Jun. 29th, 2011

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Hello every one! I've got 2 3 general request:

I'm working on a Big Bang and i promised myself tht for every 5K i write i can read one fic and so i come looing for good fics to reward myself with XD

Request #1)  i'm looking for is any fics where Dean is afraid of fire or strangely fixated on it. Even fics that simply  focus on Dean Carrying Sam out of the fire. I just want to see some psychological effects of the fire.

Request #2) I want to read fics that focus on Dean taking care of Sam. Mommy!Dean in all his glory! please and thank you ^-^!

Request #3) Fics where Dean just can't say no to his little brother. I ♥ Spoiled!Sam.

Self-recs are awesome and made of WINCHESTER
Please no RPFs or anything where Jo plays a large role
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Hi all!

I've been looking for a werewolf fic but I keep getting distracted by all the other fics under the werewolf tag.

This is what I'm looking for: John, Dean and Sam were on a hunt and Dean gets attacked and infected by a werewolf. He knows he's been changed so he decides to run away before Sam or John can kill him. The wolf that changed Dean finds him and takes him under his wing. Later, they go to get Sam and find out that John has been mistreating him because he blames Sam for Dean being turned and letting him escape. Dean gets Sam away from John and then turns him partly to heal all the damage John did.

Thanks for your help!! :o)
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1. Can ya'll rec me your fave J2 fic of all time? I'm looking for fic where the love's either unrequited for the longest time or they just don't jump into the love boat the moment they figure things out. It's really annoying. ("But dude, you're a dude!" "So? LET'S HAVE SEX!" "Oh, okay!") Pleeease none of that. I love angst and heartbreak. <3

2. Since I watched this video (contains dean/cas), I'm yearnin' for some physically abused/used Castiel, where Dean's like idgaf, selfish, mean. Kinda like the end of season 6 actually. That jerk >:( Hopefully there's a fixer upper in the fic but that's not required.

I'm a perv, self recs are a-ok! 8D
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I've read many good stories about Sam finding out that Dean and Cas are in a relationship and he just wants his brother to be happy.  I'm looking for the opposite

Are there any stories where Sam finds out that Dean and Cas are in a relationship and he doesn't approve and make his brother feel bad.  I would prefer it jealously was not the reason Sam doesn't approve. 

Any rating is fine,
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 I'm looking for a specific fic. I'm pretty sure it was non-au. And I know it was J2.  The specific scene I remember is that Jared and Jensen were sitting in a cafe/restaurant and someone came up to them and starting saying some bad things about Jensen. I think it might have been an ex-friend or ex-boyfriend of Jensen's. I think Jared stood up for him, but Jensen was upset with him (because he hit the guy? Or maybe because he thought Jared didn't know whatever the guy was talking about?). I think there might have been rumors about Jensen from when he was on Dark Angel. 

Thanks to anyone who replies. 
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OK, I have to ask this. Does anyone know of ANYTHING similar to Clay and Paste and Down by [livejournal.com profile] apocalypsos? [wing!fic; Dean is Sam's "guardian angel" and Jess is his other "guardian angel"]. Because Goddamn, it's about the most awesome idea I have come across recently.

And hey, even if you don't, you should totally read it. Bloody amazing.
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I don't know if I dreamed this fic up or not, because I tried searching for it - I thought I remembered the author - but no luck. Does anyone know of a SPN or J2 AU featuring eunuch!Sam or Jared who was possibly a servant for Dean or Jensen in a royal family?

And if anyone knows of any other alternate universe fics that take "alternate universe" to a whole 'nother level, I'd love some recs. SPN only please, because it's not too hard to find some lovely J2 ones. Particularly ones where Sam and/or Dean is royalty? Bonus points for pre-series!


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