Jul. 3rd, 2011

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It's a while that I posted a request so I hope to have your help 8-)
It wll be a long summer for me so I liked spend some good time reading your fave (oldest and above all, newest) Supernatural stories.
Dean-centric, multichapters or just long, GEN, missing scenes, tags, any season it's ok so like Dean/Lisa, without to forget ours beloved Bobby and Castiel
no slash and wincest.
Anything that made you to move, to flutter your heart, please share it with me 8-D
thanks so much
happy week end

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Sorry if this has been asked for before (though I couldn't find anything along the specific lines I'm looking for.)

But basically I want amnesiac Sam including as many of these things as possible-

Sam forgets everything.

Sam is very frightened, jumpy, etc. But doesn't regress to a child like in Lil Sammy.

Preferably set sometime in s1/2/3 or unknown. (or Stanford era but without Jess.)

*Bonus!* Dean isn't there right away, he doesn't know Sam is hurt until he finds him.

Can be Wincest, AU, Gen, the works!

Sorry for being so picky tonight peoples! Hope you still like me. :D
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Dean/Cas fic - I think Dean is a photographer and he buys this house in phoenix and falls in love with it so he searches out the architect....
Beautifully descriptive fic...
(Sam is in it too  - he's a lawyer and I think he's either with Jess or married or about to be married)

Trapped Sam

Jul. 3rd, 2011 11:59 am
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I have two requests. . .
1. specific fic, tag to No Exit. Instead of Jo being taken, Sam got snatched by the serial killer and trapped in the basement, but, being a lot bigger than Jo, he barely fits inside. There is a lot of Sam trying to comfort the girl in the other cell even though he is battling claustraphobia and pain from being cramped up. Then Dean saves the day!
2. non specific. I want to read stories similar to 1. where Sam is stuck in very tight places and can barely move and Dean has to get him out. You can have him kidnapped, tied up or tortured as well but I want the main thing to be that Sam is way too big to be stuck in such a tiny place. Hopefully you guys can help me out!
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First time posting here so I hope I do this all right...

Anyway, I have this terrible craving for teenage Sam with cancer, and I know that if any such story exists, the awesome people here will be able to find it. *crosses fingers*

I'll take any Sam with cancer story though. Gen is preferred, please.

Thanks :)
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I'm looking for some possessive Castiel/Sam fics with bottom!Sam and possessive Cas. 

No non-con please.
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Hi. I'm looking for fics...sorta. does anyone know of any ebook stores where authors from this fandom have had their stories published. You know, taken them down forever, tweaked them (changed names and such) and are selling them? I wanna see if any of the fics I want and miss are there;  plus, I like supporting you courageous authors ('cause i'm still afraid to write my first slash...maybe in a few months or so).

thanks all.

p.s. i have no idea how to tag this, mod...do it for me please? *gives blank eyed gaze*.
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Hi everyone!

I ´m going to put this under a LJ cut....just in case somebody here haven´t seen 06x22 yet.:o)

Read more... )
Another request is...there is a lot of slash fics with human!Cas but I would really love to read some gen fics where Cas is dealing with being a human and Dean and Sam trying to help him to adjust....

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Curious to see if anyone knows what the story is called/where I can find it - it involves Sam, Dean, Bobby and other characters/hunters maybe, but the main thing is that they have kidnapped Dean.  I have a really vague recollection of the story (read it a few years ago) so I have no idea if any of this will be helpful.  I think it also had a sequel, which I could be confusing both for one story (or just confusing two separate stories for one) - but basically they keep Dean drugged, I think at one point they forced something down his throat with some type of tube; and there was a point where Dean and one of the captors were fighting, and Sam was there too, trying to rescue Dean.  A barn/farmhouse, is where I believe they kept Dean.  I think the ending involves Sam coming up with a plan that results in the men having their identity stolen or something and I think that's where the sequel picks up.

Sorry for having vague details and thanks for any help!
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Since it summer and I have more free time  I would love to read some J2 playing some sport fics (especially with hurt jensen).

Any kidnapped Jensen/Dean would be also good (i would prefer one-shots)
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Hi guys

I just remembered this story where Jared is evil, devil working for Hell etc and Jensen was an angel, working for Heaven etc. They meet, fall in love and the sides don't like it obviously... I think that when they touch it stings a little because one is good and oen is evil? I read it AGES ago and any help would be much appreciated

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I'm hoping you all can help me find some good old fashioned hurt/tortured/mental/unstable!Sam fics with awesomely protective Dean. I've been around, so just your favorite recommendations, preferably newer ones since I've been through most of the recs.

I'd prefer no hospitals involved, just the boys and maybe Bobby taking care of Sam. And I'd prefer no permanent injuries to Sam, like mental regression. The hurts can be physical or mental, but please please please no death fics or sad endings. I'm a sucker for torturing the boys and then making it all better (well, less tragic anyway) in the end.

Gen preferred, but wincest is okay.

Thank you, thank you, for any help!


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