Jun. 28th, 2011

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I am looking for AU fics where J2 are best friends. One is gay the other is not but then realizes that maybe he is and that he has feelings for the other. Schmoop or angst welcome. Maybe there is also a bit of disbelief on the part of the out friend.

I am also looking for J2 fics where either one or both of the boys are chefs, bakers, cooks, etc. I;m sure I have probably read most of them but I;m searching for one that I may have missed.

I'm also looking for fics where one J is maid or nanny for the other.

Thank you!
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I am looking for three different specific fics I have read and lost over the years, and one general search. None of these are recent fics, at least a year old and probably longer. To spare sensibilities I will stick the rest of this under a cut (or try to anyways).

Fic Descriptions )
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Apparently, I hadn't saved this fic in my recs like I thought I had. :/

I think it's an AU that had angels as a living, breathing part of society (could be wrong). Cas was injured, or he's disoriented because of the loss of his powers. He still has his wings, but he can no longer visit heaven/his brothers in arms. He goes to Dean, and lives with him for months. If I recall correctly, Dean takes it upon himself to start bathing/oiling Castiel's wings, which Cas seems to be really uncomfortable with at first, but he doesn't tell Dean why. They come in contact with other angels, and they give Dean a wide berth. Dean later finds out that he's covered in this silvery stuff that he can't see from touching Cas's wings, which marks him as an angel's Intended. Cas ashamedly admits that he knew what would happen if Dean touched his wings, but a part of him wanted to mark Dean as his, even though he would never make a move.

Any help with this fic, or fics that involved angel imprinting/scent-marking, etc. would be great. Thanks!

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I have been trying to find a fic that has someone from Sam's past years at school that meets up with them again while their on a case or something and she remembers Sam. Flashbacks to school years are a bonus but not necessary, also if she also got on well with Dean maybe liked the same music or something [again not necessary but a bonus]
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I'm looking for a fic where Jared plays baseball for a college in Louisiana, and Jensen is his boyfriend. Jensen is possibly in med school.   I remember that at one point his teammates are excited to meet Jen (I think he sends them cookies), but are surprised he's a guy.  Another time some teammates are in Jared's house for whatever reason and hide in the closet when Jared and Jensen come home and are too embarrassed to come out when they realize they are about to have sex.  I hope this vagueness rings a bell for someone.

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Well, this is my first post, so, hm. I'm not sure if I did the tagging properly. Anyways, I have three open-ended requests!

1) Hard-up!Gabriel quietly lusting after oblivious!Sam. AU or non-AU welcome. Bonus points if Dean and/or Castiel gets disturbed and/or confused by Gabriels sudden infatuation.

2) Sam is in trouble, or danger, eg captured by Lucifer/Demons, or a hunt gone foul, and Gabriel steps in. Gabriel can either have joined up with Team Free Will earlier, or this could be his first instance of helping them.
This could also be AU, like with Sam getting attacked by drunks or bullies and Gabriel being weirdly strong for such a short dude.
So, anything like that. Does that count as H/C? I've always been unsure on the definition.

3) Finally, are there any fix-it fics with Gabriel coming back after dying, but being human? (Ahem, later-on Gabriel/Sam preferred.)

Self-recs are always welcome, as are long fics and short fics and somewhere-in-the-middle fics. I love extraneous characters, banter, comedy and cuteness. For the second fic, though, angst is also totally fine. Background pairings are cool, too. Just saying, not picky.

Happy endings preferred? :)
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 Hi! I've been looking for this fic for a long time, so I would really appreciate it if someone could direct me to the author's page.

I only have the summary to go on, so I hope this helps. 

Jared is a young man who used to be a prostitue after a car crash injured his leg and destroyed his dreams of becoming a a basketball player. On an assignment for need of money, Jared seduces Jensen, the CEO of Achilles Media. Their love transcends all.

Thanks in advance!!
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I looked through the other post on this topic but I still can't find the one I'm looking for.

I can't remember if it was a fic challenge over at [livejournal.com profile] hoodie_time but all I remember is that Dean get's de-aged into a small baby but keeps his mind intact. Sam is taking care of him and has no idea that Dean is actually aware of what Sam is doing.

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Just two requests, any help would be fantastic,

1. Any fics out there where either of the J's are pregnant as teenagers, (or either dean or sam). Any outcomes welcomed.

2. Any fics where the boys are bonded together in anyway.

Prefer RPS or wincest but anything goes.

Thanks heaps



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