Jul. 10th, 2011

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1. Okay so like most people, I love Smoke and Lighting, and I adore the dynamic Jared and Jeff have, so I was wondering if there's anymore stories where JDM has a fatherly/step father role to Jared or Jensen.

2. I realized watching QAF the other day how much I loved and miss bike riding, not motbike, just a regualur peddling awesome bike, so I'm looking for some fics where either Jared or Jensen rides a bike, it's their way of getting around, hobbie etc.

Sorry for the lack of tags, but I have no idea what these would come under.
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 The fic I was trying to locate, had Castiel working as a private detective, when Dean walks into office about a girl he believes Sam to have murdered. Cas turned it Dean's case away at first but then was told by the head of the local police to take the case. Sam also comes in and tries to pay Castiel off so he will not investigate, claiming Dean is not quite mentally stable. Please and thank you, and if there is something wrong with this description please let me know.
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Hey guys.

I lost this fic. I could have SWORN I had bookmarked it, but it's gone, so can you help?

I remember it's a J3 fic, with Jared and JDM in a relationship, and they buy slave-Jensen. I clearly recall (and what prompted me to hunt it down again), Jensen's 'horror' at finding an espresso machine stuffed into a cabinet and never used. He's standing on a chair clutching it to his chest when JDM finds him.

I don't recall how it ended or anything... does anyone know what I'm blabbering about?!

EDIT: It's been found, link in comments. I'mma moron. ^_^
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Are there any J2 stories where Jared is out and about and somehow gets hurt, prompting others, especially Jensen, to look for him?  It could be an car accident and Jared is stuck, unable to get help.  Maybe Jared is hiking, slips/falls/gets lost and a search team is sent out to look for him.  Anything along those lines as long as Jared is hurt and alone.  Bonus points for anxious/protective!Jensen.
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I've been rewatching season 4 as it airs on TNT the past week or so, and I'm reminded of how much I liked Castiel's entrance as a character and his early characterization in general. So, this is my question for you: for someone who has never read dean/castiel before, what stories would you suggest for me to read? I'm generally a wincest/j2 kinda girl, but I'm willing to try out a few if the characterizations have an early season 4 kinda feel to them, i.e., BAMFy Castiel & Dean. 

The genre really doesn't matter to me, I read all kinds of things. So, dark, light, schmoop, au, angst, it's all good. (just warn me if it's a deathfic please) I prefer stories with an R rating or higher, but if they're something that absolutely can't be missed, feel free to rec.

Alternatively, if there are any really good Misha/Jensen stories out there, I'll try those as well.

Thanks for your help, I'm looking forward to your suggestions.
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 He's my favourite!! I couldn't find any tags for it, so come on, people! Chuck some hippy my way :D

My only restrictions are no Cas/Dean. Any other pairing is fine. If you have a link to another hippy!Cas post on here or Delicious or something, definitely post that too!!

Thanks to any one who can help! 
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Hi! I was wondering... does anyone know of a story where Dean is accused of hurting/molesting/killing children? I know - preposterous. But the Law and the People woudn't know Dean like we do... Of course the only way he could get involved in anything like that would be working a case. So, anyone? Thx in advance.
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Okay this has been driving me mad as I can't remember a lot about this fic.  The one bit I do remember is that it has a surprise pairing of Chad and JDM and it had taken Jeff ages to get Chad to trust him as he had been hurt or abused by someone. I remember Jeff giving Chad lots of gifts. The main pairing is Jensen and Jared.  This is all I can remember 

It's not sober 

Not a lot to go on but maybe someone knows it 
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Hello fellow finders,

I'm currently reading Broken Wings by SUPRNTRAL LVR and loving it to pieces. I was wondering if there were similar stories where Castiel gets captured by other angels (Zachariah, Raphael, etc.) and the boys come to his rescue. No preference for pairing; Gen or Slash is fine. Just looking for some Castiel!whump and Boys!comfort.
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Good day lovely community,

I'm looking for fics in which one of the guys is homophobic (I would prefer him actually voicing homophobic opinions) and at the same time deeply closeted, aware of his sexualty (or just recently discovered his preference) and self hating. The other guy enters the scene and makes him pull his head out of his a∗∗. Lots of angst, falling in love, happy ending and all that jazz :)  So, something along these, or similar lines please.

J2 or unrelated Sam/Dean only, I don't think Wincest would work with this premise, but if the author can pull it off, I don't mind.

NC-17 always preferred.

Thank you.

PS: I've  already read Grin and Bare It.
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I thought I remembered the author for this fic, but I couldn't find it when I searched her masterlist.

