Jun. 17th, 2011

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Due to the large amounts of requests, I put the entire thing behind an LJ cut so not to clutter.

#2 FOUND! http://vaingirlfic.livejournal.com/20354.html#cutid11   Thank you for the link to the verse! 

#3 FOUND! http://setissma.livejournal.com/545490.html

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That's it and TIA for any help. It is most appreciated! 
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I've been searching for hours, but I can't find any fic that revolves around Dean and Castiel getting down and dirty and in the process, Cas ends up blowing out all the lights in the room/neighbourhood/state due to his passion.

Anyone have any leads?
Thank you!
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Hi there gang,

So...except being a bit busy reading some seriously awesome bing bang fic's, I got a craving for fic's where chad is being a total douche about jensen, and don't like him. can be just because he don't or because he himself likes Jared...or other reasons...

Main thing: chad being mean about Jensen, talking bad about him, and generally just showing everyone that he  doesn't like him and maybe even making a wedge between himself and Jared because of it.

I want J2 stories (preferably AU's)...but there can have been past jared/chad...and off course happy endings for the J's :D

Anyone who has any fic's they can rec me? Self-rec is awesome as always :)

Thanks a bunch you guys! :)

Mod's: apparently I suck at tagging, sorry...I made a 'chad' tag, since I couldn't find one...

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So there was this fic, where Dean was the captain of the college football team (he went pro after college) and his team all know that he's dating 'Cas' but they've never met him and don't even know Cas is a guy. There's facebook and Cas sending Dean brownies and such, and I would love if one of you new the fic I'm talking about. Thanks!

Found! Link in comments. It was baseball and lemon bars, in the end.
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I've just got into Criminal Minds and am now on a Morgan/Reid kick, so I was wondering if anyone knew of any J2 or Sam/Dean fics that crossover with the show and has Morgan/Reid as a couple within it too.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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I posted this a while ago but I think people were more focused on the dodgy format mistake than the actual request. This time I am posting middle of the day and not just before bed so that should something go wrong with it I am here to fix it right away. :)

 I'm looking for any fics where maybe the boys have a fight or arguement and somehow one of them ends up captured after storming out?? or one of them restrains the other one or something like that?? I'd prefer no wincest, and for sam to be on the restrained side of things, but Im not picky and will take what I can get. :) I'm just in a mood for them to fight and end up bound and gagged, maybe

. Pretty please with cherry on top and thankyou :) XO

p.s. i hope I tagged right.
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 First time posting here but I really need to find this fic, it's driving me mad!!

It's an AU fic where Mary and John can't have kids so they decide to adopt.  

I believe that's the tagline line.

It has young Dean, Sam and even Jimmy who talks to Castiel.

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So I finally got into Glee and I was wondering if there's any crossover fics or fics based on the show Glee.

Also, I'm a huge fan of Adam Lambert. I've already read the Fucking Is Fun!Verse by [livejournal.com profile] rivers_bend and loved it completely. So I was wondering if there were any other fics that featured Adam Lambert in them.

Both fics can have J2 or the Winchester boys. I ask for slash fics only, please :) . And if at all possible, bottom!Jensen or bottom! Dean. And as always, self-recs are always welcomed :)

Dream fic

Jun. 17th, 2011 05:24 pm
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Sometime earlier there was a post for a story where Castiel hides in Dean's dreams from the other angels. there is also a scene where Castiel hides at the bottom of the ocean after an attack. I think it was classified as pre slash and it was really good. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost it and haven't been able to find it again.

If someone could please tell me who wrote it and its title I'd be very grateful.
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 So I just finished the f***ing AMAZING fic The Outlaw Dean Winchester by runedgirl, and holy omg. Beautiful story, dude. If you like westerns, you'll absolutely love this. Everything's accurate, it's so descriptive, and holy god the smexing. *g*

So after reading that, I'm looking for more fic with the western boys. Can be sam/dean or J2, doesn't make a difference. I'm NOT looking for fic about Frontierland, though. Rather, western AUs where the boys really are cowboys (or outlaws, in Dean's case ;P).
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I am searching for a story that I read a few of years ago. I'm pretty sure it was on ff.net. It's an AU where Dean was able to go back in time (I think) and change the bond between him and Sam. Essentially it was Dean not being there for Sam when he was growing up and not having the brotherly bond we know they have. It was heartbreaking but made quite a statement about how important their bond was in how events played out in Devil's Trap.

Any clues?

Also. Cults. Any fics that deal with the boys having to infiltrate a cult or deal with cults? Casefics would be awesome.

Thank you.
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Hullo guys! I'm looking for some general Dean/Castiel fics that deal with or focus on them being together before the apocalypse, but Cas still returning to heaven afterwards, a la canon, and when Cas comes back, he assumes they can pick right back up again where they left off. To be honest, I don't care if Dean's for or against this plan (though I'd think he'd be more against), or if it ends happily or not, but at least a little bit of angst would be awesome. Also, if it's possible, nothing that belittles or ignores the relationship that Dean develops with Lisa while Cas is off in heaven?

Thanks y'all! <3


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