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I think Dean has been de-aged in this fic, I remember, Sam being with a girlfriend and Dean noit liking her, and she tries so hard to get him to accept her, she buys Dean a leather jacket for Christmas I think. Not sure if the story was finished. Does this ring any bells? Thanks to any who reply.
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Hello All.

I've been saving EVERY story I read lately just in case I can help someone out here. Return the favor since I've gotten so much help here in the past.

Aaaanywho, I've been looking through the creature/changed tag here and have only found about 2 different stories for what I have on my mind right now. Can anyone rec me some stories where Sam is changed into an animal and gets hurt? Broken bones, baddies rough him up, ya know? Kinda got a craving (which I'm pretty sure you guys call a kink) right now for this. Anything along these lines where Sam is in a different form and gets hurt.

Also, I've been searching around and I still am but anything else would help. I'm looking for some abused!sam that is Just. Plain. Abused. Sam. I'm getting bored with Sam being abused and getting raped or sexually asulted/molested. (This is like, the only place in the world I could ever say anything like that haha.) So any stories where he's just plain abused and beated by like his parents or family or something like that? Kidnapped, taken, stolen. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

okay and I have one last request. If you have a delicious with any saved hurt, abused, limp, plain old beaten up sam stories could I get the link if you don't mind? Honestly thats where I find about 75% of the stories I read. Please if you can?

Any RPS that fit these would be great too.

Thanks ahead of time anyone who helps out.
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Hello, everyone. I'm looking for a few fics, two of which are specific fic searches and two of which are general. They're all GEN or Dean/Castiel and definitely heavily on the Dean front since I am an unabashed Dean!girl.

Specific Fic

1. GEN: Dean gets back from Hell but he is different and he kills a bunch of people in a crowd on a street somewhere. I believe this fic was very short, and apart from that, the only thing I remember is the ending, where Sam can hear police sirens and tells Dean they need to run and it was something like: Sam doesn't even care if Dean kills a few more people as they make their way through the crowd, because he's here and he's alive. Or something to that effect...

2. Dean/Castiel where Dean finds himself sitting in a chair across from a shrink with Castiel beside him and Castiel is saying something about how Dean was getting better but now he is relapsing. I think it had to do with him suffering trauma from being abused by John as a child and Dean finds that he actually has the memories of it happening, though he knows near-instantly that what is happening to him isn't real (and if I remember correctly the author said it was a monsters doing) but he decides to go along with it for the time being because in this place, he and Castiel are together.

Unspecific Fic search

These are my general fic searches. They are both Dean/Castiel. No wincest, and absolutely NO RPS please.

3. So, we've all seen those fics where Castiel gets amnesia whether because of a spell or because he is falling and the only thing in the world he remembers is Dean. What I'm wondering is, are there any fic out there where the reverse is true? I want fic where Dean gets amnesia and the only person he remembers/trusts is Castiel. They don't have to explicitly be together, but it would be a bonus.

4. And lastly, I want fic where Dean and Castiel are together, however they're together in "boring angel ways". Basically, I want fic where Dean and Castiel are in a relationship but they don't have sex (at least not right away) they just hold hands or something that isn't immediately sexual (because I have this belief that sex does not equal love and I'd love to see that with Dean/Castiel especially if it is due to Castiel believing that sex is unnecessary because love should be enough and Dean actually being okay with it or at least reluctantly going along with it for Cas' sake. Bonus points if Sam is involved somehow and is shocked by this.
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 Hey Everyone,

I'm looking for a fic where in the beginning of the story Jared nearly runs Jensen over.  I believe that Jensen had been dating Tom and they broke up.  I think that they had been driving back to their house when they had a fight and Tom kicked Jensen out of the car and left him on the side of the road, hence the reason why he was out in the middle of nowhere for Jared to almost kill with his truck.  Jared and Jensen bond in Jared's on their way back into the town/city, get together and do pretty things and such.

Ring any bells?

Found by both an anonymous helper and [livejournal.com profile] siouxsmn_3745, it's Escape to Where? by [livejournal.com profile] lycaness
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I've been wondering... Are there any SPN/Queer as Folk crossovers? ^^

I prefer wincest, but I can manage gen too ^^
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 Hello you wonderful people I am desperate to find some fic's I have lost and my google powers are useless so I don't know how to find them.

The first one is called something like Couldn't be much from the heart?  All I can really remember is it has Jared going out with Sandy and sleeping with Jensen at the same time , but then Jensen becomes pregnant.  

The second is J2, but Jared is a drug and or alcohol addict and is really nasty to Jensen in fact I think he even hits him.  The only other thing I can remember is I think it is set around the filming of the episode In the Beginning.

I know I haven't given you people much to work with I just hope someone recognises them.  Ooh and if it isn't to much bother any other fic's like this would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Mods sorry for the tags last time and I hope I got it right this time.
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FOUND:  Thanks to morgana st.  Unfortunately, author's journal and story is no longer available (but at least I'm not going crazy anymore trying to find it!)

Hey all -- 

Hopefully someone will be able to help me find this specific story.  I've been going crazy trying to find it.  I've searched back through the archives through 2008, and my bookmarks, and can't seem to find it.  A few parts that I remember are:

It was a Sam/Dean apocalypse fic, with powers and/or evil Sam.  They were separated, and Dean was on the run and hiding out.  I believe Dean was still hunting, and eventually went to a bar for a drink.  While there he sees a daily lottery on TV with Sam stating that he will kill a person a day until Dean gives himself up.  So of course Dean calls the number, and Sam appears immediately at the bar to collect Dean.

They travel back by car to Sam's headquarters, which I believe was in Kansas (or the midwest) in some gigantic black building.  I think he had a vast library in the lower level of the building, and for some reason there was also a dungeon, or hell, there.  Another part I remember is Sam and Dean go on a short road trip to have dinner at a diner.  And I think Sams gets Bobby to come and visit.  I don't remember if Sam was truly evil, or just that he was missing Dean and wanted him to be with him.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I think this was a fairy long fic, if I remember correctly, and hopefully I'm not confusing it with another.  Thanks again.
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Hey all!

I'm looking for fics of Cas and Bobby being friends (or at least tolerating each other well enough XD)

I'd especially like it if Bobby's being like a father to Cas and/or taking care of him.
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ok so im looking for a j2 highschool au. I cant remember that much about it but from what I do Jared is sent to a private school with live in dorms. Turns out jensen is his roomate and they dont get along that well but eventually they become good friends. Mike is one of the teachers there and he wrote a gay pornographic comic book. Someone gets there hands on it and makes compies, Jared gets one and him and jensen look at it together and they end up fooling around and course eventually they fall in love and start dating.

I know thats not alot of detail. Buts its all I can remember.

Please let me know if you find anything.

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I read this a while ago, and am trying deserately to find it again. After the lorry crashes into the sided of the Impala, Sam leaves Emergency AMA and goes up to John's room. THey have a row and Sam collapses. He ends up in a coma and John tries to put him in a low-end long-term care facility. Dean however has power of attorney over Sam and arranges a much better facility where he hopes Sam will be able to improve. Sam's recovery is very slow (months at least) and John basically writes Sam off before he even leaves hospital.
I think I read this on ff.net, but am not certain.
Ideas anyone?
p.s. mods, i found the tags really hard to use. I hope i've got it right

FOUND in comments. thanks guys!


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