Jun. 16th, 2011

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 Hello everybody me again^^

At the beginning of "Free to be you and me" we get such a nice montage of what the boys are doing and there are so many missing scenes buried there!

So please can you rec me stories that basically take place in that one montage? Preferably both brothers (with some angsting and missing the other and supressing of feelings) or Sam.

Thanks :)


Jun. 16th, 2011 10:52 am
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Hey guys,

I'm looking for fics where Dean and Castiel are trapped together. Cabin, cave... doesn't matter as long as they're alone. A nasty injury/wound makes them finally admit their feelings for one another.

I like first time fics, it doesn't necessarily have to be in the trapped place.

Bonus: It's cold so lots of huddling to stay warm :D)
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Hey everyone

I've recently really started to get into all these werewolf, werecat & mated stories for J2 and Wincest and I really want to read more!

I really want to read fics where the boys are or become mated - I don't mind if they're werewolf, werecat or some other creature type. Also umm...it'd be really cool if it included knotting - not it's not essential *blushes* Mpreg and hurt!Jared would also be very welcome

The fics I've read so far are: Let the Sun Not Go Down on Me (http://lexicale.livejournal.com/), Fatebegins Unexpected verse (http://fatebegins.livejournal.com/50721.html#cutid1) and Helle Belle's fics.

So are there any more out there? *crosses fingers and toes*

One other thing - can you ONLY rec fics that are *strictly* bottom!Jared or bottom!Sam

thanks in advance!
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This is probably kind of a long shot but I’m really in the mood for season 1 or 2 fics, where the brothers' biggest concerns are the YED's plans/finding their father/etc…but I’m also in the mood for Dean/Cas.  Soooo, I’m wondering if there are any fics in which Dean meets Castiel prior to season 4.  Ideally I’m looking for a pilot AU where Dean meets Castiel during Sam’s Stanford years and shows up at Sam’s with Cas in tow.  But like I said, that’s a long shot so really I’d be happy with anything that takes place before Dean goes to hell.

 And hey, as long as I’m requesting, are there any fics out there in which Dean doesn’t know that Cas is an angel?  I’ll take any season for that if they exist!

I'm desperately hoping that either of these exisit.  Any help is appreciated!

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Hi everyone!

Recently I've read a ficlet - J2 AU, Bones universe, Jensen as Dr Brennan, Jared as Seeley Booth - and liked it very much! Unfortunately I forgot the title as well as the author's nickname. :(

I just remember the beginning, it was something like that: "Sweets is such a pain in the ass", and then Sweets tried to convince Jared that his feelings to Jensen were totally normal.

Any ideas? :))

Thanks in advance.
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Hi guys,

I'm looking for some noncon fics with Dean/Cas (not Dean doing the raping)

I've been trying to look for this one fic that had  Cas trapped or nailed to a cross by a demon and they had done a spell on him or something because every time the demon says Castiel's name, he flinches. It eventually escalates into Cas getting raped, but I don't remember by whom.

Secondly, I'm also looking for as many noncon/whumping Cas fics you can throw at me.  I have read all of StrangeandCharms' fics and "I will walk on water" by Tracy_loo_who already (those were sooo great) so I'm looking for more like it.

Thank you for helping!
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Jared and Jensen have an argument about something stupid (I think) and Jared says he's leaving. I think he also takes the dogs. Jensen is in the kitchen and completely breaks down and starts crying. Jared comes back a while later and finds Jensen crying on the floor because Jensen thought that Jared had left him for good. Jared takes Jensen in his arms and comforts him.

I'm pretty sure it was a comment fic, but I'm not 100% positive.
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Hi, I'm looking for a fic where John does a spell and forgets he has kids. He find young Sam and Dean in his motel room and delivers them to foster care. Dean manages to call Bobby, who doesn't remember them either, but shows up to help. In the end the spell is undone and it turns out John was trying to erase the pain of Mary's death, so that he could be a better dad. Only it erased his marriage to Mary instead, which meant no kids and no demon hunting.

