Jun. 18th, 2011

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 Hey there, I've got two general requests.

  1. First time Wincest happens right before Sam leaves for Stanford. Either it freaks them out and is one of the reasons Sam leaves, or it's sad because Sam still leaves even though they now have that between them. Angst please!!
  2. Dean is in love with Cas, but Cas doesn't reciprocate. He doesn't by the end of the story, either.
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So I just read the fic "Whisper of the Heart" where Sam and Dean are turned into Care Bears and I love it. It got me thinking about a weird request so I just thought I'd post it and see if anyone knew of any fics. Are there any fics where Sam and/or Dean are turned into animals, though they can talk, walk, and act just like a human?

Also, while i'm talking about animals, are there any fics where either Sam or Dean is turned into a dog (or any canine) and is taken in by the other brother, though they don't know the animal is their brother, or Jared or Jensen is turned into a canine and adopted by the other (they may know each other or not).  I've already read "The Light Inside".
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So, feeling like ripping my heart out...

I'm looking for J2 fics where Jared's being an asshole towards Jensen. Established relationship, and Jared's treating Jensen really poorly for whatever reason. Cheating or whatever.

And at some point Jensen has had it, and then leaves him. When Jensen leaves Jared realizes how much of a moron he's been, and regrets everything, but then it's too late.

I want some kind of really heartbreaking break up scene, with a broken Jared and a Jensen who's just had enough.

And then Jared has to fight really hard to get Jensen back. Maybe they spent years apart, years where Jensen has moved on, got another boyfriend, and Jared's just been planning, working out his issues, and he wants Jensen back. Uhh, and jealous!jared when he sees Jensen with someone new would be really good.

I really want a happy ending cos those two are my OTP. I prefer NC-17 stories, and loooong ones. I also prefer Jared's POV, or at least both POV's, NOT only Jensen's. And I don't want to see Jared with someone else unless it's cheating. So NO Jared finding a new boyfriend after Jensen has left him, and I want him to love Jensen through it all, but for some reason he's just an ass. Taking Jensen for granted, or just being selfish, and regretting when it's too late.

If possible, but not a specific demand, bottom!jared. I do prefer him on the bottom.

Self-recs are more than welcome.

Hope you can help me:-)
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Hey, does anyone know of any fics where Jared/Sam is crazy, like as in full out mentally insane, not just a little bit unstable?  I don't care if it's AU or not or if he's committed or not or really too much else, just that. :-)

Also, any where Sam/Jared is deaf and/or mute?

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 1. I would love some Wincest fics where one (or both) of the brothers is always using terms of endearment. Honey, sweetheart, etc.  Happy endings only please, although a little (or a lot) of angst is welcome. 

2. Pretty much a polar opposite request from the first one.  I would really some fics where the boys go at hot and heavy.  Basically really dirty, nasty sex between the two brothers would be awesome.  I'm perfectly okay with most kinks, although I would prefer to stay away from fics with watersports and noncon or dubcon.  Anything else though is perfectly acceptable.  I would also prefer happy endings for this one (that is if the fic even has a plot) 

3.Third request is a little more vague.  Fics where Sam's larger size is highlighted, I would love fics where outsiders are intimidated by how large Sam is. Extra points if Sam scares the hell out of people but Dean just doesn't see it, all he see's is his baby brother.  Wincest, gen, or Dean/Castiel is fine for this request.  And as always happy endings are prefered.

Sorry to have request overload.  Here's hoping for lots of lovelys, and thanks in advance. 

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Hello all!

I'm looking for two fics and i was hoping you could help me out.

The first fic was an AU:
Dean and Sam and been taken by CPS when John was arrested and put in prison. The couple wanted Sam but not Dean so they sent him back to the group home. Dean was adopted by a man who pimped him out until he ran away. Years later Dean met Sam running from a john who wanted to kill him after he raped him. Sam's family took him in and he went to a private school and was friends with this girl Angela who he called Ange because Angie reminded him of that rolling stone song. I remember YED visited John in prison and so did Dean.

Found by [livejournal.com profile] tigriswolf :
In Shadow by Unholy Muse

The second fic/series i'm looking for is a copy of the Piss!Verse. which i've found on several rec lists but still have not laid eyes on :( annabeth had removed the story because she had no intention of finishing it and gave  her blessing for it to be shared amongst fandom if there was a copy of it out there.

now i am DESPERATE to read both fics and cant stop thinking about them
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Hi guys

I'm trying to track down a specific story. Sam and Dean were separated by, I think, some 'old ones' and were poisoned/suffering/dying. They were given the choice of giving the single antidote to their brother or keeping it for themselves.

I think it was just a one-shot, does it ring any bells?
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Pairing is Dean/Sam its au fic
The Story is long and it doesnt start as slash.  Everyone in the world disappears and they dont know why.  So they are trying to find people and cant so the settle down in a house and get a dog.  Thats all I can remember I would be very grateful if you know which story this is.
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 I'm hoping I get this post right, and that you guys can help me find a few good stories. Thanks in advance.
1) Any abused! Dean stories. Physical or verbal, please; no sexual. 
2) Any cancer! Dean stories. He can be a kid or a teenager. I've already read "My Father's Favourite." If Bobby's in it, bonus points for you!
3) Any story where Dean's adopted, either by John or another family. 
Thank you guys!
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I'm looking for dream!sex fics. Where Dean is unsure whether the sex dreams about Castiel are just dreams or if Castiel is really (like really) in his dreams. Castiel never mentions them. Dean never talks about them. Dean loves bedtime :)
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I just got done reading Wave Obscura's "Forever ain't that long" not to long ago and now i'm craving some fanfics that touch up on the interaction between both Deans.

Thanks in advance!!
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I'm sure this request has been done to death, yet I'm having trouble finding any stories so here I go,

I'm looking for gen stories pre-season 1 where Dean is watching or checking up on Sam while he's at Stanford. Also any stories where Dean is hurt or something and needs Sam's help and goes looking for him at Stanford. Or anything that takes place at Stanford really, lol. Just so long as it's not Dean attending college.

Most stories with this plot line are probably pretty old, that's perfectly fine :) I probably haven't read them.

Also, please NO wincest and NO spoilers for season 6 as I have not watched it yet.

Thank you guys so much. ^_^


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