Jul. 9th, 2011

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I'm looking for this J2 fic I read ages ago. Like a fool I forgot to bookmark it. *facepalm* I don't remember the title or author but here's what I do remember:
Not exactly spoilery but still using a cut... )

Found in comments! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] katsheswims 
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Looking for a J2 fic I read awhile ago, but never bookmarked.

From what I remember, Jared and Jensen were friends, but then Jared moved to LA to be an actor or something and is engaged to Genevieve. He goes back to visit his hometown for some reason, though he doesn't want to. I think Jeff and Samantha(Possibly Ellen) owned a bar, and Jensen was their son. Jensen's been in love with Jared for a long time, and everybody except Jared knows it.

Pretty sure Jensen made furniture or something, and at one point he takes Drunk!Jared into the backroom of the bar to let him sleep it off, and then they almost have sex.

Any help would be appreciated, Thank you!

Edit: Found! Times Like These 
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Hey everyone!! So I nearly killed myself this morning getting out of bed and I now have a large gash on my big toe, and toes are important for walking, which I can now not do without pain -.- So while I suck it up and tell myself that Sam and Dean have gone through worse, I'm in need of something almost equivalent with comfort food. Comfort fics :]

1. J2 domestic schmoop!! AU or non-AU I love them both :D Marriage!fics and kid!fics would be lovely too please :3 Any story length you got, butI'msortainalongficmood >.>

2. Maybe some mother-hen!Dean fics if you have any?? I would love you forever!!

3. I was also wondering if anyone knew about the fic where Jared lives out in the woods and sort of stalks Jensen (in a cute way)? Jared watches Jensen while he swims (naked? *raises eyebrow*) and leaves him gifts, and I think Jared was rich and socially awkward and insecure :D I could have sworn that I bookmarked it but I can't find it TT^TT

Sleep is hard to come by D: but just in case- Thanks in advance!!
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 I've been looking for this specific story, for several months, & of course, I've had no luck. I don't remember all of it, but it starts out with the boys on a regular, run of the mill, hunt. The house they're investigating is old & falling apart. The boys are heading down to the basement, when the basement stairs collapse & Sam falls through the floor. He ends up with traumatic brain injury & his mental state becomes about that of an eight year old. Dean mean while, has to learn how to care for his brother & to try to figure out how to continue hunting, or if it's even possible. Sam is also still getting the visions (I believe the story takes place somewhere around the middle of season one/ beginning of season two). The only other part I really remember is the boys are in a bar some time later, after the accident, & Sam ends up being picked on and made fun of by a bunch of college kids about his age. Only Sam doesn't realize that, that's what's happening, he thinks they're just being friendly & Dean has to come to his aid & help him ... I remember it was a really sad story, & told very realistically as far as a real life possible injury that one of the boys might actually suffer. It may have been a story written in response to a challenge having to do with realistic un-supernatural injuries, or The what would possibly  make Dean stop hunting prompt, I can't remember ... Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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 I know I have this fic somewhere in my 2400 memories, or saved to my HDD somewhere, but the name is escaping me, and I can't get it out of my head.

All I remember is that the boys are separated, and Jared keeps calling and listening to Jensen's voice mail message. The message is different each time, but always ends with something along the lines of 'and if this is Jared, please come home.' It seems like the title might be something like P.S, if this is Jared, please come home.' I also think it may be based on a song.

Anyone have any ideas?

Found! by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] fmorg  It is called 'P.S. If This is Jared, and can be found here.

You have to register to read it, but registration is free and really quick and easy!

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Hi everyone!  I'm looking for a story where Sam was tortured by Lucifer in an attempt to force him to say yes.  Gabriel found out and rescued him.  Sam was pretty messed up mentally at that point; if I remember correctly, he could only remember how to say no, even though he didn't remember what the word meant.  Gabriel fixed him up while being pestered by Dean for updates.  I think it ended up Gabriel/Sam, but I'm not sure.

Not a lot to go on, but I'd be eternally grateful for help.  Thanks so much!

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 1. read more )

2. What are your favorite J2 fics with either fantastic Chris and/or Chad or terrible Chris and/or Chad. 

Thank you in advance for any help on the first and recommendations on the second.

