May. 24th, 2011

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Ok, so read this story sometime in the last two years and I can't remember much about it except that it was a Gabriel/Sam pairing for sure and the Gabriel marked Sam with his grace. The mark was invisible to the human eye but any supernatural creature could see it if they bothered to look for it. It was over/in/under (<- pick one) Sam's anti-possession tattoo. The mark was a trumpet sounded by stars. I think it was seven.

I know it's not a lot to go on but if anyone knows what I'm talking about I will love you for all time. No joke.

Note to Mods: I wasn't entirely sure what tags to use with this, so if I forget anything I'm sorry.
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Hi -

There was a RPF gen story that had a competition between the Smallville cast and the Supernatural cast - I remember one of the challenges being that the actors had to steal pens. Mike Rosenbaum sent them out to random fans after the fact, with notes like "Jared Padalecki chewed on the end of this pen," "Tom Welling signed a lunch check with this pen," etc.

If anyone could help me find this, I would appreciate it.
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Within the last two weeks I started reading a story where Cas is human and blind and bumps into a table where Dean is sitting and Dean makes some smart ass remark about blindness. That's about as far as I got before life interrupted and now I can't find the story. Help?
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So, there was one fic I read a while back where Dean comes back to the motel after getting breakfast or something like that and he finds Sam dancing to "Party in the USA."  I think it was fairly short.

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Hello! I have been on a total destiel AU kick lately, and now I've seemed to developed quite a taste for hs and college AUs. So combining that with my love for Cas!whump, could y'all point me in the direction of some awesome hs or college fics with hurt!cas or even abused!cas? Like where maybe he has an abusive boyfriend or he's bullied. And dean of course is there to protect/defend/save him. Thanks!
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I have read many Werewolves and Werecats fics involving Jensen/Dean and Jared/Sam as a couple. I have loved these stories.
But now I'm wondering are there any WereAnimal stories involing Misha/Castial as part of the main couple?
I will take anything
But please none where Misha/Cas is the bad guy. What I really hoping to find are the ones where Jensen/Dean and Misha/Cas are the couple, but I will take stories where Misha/Cas is with someone else.
EXTRA EXTRA brownie points if Misha/Cas is the Beta wolf or cat in the couple.

Please and thank you
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I haven’t been able to find this specific fic (series?) that I want to re-read:

It’s series of encounters over time between young Sam and Dean and a family (mother&children) that runs a diner.   I think Sam is in school (maybe Dean too), and I think there was a temporarily genderswapped Sam. Dean might work as a busboy/dishwasher? Sam and Dean go back to visit every few years but it takes Dean a while to realize that it’s his home.  I think it’s Gen but I’m not certain.  

Ring any bells?

Found in comments

J2 Fic

May. 24th, 2011 05:06 pm
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I didn't read this story that long ago but I forgot to save it.  It's a story about the boys (j2) - they make a bet, or something on live television where they say if they get x number of viewers for Supernatural, they'll make out on tv.  

Well, they get x number of viewers so they end up making out.  Unfortunately (or fortunately!) for them, it takes a TON of redos and re-takes and Jared ends up taking five so he can go jerk off in his trailer.

They end up together in the end though...

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I was wondering if y'all had any fics with the boys having close encounters with fairies?

I'll take any and all. I just finished reading Gossamer by Leonidaslion, and The Sky Was Full of Wings by [ profile] locknkey, in which Dean gets snatched away, and I would love more of that---but I would love anything else, as well. Case!fics, fics with John, codas to Clap Your Hands if You Believe, heck, if you have 'em I'll also take J2 fics involving the Fair Folk. I'm not picky about pairing, but please no Dean/Cas, or at least nothing explicit. Give me what you got! Thanks.
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Hi, does anyone know if [ profile] breea1 has archived her fics anywhere? Her journal has been deleted and a quick google hasn't helped.

Alternatively, does anyone know how to contact directly as I would like to ask for pdf copies of Bait, A Jared's Rules For Dating His Jensen and Cherish.
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I'm looking for fics where Dean loves to the bottom in the relationship, either with Sam or Cas, and/or the submissive. The more kinks and fetishes the better, but Dean should be confused and angsty about how he likes to be thoroughly used and dominated by the other man/men.
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I was looking about for one of my favorite pairings right now: Sam/Gabe. I have read one or two stories that have Gabriel or Sam as a Virgin. I would love to read more Virgin!Gabriel.

