent movie Red Riding Hood?  I've checked the Movie Remake Masterlist, and I didn't see any listed. 
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Hey, I'm hoping you can help me.

I've been watching a lot of the Tour de France as was wondering, as you do, if there are any fics out there where jared, jensen or Misha participate in the Tour de France, or any other cycling event.

Any help would be fantastic.
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1. The first request would be any kind of tag to Folsom Prison Blues, it could be Gen, Wincest I don't care. I'm kinda craving prison!fic

2. The second being any and all fic that includes John, Sam and Dean like right around the time of Dead Man's Blood or Salvation. So NO pre-series.

The third is I'm looking for some good fics set in season 2 that features Sam having migraines, visions, the work and Dean being protective over him.

4. This fits in with number three but I'm looking for hunted!Sam like other hunters ganging up and going after him or just hunted in general like the benders. Muchos hurt!Sam and protective!Dean are welcomed.

(Also mods can we get a tag ep: Folsom prison blues?)
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Hi guys,
I just finished season 6 last week,and I'm looking for J2 RPS fics,NON-AU,including things happened in their real lives,such as they lived together,they traveled together,and they married separately.(It's so sad)

I'm new on J2,so I want to know the old things about them through the fics.

Please  recommend some classics or amazing fics,thank you for all your help.:)
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So I'm a long time lurker how has decided to come out of the woodwork to make a request (and hopefully post more, because so many authors whose work I read deserve it!) 

Anyway, I'm looking for any J2 or wincest where the boys have broken up either early in the story or pre-story and (eventually) get back together. Point for angst, a lot of time passing between break up and reconciliation and length.  I've already read (the fantastic) There's a Hole in Me, Just About the Size of You by sweet_lyri here: http://sweet-lyri.livejournal.com/162067.html and Close to Home here:  http://smidirific.livejournal.com/5739.html ;

Oh, and if it's J2, AU only please!

If anyone can help, then I'd appreciate it. Thanks!  :)

PS. Sorry for the messy links, for some reason I  couldn't get the URL  tab thing to work!
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 I was curious whether or not there are any fics dealing with the ten plagues of Egypt from the bible, specifically the last one, death of a first born son and it effecting Dean in some way. If you can avoid fics with Dean dying (sans season 3) then extra cookies to you.
Any rating is fine. I'd prefer gen or dean/cas as far as pairings go.
Thank you in advance.
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I am looking for a recent J2 fic that involves the boys meeting up on Spring Break and Jared becoming pregnant. I know after their one night stand the boys meet at their college where it is revelave Jared is 3 months pregnant I believe. During this time the boys start to date one another and I think at the end Jensen moves into Jared's apartment and Jared goes into labor while take a exam.

Thanks in advance

pet names

Jul. 17th, 2011 09:54 pm
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hi first time poster so I hope you guys can help.

So I am looking for any fic where Dean has pet names for Castiel.  Also it would be even better if Cas didn't understand why Dean was calling him that. so mostly pure fluff.
Thanks in advance :)
also I really didn't know what to tag this under if you guys have any suggestions I'm open to them.
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 Hey, me again!  After such success on my other post, I'm now craving some other stories!  :)

1. Stories where Sam has to carry Dean.  Weird, I know, but maybe Dean is unconscious or injured or something.  

2. sick-Dean, leading to him being clingy and childlike (ish) – like in “Laundry Day” by silverblaze85 (http://silverblaze85.livejournal.com/31333.html ), with protective/sweet!Sam to go with :)

3. really angry protective Sam – like totally furious and utterly frightening!  :)

Thanks so much!!
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Hey peeps.

My boyfriend just gave me a beautiful necklace that i saw at a market,he got it because we had a mini argument and i cried and he stormed off.

So i'm looking for big love gestures. For example, the guys are together,have a row and one of them remembers a book the other one loved when they were younger and he goes out and buys it for the other.

Or one is trying to get the others attention and finds out things about the other and buys/gets them things that they love eg,books,flowers,furniture,art work or even their family.

I'm really hoping you can help me.x
I don't mind Sam/Dean or J2. Not keen on other pairings unless thats at the beginning and it ends up Sam/Dean or J2.

Also there's a story i'm looking for.
It's Sam/Dean and I can only remember one part. It's killing me.
The part I remember is the two of them sitting outside a house they bought,they were sitting on the decking,in their boxer shorts. One sat in the V or the others legs. I'm sure one of them (can't remember who) has had an accident,causing them to stop hunting (i'm thinking blindness or brain damage). An old lady neighbour comes up the path to them and talks to them,I think she hints about them not really being brothers.

That is all i have got. I have been searching for a while.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It's not a lot of information but I can only hope. As Sam has said 'we have done more on less'.

Thank you to everybody.

Dear mods I didn't know wheather to add Blind Sam/Dean to this as i don't know if it's in the story. If it is i will add if found.Thanks
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There is something wrong with Dean's legs, i think they're gone? Cas is keeping Dean in his head and they're cuddling but Cas does this really weird thing where he sticks his head under Deans armpit. I have no idea where to look for this story, please help?


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