It's Dean/Castiel, but the thing is, it's written in reverse chronological order - that is, it starts with the end and ends with the beginning. The premise of the fic is tragic - Castiel, after hundreds/thousands/millions of years, is alone in the world, living life as an immortal fallen angel.

Certain details stick in my mind: Dean died and went to heaven, where there is a version of Castiel and both are living out paradise. The real Cas, trapped on Earth, knows this but doesn't want to try to contact Dean because he knows Dean would spend the rest of eternity trying to get to Cas. Cas would rather have Dean believe the Cas with him in heaven is the real deal, than ruin Dean's paradise. Other details: the Impala in a museum, Chuck's books.

I would really appreciate it if this was found. This is one of those epic fics that leave a deep imprint in my mind, and now that I've suddenly thought of it, I need to get it out of my system.

EDIT: FOUND - http://tracy-loo-who.livejournal.com/90461.html
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Hello sweeties

I search for sam/dean or jared/jensen fics where they are getting/giving each other massages.. I might have a massage-kink so I'd love some massage leads to more-fics..

my other request is if there are fests going around for authors.. I just started writing and I have a hard time navigating through all of these communities.. so if you know a fest or a place that collects information about upcoming fests where supernatural-fandom is involved I'd love that help :D

have a nice end to the weekend :)



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I'm in very melancholic mood today and I would  like to read some comfort/hurt fics with Jensen.
Something like Jensen dealing with strong emotions.I would like Jared to be the one comforting and helping him,but I wouldn't mind Chris,Misha,JDM,Steve.

I also remember one fic in which Jensen couldn't cry after his Grandma died (and Kim too).But I can't find it anywhere.I think it was a part of some Verse fic.If anyone knows what fic I'm writing about I would be very happy for the link for it^^
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Im looking for fics where Jensen is either Jareds teacher or boss. I have looked through j2_recs and have read a lot but was hoping for more. j2_recs is nice but it does not seperate slash fics from long fics. Im looking for long fics with some sort of nc-17 in them. No mpreg please. Self-fics welcome. Thanks.

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Hi guys,

I'm after a specific fic I read a while ago. It's set during Dean's time in Hell and Sam keeps seeing Dean when he looks in a mirror while he's having sex with Ruby. It may be all the time, I can't remember, but it's definitely when they have sex because later in the fic she comments on it after Dean's out of Hell.

It leads to eventual Wincest - first time, IIRC.

Anyone know this fic?
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I just read [livejournal.com profile] peppervl 's Stamp of Fate and I loved it! I'm a huge fan of Green Mythology so of course it got me wondering if there were more Green mythology fics out there. It can be either J2 or Wincest and self-recs are always welcomed :)
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These are specific searches, and any help would be appreciated.

1)First fic is one in which after 5x08.  In it, the homepage on Sam's computer keeps changing, and bookmarks appear seemingly at random, but that help with a case or two i think.   A group of them are clues (The Supreme Court home page was one of them) that lead Sam to figuring out that his benefactor is Gabriel.  Can't seem to track that one down.

2)Second fic has Sam wandering around outside Bobby's I think.  In the beginning of the fic, he calls out to Gabriel, and Gabriel actually tries to answer, but is unable to find Sam, and so he locates Castiel, asking him how to find Sam before he can track him down.  Fic was multipart, I do believe, and I think had at least one sequel.

Any and all help with either would be greatly appreciated.
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title says it all. i'm looking for fics (any pairing, but preferably wincest and/or destiel) which includes priest!kink and everything related to that. character(s) as priest, or roleplaying as one. the more blasphemous, the better :3

thanks in advance!
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Hello everybody!

I am looking for Sam/Dean fic from about 2 (or maybe more) years ago. I read it a while back so I don't remember the title...or the author.
Here's what I recall though. Sam and Dean settle down at a house in a small town. Dean owns a garage and Sam is a professor. After an unlucky hunt (curse?) Dean has this weird thing where he cannot be touched by anyone but Sam, otherwise he becomes catatonic. I think, Sam tried to save him from the deal with crossroad demon and something went wrong, so both of them have matching scars.
The POV switches between Sam, Dean and a guy that works at Dean's garage and has a massive crush on him. He ends up finding out that they are lovers, and they are forced to leave the town.
Well yeah, that's pretty much it. I really hope someone read it and has it saved. That story was AMAZING!
I keep thinking it was from big bang challenge but I can't find it there =(

Thank y'all in advance!

Crush by Sonofabiscuit77
+ audio version
Thank you guys for your quick responses!


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