May. 26th, 2011

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I got a horrible sunburn this weekend, and at the worst point of pain (before going to the doctor) I kept telling myself to suck it up and be a MoFo like Sam Winchester.

Anyone know any fics of that loooooong body getting a bad sunburn? I'd take dean recs too for the sympathy pains :)

Anything related to heat-inducing illnesses would be awesome and it could also be Jared.

The drugs are getting to me cause I am not phrasing this right at all. THANKS!!!

Don't really care about what the pairing or rating is :)
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Hey everyone ;)

sorry for spamming, but I have a big craving for Harry Potter fusion-like fic, where Sam gets/was sorted (preferably into Slytherin) and his and Deans life at Hogwarts. Any stuff out there like that, maybe something longer?

thanks in advance <3
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Hi I have been looking araound for any crossovers and/or fusions between Supernatural and Chuck and I have only been able to find a couple of them so now I'm asking if you guys know of any. Slash, het, gen and wincest are all fine, I just REALLY want to read some Chuck/SPN crossovers.
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I've been through the Balthazar tag, and, well.. not much, meh.

SO. If anyone has anything that is Dean/Castiel/Balthazar - or any combination of the three? Please, pretty please?

Also! Gabriel. Throw him in that mix as well. Anything Cas/Balth/Gabe and any combination. Or Dean/Cas/Balth/Gabe and any combination.

No RPS/F please. And no Wincest.

Thanks muchly :)
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 I looked through the de-aged link but I couldn't find the one I was looking for and its driving me crazy.

The story is about Dean being de-aged like a year per day or something along those lines because of a curse that was placed on him. Sam takes the de-aging boy to Bobby's who helps Sam take care of Dean as he gets younger and younger. Each chapter is one day and I remember on has Dean thinking Sam is John and he's scared and runs to him (when Dean is 4 in the fic I think). I know the author posted a sequel of sorts where the witch who cursed them is no longer cursing anyone and is having a baby?

Also, I vaguely recall a fic where Dean is a baby but he has his adult mind and keeps trying to communicate to Sam who is taking care of him and has no idea that baby Dean is actually the adult Dean?
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hello i got two fics i'm hoping someone will know them...

1. what i remember is that Jensen and Jared are dating in high school and Jensen parents make Jensen brake up with Jared because he's underage and later on Jared's 18th birthday Jensen surprises Jared, Jensen ask Jared to Marry him.  FOUND thank you so much :D

2. it's a werewolf fic want i remember is Jensen is an alpha looking for a beta and finds Jared in a bar and try to take him but the other wolfs stop it Jared has to fight to get to be beta

i hope someone knows the fics thank you so much....


May. 26th, 2011 08:44 pm
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Two things:

1) I was reading a fic where Castiel (I think) was a Romani. Dean was getting all defensive because he though Cas was following him. Any Ideas?

2) and Au where Cas/Dean/Sam or any combination of, are/is a Romani?
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Hey guys. Need your help again.

1.I'm looking for fics where either Sammy or Jared has had an accident and need to do therapy to get back to normal or just to improve. Physical or mental.

I do prefer Wincest or J2 or Gen. Not a fan of girlfriends in the story.(i just cant do the better.

2.I'm also looking for a fic i read ages ago,i don't remember it being updated for a while and that's why i lost it.

Jared collasped on set and Jensen took him to the hospital and he got diagnosed with Leukemia. Cannot remember what site it was on. Or if anyone knows of something similar.

3. I'm also looking for any fics where Sammy/Jared is in a Mental hospital and is rescued by Dean/Jensen.

I will be really grateful for anything you can give me.

I love a good old bit of Limp Sam/Jared.

Thank you for your help.xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Hi, I've been slowly rebuilding collection of fics after my computer crashed last year but seem to have hit a dead end looking for these three. Help!

1. J2 pornstar, Jensen only tops in films but is a bottom in everyday life and refuses to let anyone top him on film but his fans want him to bottom. Jared is a top and he and Jensen end up doing a movie together where Jared tops Jensen using a fucking machine.

2. J2 AU, Jared has a crush on Jensen who works in a sex shop. Jared uses a fucking machine on Jensen.

3. Dean/Evil Sam, Dean is on the run from Sam who is trying to protect Dean from other demons that are against Sam being leader. Sam carves his name into to Dean so that he can talk to Dean in his dreams. I think all the dreams take place in a house that turns out to be where Sam has set up his HQ.

My memory is a bit fuzzy but I hope it made sense.

1 and 2 found in comments :)
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I'm looking for Wincest, Destiel, or Wincestiel.
Any length, set in any time, with any story (or lack thereof), any rating, and any ending. I'm not a picky person, just toss out a couple of fics you really loved.

Please no AU or MPreg. Smut is appericated.

And one more thing, anyone who can give me a good jealous!Dean or jealous!Sam, regardless of pairing, will win my undying affection.


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