Jun. 7th, 2011

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I say it's a Sam and Dean story but I'm not surer. I received an email from Mystic Warrior Princess, an age ago and kept it, She mentioned a story called Treasures and it was by The Trash, I think, said it had lots of heartache, tender moments and one or two surprises. Has anyone heard of this story, or have a copy of it. Thanks to all who reply.
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Hey guys,

First of all, I've been though all the recs over on [livejournal.com profile] j2_recs. I'm looking for any J2/Wincest recs that feature the boys getting tattoos of each other's names - whether one or both of the boys are tattoo artists and do it themselves or they have someone else do it. 

Thanks in advance!
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In which teenage rockstar!jared makes a plan on national television to seduce a much older Jensen, who is the lead in a show called Supernatural, in exchange for being voted best rock band IIRC. I remember Jared being willfully oblivious to Jensen's protestations and being darn cute while on his hunt. I've got  vague fragments of the plot such as the name of the deal: '67 Chevy Impala Transaction, I think. I'd appreciate any clues in the right direction. Thanks. 

ETA: Found! Let It Out by [livejournal.com profile] quasianpride . Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] epicj2anon for the link.
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I think it's close to a month now that I promised my friend to give her some J2 fics where the boys, or one of them, are active in fandom, are on lj and read fics. And, well, like them. Cause they're J2 fics so, yeah. But the problem is I remember only two such stories and have a link to just one. Oops. Please help! 

In summary! Looking for:

- J2
- Jared or Jensen read fics (and sometimes have sex later, cause some stories are too hot not to act on them. You know they are!)
- Jared or Jensen are secretly on LJ *le gasp!*

Oh and this is what I remember from that second fic: Jensen comes home, Jared was reading NC-17, toppy!Jensen, sex on the floor. Not much but maybe someone knows the fic. The more ideas the better for us all ;)

Have a great day! :)


The story is Caught red-handed by [livejournal.com profile] thenyxie, found by [livejournal.com profile] aythia  Thanks! :) Special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] epicj2anon for reminding me about You Do It, I Do It, We Should Do It Together by [livejournal.com profile] sd_singer ! :)

Thanks for all your help!
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I found this summary:

"During Sam's first year at Stanford Dean arrives to leave Sam his car and then checks himself into a mental institution."

It sounded interesting, but the link was broken. I was wondering if anyone knew of a working link.



Jun. 7th, 2011 03:15 pm
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I read this story and I cannot find it.  The last time I read the story it was a WIP.   Hopefully someone can help me find the story based on the summary.

Thank you in advance.

Behind the Cut )

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I read these two stories once, and lost them before I could save them.  Help!  It's been awhile and it's gotten kind of foggy on which brother plays which role, so when I say Dean does something it could just as easily be Sam.

Story 1: Sam is living the 'white picket fence' life in a nice house with a loving girlfriend or wife.  When Dean shows up at his door one day he either doesn't know who he is or he been out of his life for several years.  Dean knocks Sam out, and when Sam wakes up he's tied to a chair in the basement.  Dean is trying to convince his brother that the happy wife he's been living is only a fantasy put into his head by the demon pretending to be his girl.  (Can't remember if it's Meg or who.)  Sam thinks this dude is crazy, until his girlfriend attacks Dean for interfering in her plans to separate and damn the brothers.

Story 2: I don't remember the reason...a misspoken wish maybe, or an angry demon's curse, but Dean starts losing his five senses one by one, every few days or week.  Hearing, sight, taste, touch, and smell; with his brother taking care of him as he lies in bed, deaf, blind, and basically unable to move.  I think they end up at Bobby's.  I think I remember a scene where Dean suddenly losing one of his senses while he's in the shower, and he's too afraid to react.  (I can't say for sure if this one is slash or gen, but I don't think it's the focus of the story anyway.)
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Would you recommend me

1)    J2 mpregs (yes, I read that ^^)  with Jared being the pregnant one.

and my 2)nd request is for fanfics in which J2 start having casual sex soon after they meet. I remember reading a fic in which Jensen was remembering their first few encounters and sulking about his co-star being so easy lol it was funny and hot at the same time. Shame I don't remember the title or author. 