FOUND by [livejournal.com profile] hanging_fire 
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Sorry for posting again so soon, but I can't freaking find this fic and it is driving me insane.

John drops Sam and Dean in the middle of no where for survival training. They get packs, food, medicine etc. Dean was trying to convince John not to do it since Dean didn't want Sam to have to go through it. Dean already went through it once, and it was beyond difficult. There was this giant cat monster following them, because she couldn't find any food for her young. They kill it and the babies, but I think Dean gets hurt and gets a fever. Sam luckily finds a lake nearby and they camp there for a few days until he is better. They get out all safe and sound and then they have sex and a picnic right next to that lake.


Jun. 16th, 2011 06:52 pm
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There was a fic a while back where Jared and Sandy were divorced, shared joint custody of their son, she was remarried, Jared had come out.

Jared's son gets kidnapped and he traces him to an island where Jensen is the sheriff. Jared spent summers there, or had relatives who lived there and had visited them when he was a kid, and he and Jensen knew each other. If I remember right, the story was gen, no pairing.

Does anybody remember the story I'm talking about?

ETA: Found! Thanks!
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1. I'm looking for any teen!chester fic where Sam thinks about or tries to commit suicide and Dean stops him. A dark request, but one with a happy ending.

2. I just read "My Brother The Fishstick" by zannes and I loved it! I was wondering if there were any other fics where Dean turns into something he hunts and it starts to take him over. I'd like it if he knows he's mentally becoming the monster too. For instance, if he's a vampire, he loves the taste of blood and wants more, even though he knows it's wrong and tries to return to normal or stop his cravings. But I'll also read ones where he doesn't realize it and his mind is just "along for the ride".

Also, this could go along with the above request, but Dean transforms and feels himself craving or turning evil, and tries to protect Sam from himself.
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I have never thought that I would like this type of thing but I have recently read a story about dean turning into a girl to be saved from his deal....his charector remaind the same...strong...leader and very loving and protictive but he had new limitations.....sadly tha story is a WIP and hasn't been updated in quite some time so I was wondering if ther were any fics like it out there....with some funny touch because we are talking about dean as a girl.....and if the stories were focussing on how dean looks like his mom even more then it's even better....I would love for other charectors to be present....john, bobby, missurie, elen,jo, caleb,.....and they are very protictive of him. and the most important thing I DON'T WANT IT TO BE SAM/DEAN OR JOHN/DEAN.....GEN would be perfect but I will take any other parings.

I know alot of details but I hope you can help me =)

thank you
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 I am watching American Ninja warrior-it's a Japanese show with extreme physical obstacle courses. (on the SyFy channel surprisingly...) America decided to make it's own version, and 10 finalists get to go to Japan to compete in the Japanese tournament. 15 guys get to go to a boot camp to figure out the final 10. They are broken into teams of 5 to practice and do challenges. One of the guys-Patrick-reminded me of Jared-maybe his floppy hair? He's 21, and it's been his dream for 5 yrs to be on this show. I'm thinking maybe you have to be 21 to sign up-so this is his first chance? And this other guy-Erin?Eric? on his team ends up volunteering to do the final elimination challenge because Patrick had done it before and almost lost and developed almost a psychological fear of doing it again (which is too bad because it's the same final challenge in Japan too). This guy is really good at rope climbing, which is the final challenge, so he decides to do it because he also thinks Patrick won't make it to Japan and lose his dream (this year...he could have had another chance). He was very thankful. It wsa emotional. It just made me think that would be a good fic to make with Jared and Jensen. J2 or just friends. I wonder if there are any fics already like this? Or maybe someone would be inspired to write one?
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I'm looking for a Sam/Dean story where Sam is sick of hunting because of the all destruction it brings (how violent the whole salt-and-burn process is) and he just wants to be a ghost whisperer-type figure, kind of to Dean's dismay. But Dean realizes how important it is to Sam and decides to give it a shot.

I know I read it pretty recently and I have the vague recollection that it's post-season 5 curtain-ish fic. I've been wracking my brain and I just cannot think of it.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


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