I will also accept Virgin!Sam or from my other favorite pairing, some Virgin!Castiel or Virgin!Dean.

Thanks in advance.
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Well.. II read defect verse by Kikkimax ... and am wondering whether there are any 'killer!'Dean stories. (or Sam for that matter) where the evil they got rid off where real people that they believed to be spirits, werewolves... ++ Which in essence makes him suffering from some kind of insanity... Whether it be DID, schizophrenia or something else... 

so -> this is what I'm searching for

1. 'Real' verse - as in the supernatural does not exist
2. those that 'hunts', believes it does. - with all that implies
3. Ordinary people are killed.
4.Prefer Sam/Dean to be the main person/s
5. cross? 
6.mental insanity?

- Already saw the DID list - bit confusing - but can't say I found any there... (the 'normal' verse thing is not what I'm searching for...)... Help?
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Anyone know any fics where Cas is totally in love with Dean, but Dean just isn't interested? Bonus if Sam/Bobby/Balthazar/Whoever confronts Cas about it and tries to get him to move on. Not looking for a happy ending—I want the angsty, angsty sadness. I wouldn't mind if it featured some Sam/Castiel, but totally not necessary.

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Hello my freaky peeps,

I'd like some recs please. J2 or Sam/Dean is ok rating gen to NC17 is fine and dandy. Here is the premise...
Jensen/Dean, Sam/Jared have a genital deformity or accident, like only one ball / or they lost one to an illness or though an accident. I'd like it if even if they were impotent for while they eventually got things back in working order.

I'd love the other person to be supportive and loving and caring and help then through it. And I'll even take peen power stories, like the one who is deformed never thought they'd be functioning again but the power of the others peen helped them through. You know stuff like that.

I'd also accept if the person wasn't deformed but couldn't perform due to emotional scaring or abuse or something.

Please no hermaphrodite fics or turned into girls fics etc. Just the boys and their junk.

That all sounds simple enough right? Self recs are welcome. Only condition no death fics please, unless it's like the death of a ball or something.

Thanks peeps. Peace

P.S I have never heard the work peen till I started reading spn fan fic. Still makes me giggle every time.
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Hi all,

I found this and this post previously requesting body shots fics, and have seen some at [ profile] j2_recs  but now I've read all the suitable ones; so I need more! I don't care if it's the main focus of the fic, or just a part of it, as long as it's nice and detailed!

As always for me:
  • Wincest or J2 is fine, but it must be AU J2
  • First time fics are especially welcomed, as are self-recs
  • I prefer long fics, but will take PWP
  • Nothing involving non-con/rape
  • No Mpreg
  • Easy on the schmoop please! :p
Thanks in advance,

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Looking for one general fic type, and two specific fics:

1. I read a lot of fics where John is abusive/neglectful, and while canon showed us he might not have ever made Father of the Year I don't think he ever deliberately hurt his boys. In fact, I suspect he'd have been pretty much the most badass protective dad ever. I mean, he literally sold his soul to save his son's life. Come on. So, that's the kind of fic I want to read. John kicking ass and taking names, all to keep his sons safe. Could be against a human or supernatural baddie, I don't care. The longer the better, and no Wincest for this one, please.

Now for the specific fics (both featuring Dean with a daughter). I'm almost positive they're two separate fics, but not 100%:

2. In the first one, Dean's got his baby girl with him when he comes to get Sam from Stanford. She's a toddler, about two maybe? I remember a scene where he's bathing her and Sam and Jess are discussing them, and another moment where she says 'FUT!' in frustration and they fuss at Dean for teaching her the f-word. I think maybe Jess doesn't die in this, but not sure. EDIT: FOUND! Link in comments.

3. Again, Dean brings his baby with him to Stanford, but I don't recall Jessica being in this one much so I guess she died like in canon. The only thing I remember for sure was that Sam and Dean end up in the cabin of an old mountain woman when the baby turns six months old, and she helps them battle the YED to save her. EDIT: FOUND! Link in comments.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Okay so I recently read a fic in which Dean was paired with and OMC and got pregnant and now I'm searching for more fics with Dean paired up with an OMC! :)


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