Thanks in advance!!

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I'm looking for a fic I read fairly recently where Jared is lactose intolerant and Jensen sells ice-cream in a mall. Jared keeps going back even though the ice-cream makes him sick.
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 Hi guys!

I'm looking for a one-shot and i think its very recent. Dean has been de-aged and is having nightmares about hell, i remember him telling sam that nasty misters were hurting him awww lol! cue lots of snuggles from sammy!

Found in comments!
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I'm searching for story recs about Jensen and Jared acting in a movie together after (or during) Supernatural in which they have to play lovers.  I want to see how people would write them in this scenario, so give me as many as you can! :)  The boys can already be in a relationship, get into one during the story, or could just be friends with or without wives/girlfriends.  I only ask that the story NOT be written from a first-person POV (i.e. "I," "me").  Thank you!!  Hit me with your best shot! ;) 
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I'm hoping fics like this little plot bunny that 's been stirring in my brain exist.  This isn't my usual pairing and don't even know how or where to begin looking. 

I'm looking for a fic Read more... )
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Hi everyone,i was wondering if anyone would be able to point me in the direction of any of these:

1.J2 fics based on the movies Hercules,Titanic,or Moulin Rouge.
(I've only see 1 titanic fic and it was "A love that last a lifetime)
Or any other movie fics you think r good :)

2.any fics about j2 meeting in a psychiatric ward,Drug Rehab or any other type of hospital

3. any where one of them is sick,like cancer ,ETC No death fics lol

4.self recs are Welcome. so anything you like that u would suggest is a good read. :) ( i really like M-preg and haven't read any good new ones lately)

Thanks in advance :)
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Can ya'll rec me any fic where Jensen is either a dog, or is turned into a dog, and found or taken in by Jared? He could be any animal, really, but Jared's the big dog lover, so...

Any rating, any length, self recs are a-ok!
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The specific fic I am looking for is one I read once and would like to find again. I don't remember much about the story but I remember one part where Dean runs into this kid that's being abused by his father. The kid's name I think was Gabriel. Dean rescues the kid from the abusive father and later tells I think it was Michael and maybe Raphael that since they don't know what happens to angels when they die that it is entirely possible that the boy is Gabriel reborn. Other than that part I don't really remember the rest of the story. I think that the reincarnation part was just a small sub plot of the story. Would really like to read it again so I hope someone recognizes it.

Also as a general request I am looking for any stories where Gabriel is transformed into an animal of some sort.  I've read ones where Dean, Castiel and Sam have been transformed to animals but only one Gabriel and that was the recent one where he and the others were transformed in to My Little Ponies and another where he was transformed into a guinea pig. I would really love to read one where he is a cat, Gabriel would make a really cool cat!

Thanks in advance.

Alt reality

Jun. 7th, 2011 10:46 pm
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I'm looking for a general request where Sam and Dean meet alternate versions of themselves that are together and it surprises them.

please and thank you
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 Hi. So I just saw Batman Under the Red Hood. Reason: Jensen Ackles voices the Red Hood. I have to admit I did kind of like it. Jensen did a great job. Though the end does leave me with a couple questions, though I guess we're supposed to assume something because we don't see it...

So I was wondering if there are any crossovers with this yet? In Supernatural or anything Jensen has been in? Or any crossovers at all really...I just want to read some fics. Because even though the Red Hood doesn't look like Jensen (because we do see his face) he sounds like him, and hey it's a cartoon, so we could imagine he looks like Jensen in real life.  

Any pairings are fine. Thanks!!!
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I'm looking for a 15ish part story from quite a while back.

From what I can remember, Castiel is Dean's teacher and they end up in a relationship. John finds out and goes mental; I think he tries to shoot Castiel. In the same fic Castiel tries to break it off with Dean because his brother(?) or maybe he(?) is actually a werewolf.

Sorry for the vagueness. If anyone out there has it bookmarked or knows what I'm talking about (presuming I'm making any sense!) that'd be awesome!


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