There wasn't a tag for Frontierland, sorry

#1 found: link in comments.   
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I was reading a fic from a previous Big Bang where Jensen was an alien. Are there any fics where Jared or Jensen are aliens? Perhaps with powers or a different anatomy? Something remotely resembling the dynamic between Kirk and Spock? Something long and with a happy ending please.

Any help would be greatly appreciated^_^
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I saved a story by someone in .pdf format and didn't realize the .pdf was password protected. But I can't remember who the story was by or where I got it to get the password.

The .pdf is saved as "jade" and I would not have changed the default name, but I have a feeling that is an acronym for the title. It's probably a J2 and may be a big bang. I honestly don't know anything else about the story. Does this ring a bell with anyone who could direct me to the author's lj?


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Hi! I'm looking for a specific J2 AU fic. I remember the plot, but not the author or title, so I'm having trouble finding it via google/delicious. The plot is that Jensen, Jared & Chad share a house, but they each get specific days... like Jensen would have the house for certain days, then Jared, then Chad. Due to a mix-up in schedule, Jensen thought Chad had certain days when it was actually Jared. They leave notes for each other on the fridge... usually about food, I believe. And so Jensen thought that he was falling in love with Chad when it was actually Jared. Another thing I remember is that Jensen worked in a cheese store? Any help would be appreciated!

ETA: found!
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I'm looking for any fic where one of the boys is a fallen angel. I'd prefer old fics, but anything where they were once angels is good. Please let me known if it takes place through season 6. I still haven't seen all of that.
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Hi there!

I'm not usually one for crossovers, but I fancy a change so I'm wondering if anyone has any Sanctuary/Supernatural stories? My ideal genré is hurt/comfort and/or case fics - I'd prefer to stay away from any shippy fics.  I'm a huge fan of both shows, so hopefully someone will be able to help me out!

Preferred Supernatural characters: Dean, Sam, Bobby, Ellen - I'd prefer Jo and/or Bela to feature as little as possible!

Preferred Sanctuary characters: Helen, Henry, Declan, Will, Biggie - I'd prefer Kate and/or Ashley to feature as little as possible!

Cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] sfa_storyfinder [livejournal.com profile] spnstoryfinders [livejournal.com profile] whump_paradise and [livejournal.com profile] sanctuary_fic  so apologies in advance for possible spammage!

Many thanks,

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Hey Everyone!

    I'm trying to find a story where Sam is in charge of the demons and is keeping Dean as his pet.  It's a collection of different stories and I can remember that one of the chapters was that Sam was so busy running his demon kingdom he didn't have as much time to have sex with Dean so he made a bunch of duplicates of himself so that one of him could always be having sex with Dean.  At the end all of the duplicates have Dean at the same time.  I think that I may have read the story on AO3 but I'm not sure.  Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks
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Hey guys.

I'm looking for a few somewhat-crossover fics if you could help me.

1) stories where the plot is like nightmare on elm street (new and old one) but Sam is the one that can't sleep. Bonus points if it's during Stanford era and dean learns of it.

2) Season seven stories that focus solely on Sam/Dean with barely to none Castiel being mentioned or making an entrance.

3) jealous Sam stories, where Sam is jealous of Castiel. Sam/Dean happy endings only please.

4) dazed and confused like stories with Jensen and Jared

5) Road Trip/American Pie like stories with either J2 or Wincest.

Tagging and spelling is done to the best of my ability as I'm on my iPod.

J2 RPS fic

Jul. 9th, 2011 06:37 pm
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 I've been reading a lot about this story Jensen told in an interview about him and Jared getting into a fight outside of a bar where Jensen got away but had to go back because Jared was surrounded by 4 or 5 guys. I immediately thought that this would make a great J2 fic, especially if Jared got hurt in the fight!

I have searched around for a fic like this but haven't found any yet- do any of you know of one?
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I've been a bit obsessed with horror video games lately so I'm curious if there's any fics out there connecting with the SPN fandom. These could be AU/fusions where plotlines are borrowed from a horror game or an out-and-out crossover.

In particular I'm very interested in Silent Hill related fics. Also topping my list are Fatal Frame (Project Zero) and Resident Evil. Other games are perfectly acceptable, though. (Dead Space, Jericho, Fear, Amnesia, Penumbra, etc etc)

Not wanted: Wincest. RPF or RPS.

