Jul. 13th, 2011

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1) Are there any stories where the other people/things/whatever, in the fight think Dean (or I'll take Sam as well, but I prefer Dean) is way under-qualified to win the fight but Dean (or Sam) totally come out on top? (eg: bringing a knife to a gun fight and the guy with the knife winning)

2) Are there any stories where something that ordinary people with apple-pie lives normally do that scare Dean/Sam/John (eg: About half-way down into the story, there's a part about Sam wanting to be a vet ) Kinda like a normal-human version of "Demons I get, people are crazy"

3) Anything where Sam or Dean are high on medication (that they needed to take because of an injury or illness) or drunk and they have hallucinations or they ramble on about very random stuff that doesn't make sense what-so-ever. Then the other brother has to look out for loopy!boy. I want a humorous story, little-to-no serious stuff in it. (sorry if this isn't clear, I don't exactly know how to explain it properly)

Please and Thank-you

PS: I'm still looking for this story (sorry mods, if this isn't allowed)
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I just read the wonderful We've come a long way and I think now I need more high school AU. So are there any highschool/college AU where there is a love story between a bully and a bullied, or a nerd/geek and a jock. And where the bully/jock just needs a hug. Yes, i read story like that <3

I would prefer Jensen in the role of the bully and Jared in the role of the geek/nerd/bullied. Thank you!
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Hey guys! I'm looking for a specific Dean/Cas post-apocafic story that is Cas-centric that I haven't read in almost a year (so the fic is at least older than that).

The plot is: the apocalypse happened (I think Detroit) and Cas wakes up, human if I am remembering correctly, and Dean is gone. I think he's pretty much alone for the majority of the first part of the fic. He's searching for Dean. The apocalypse may be over, but there's still demons out there hunting for Dean (who is doing a great job hiding). Cas somehow starts traveling south (sorry my memory is so vague, it's post-apocalypse, so I think he stole a car or something) and eventually travels into Mexico. Cas finally gives up on finding Dean. He's feeling hopeless, tired, and human... and he wanders onto the beach. The search has long gone cold. That's when Dean finds him. It's not a happy reunion. Dean's afraid Cas has been followed, etc. etc. They bunker down on the beach in a posh home (I vaguely remember it being owned by a wealthy admirer, but that may be bs my mind made up). But yeah, and then they move on from there and it gets more Dean/Cas. It's very angsty.

Thank you for any help you can give!
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 Ya'll are always so great with recs!
I'm looking for a dominating!jared. Not D/s but hes rough in bed, but normally sweet. I'd love to see some breathplay. And maybe Jensen surprises Jared with how dirty/imaginative he can be. Or just surprises Jensen with how much he likes it. No non-con, but dub-con is alright. 

id also like a fic where:
1) jared or jensen buy a house that is haunted and the other helps get rid of the ghost.
2) jared and jensen are a couple and end up buying a haunted house. bad things begin to happen so they go for outside help. no happy ending required.
3) truly scary fics where jensen and jared are the couple and bad things are happening
4) friendly/helpful ghost fic.
5) maybe one of the boys is a stalker, or jensen is getting stalked and jared tries to protect either as a friend or a cop. 

all well written of course :)

thanks guys!
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I was dissappointed to see that the story mistakes that last a lifetime hasn't been updated in years... :(
I loved the idea where dean was taken sold when he was a teen and then used to do criminal stuff
I was just wondering if anyone else picked up where it was abandoned or has something similar (maybe hit man dean or something?)

I don't know if anything like that exists but I would sure love to read it if there is
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 I'm looking for two specific story's. Both RPS AU's.

#1: An old BB story that I just can't seem to find in the BB database. I think it was from 2009.
     Jared is a storyteller who makes up the most elaborate story's. He gets a ring from Sandy/Jeff that makes him dream about a beautiful man.
     He keeps the ring despite Sandy's warning and keeps dreaming of the guy. 

#2: A werewolf au where Jensen is an elite soldier/wolfkiller and Jared the son of the Alpha. They try to negotiate peace when Jensen is attacked and bitten by a werewolf. When he becomes a wolf and stays he starts to train the others in fighting. After the first fighting lesson all the alpha's fall over themselves to try seduce him. Jared is not amused.
Does anyone have the links to these story's for me?
Thanks in advance!

Dead Dean

Jul. 13th, 2011 11:10 pm
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I don't know if it exists but I'll give it a shot:

Is there any fic where Dean died, went to heaven but because he couldn't cope, Sam resuscitated him. Now Dean is back on hearth and he can't reconect with the world after being in heaven. Resent Sam and just doesn't want to leave anymore after experiencing peace at least.

Cas/Dean or Sam/Dean pairing is fine.

No BoyKing!Sam.
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 Hey, I've been looking EVERYWHERE for this one fic that I just can't find...

So Jared is young (possibly 13) and he is "bought" from his family by Jensen (I'm pretty sure he's in his 20-30's) and it is unwilling at first but they later grow tocare for each other but Jensen sends him away... I remember Jensen films Jared at one point and I think he keeps Jared's purity ring. He sends Jared home with money but remembers him and then Jared finds him when he's older (in college I think).

Ok so thats what I remember and I really hope I'm not confusing my fics...

Thanks in advance guys!!



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