A-OK: Gen, any other pairings besides wincest, self-recs, WiPs (preferably ones that aren't obviously abandoned), all ratings

(Bonus points if it includes one or more of the following: Gabriel/Sam, Ellen, Jo, Bobby)

Thanks so much. :D
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 Hi, I'm looking for a J2 fic called "Of Revelations...And Socks" I've looked all over for it but I can't find it anywhere, if anyone could help I'd be very grateful! :D Thanks!
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 Hello lovely people - you're always so wonderfully helpful when I have a fic itch that needs scratching, and I'm hoping you can help me out again.  Here's what I'm looking for:

1.) "Benders" fics - tags, missing scenes, AUs that focus on hurt!Sam.  Specifically anything in which Sam is hurt more than in the episode, or where there is attempted of completed non-con included in his abduction.  Dean to the rescue, of course!  

2.) Fics in which Sam doesn't die in AHBL part II, but where he is hurt and Dean has to patch him up.  For instance, Jake seemed to punch his shoulder out of joint while they were fighting, and hit him hard in the ribs, so something focused on those injuries would be awesome.  I'd actually prefer fics in which he isn't stabbed, or where the stab wound is not severe enough to really maim him - I really prefer H/C fics that don't involve hospitals if possible, because I love Dean and Bobby doing the patching up.

3.) Fics that focus on Sam's scar from Sam's stabbing in AHBL.  Lingering problems with pain, muscle spasms, etc.  I know I read one good fic that involved muscle spasms, and I'm hoping there are others.  In fact, any fic that focuses on lingering issues with an old injury of Sam's would be great, canon or not.  Things like aching from broken bones, scar tissue, etc.  

4.) Any good Hookman tags that address Sam's wounded arm and Dean patching him up.

5.) Any fics in which Sam has dislocated a joint of some kind and Dean has to pop it back in.  Shoulders, elbows, hips, whatever.  Bonus points if they're stranded away from medical help (in the woods, etc) and have no pain meds.
And and all warnings are fine (except for character death for Dean, Sam, or Bobby).  The one thing I am a stickler for is grammar and writing quality - at the risk of sounding snooty, I'd appreciate quality over quantity.  I really am only interested in WELL WRITTEN fics with good characterization.  Also, no "doormat!Sam" please. :)  As in, Sam is written with the temperament and self-sufficiency of a whiny child, or Sam is pretty much just a punching bag that cries a lot, etc.  I LOVE my hurt!Sam, but I also love Sam to be the strong, resilient, smart, and yes, flawed, man that he is.  Fics in which he weeps on Dean's shoulder for three chapters as Dean carries him bridal style through the forest just don't do it for me LOL. :)  Self-recs are fine as well.

Thanks in advance!
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 I've got a few requests today...

1. Are there any SPN/House of Wax crossovers out there? I'd love to see some Sam/Nick or Sam/Carly. Sam/Wade would be pretty neat, too. Or maybe Dean/Nick or Dean/Wade... *mind ponders all the possibilities*

2. Sam and/or Dean meditating? I used the search box, but found nothing. General or any pairing is fine.

3. Sam and/or Dean riding sporty motorcycles. Doesn't necessarily need to be the main plot point, but I'd rather it not be referenced only in passing. I've already read The Incestuous Courtship of the Antichrist's Bride.

4. (because I'm now thinking of The Incestuous Courtship of the Antichrist's Bride...) Angel and Demon BFFs fics.

5. And lastly, are there any fics other than Last Outpost of All That Is that involve Sam and Dean being the last two humans on Earth? Gen or Wincest is fine.

Thanks in advance!

Mods: Did I miss it, or do we not have a Crossover: House of Wax tag? (And sorry about the no-title thing...I truly thought I did that!)
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 Hi. I've read a few fics where one of the boys was brain damaged-very seriously becoming dependent on others or not so seriously but still with life altering consequences. I was wondering if you guys could recommend some good fics where Sam or Dean or Jared or Jensen is hurt in this way. J2 or wincest is great. Gen is great too. Just please no long-term het. Thank you!!


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