May. 20th, 2011

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I'm looking for a J2 high school fic. I think it now has two stories, one in high school and one in college. Jensen is kind of goth/punk and Jared wears a lot of pink. I remember in the college one, several of Jensen's friends giving him a hard time for dating Jared. Also they go to a Halloween party dressed as each other.

Any ideas?


Edit: FOUND!!
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Both fairly long, although one was epic. The first was many, many chapters. Jensen was the RA in Jared's building, he formerly had a relationship with Justin, who cheated on him, then he winds up with freshman Jared. At one point, Jensen totally freaks out after a conversation with Jeff, and dumps Jared, but they get back together. A number of the chapters that follow up with Jared's sophomore year of school focus on other couples/characters, including an involved storyline where Steve was in love with Christian, but winds up later with Justin.

I can remember all this, and not the title or author!

I remember fewer details about the second fic. I do remember that Jared and Jensen were roommates in college, that they get together, and then Jared comes out to his parents, and that doesn't go well. I seem to recall that Jensen may have tried to commit suicide at some point, before the story begins. I also remember that the last chapter I read had the boys going away for spring break, where they ran into an old friend or girlfriend of Jensen's.

Thanks to anyone who can help me find these fics!
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Looking for fics where Sam is either being a badass, or having powers or evil or antichrist and being witnessed by an outsider. It can be from the outsider POV or just having OCs on the scene. Crossovers, Gen or Wincest are all welcome.

This is my first time posting here so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. XP
Thanks in advance!
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Hey there guys!

Usually I wouldn't do this but I've been thinking about and looking for this fic for days now and it's really bothering me.

So, it's Gabriel/Sam and Dean/Cas. I'm pretty sure it's a one shot but could be longer, I can't quite remember.

It's angsy and I believe takes place in season Five and the premise is this: Dean is still angry at Sam and unstable so he's been attacking Sam to relieve his frustrations. Physically and verbally attacking. Sam lets him because he feels he deserves it after every thing he's done to Dean and the world. because of this he refuses to tell Gabriel what's been going on and Dean never does anything when the angels are around. But then they stumble on Dean in the middle of hurting Sam and Gabriel goes postal.

The fic wasn't actually bashing Dean, though it kinda sounds like it, and by the end Dean felt really, really bad about everything.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I've been all through my memories but damned if I can find it. XD

Thanks for the help guys!!!
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Hello all! Hopefully someone knows where to find these, as it's otherwise driving me mad!

1) An older Dean/Cas fic, written while S4 was airing I beleive. Dean, Sam and Cas get drunk, and Dean proposes, giving Cas his silver ring to wear. There may have been a second part or sequel as well.

2) A Dean/Cas fic where Cas is human and hanging out with the Wincheters at Bobby's. Sam is recovering from something, Demon blood addiction maybe, and doesnt' know about Dean and Cas. I remember that the couple would sneak off in the Impala for 'private time.' I remember this fic mostly because their relationship is described as being very settled and somewhat domestic, and their both very contentedly in love.

Thank everyone!
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I read a note about the episode 2.04, Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things. 

"After they finished shooting [the final] scene Jensen took off by himself and went down the road, overwhelmed by Dean’s mindset. Jared ran after him stopping and embracing him simply whispering “Good scene, man.” and held him tight until he stopped crying."
I was wondering if anyone knew of any fics that dealt with that? The actual situation, the aftermath, any of it. 

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Are there any stories out there where Dean talks about his little brother, or "Sammy" and the other person thinks... well, 6 year old? Then Sammy rescues them, and it's this 6'4, muscled dude and just... not what people think when they hear little brother or "Sammy"

Basically, the guy in my icon, with attitude to match.

I have read clair beaubien's "Nobody Loves A Moron"
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Hello, could anyone recommend me some good Dean/Castiel or gen fanfictions of any length that are Season 6 AU. Anything that deviates after "Swan Song".

Thanks in advance.
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 I was watching 6.21 and wanted to read some fics with Ben. I don't care too much about pairings except for no Sam/Dean unless it's kind of a background thing. Bonus points for fics where Ben is Dean's kid.

Hope the tags are okay and thanks in advance.
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I am looking for two specific fics, which I believe are on They are both similar to Still Standing, where Dean is abusive to Sam while he is drunk and blames Sam for everything that is going wrong. I remember the specifics of each story, but my Google magic isn't working.

1.) the first fic is dean is beating sam (who is a girl in this fic) while he is drunk, because of the death of Ellen and Jo. So Sam tries to sell her soul to Crowley, to bring them back, he does but the price is that Sam becomes Crowley's mate. Smexing ensues to seal the deal and it turns out that Crowley actually does care for Sam and is trying to protect her from Lucifer and her brother. A couple of days later Sam turns up later at Bobby's house wearing a green top and leather pants because Crowley want's to make Sam feel special and show her off. Dean ends up threating Sam again, but Crowley protects her and ends up telling everyone how Dean has been treating her and I remember Ellen ends up punching Dean for treating Sam like that.  Found in comments

2.) the second story is like the one before Sam is a girl too and dean is beating her up. She has a lot of angel friends including Castiel and Gabriel. Well after one bad fight with Dean beating her up, she runs into the street planning to kill herself, when Michael shows up to help her. They mate and he protects her from Dean and it ends up with Michael wanting to make Sam the angel of harmony and Gabriel ends up telling dirty jokes or something. Found in comments

I think they are both done by the same authors, please help!
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Okay so I'm new to this community but I'm hoping you guys could reccommend me some good completed fanfics or ones where the author uploads daily this is what i'm looking for:

1.) Werewolf fics with Mpreg. I usually like Dean/Sam or Jared/Jensen pairing but if its at least one of these two guys w/ an OMC then thats cool too.

2.) Daddycest (Dean/John) w/ mpreg! I read one fic of these and it was really good! Its hard to find these now though or maybe I'm just not searching enough(?)

3.) Egg!fic lol Would really prefer Dean/Castiel but if a fic is good and its not that pairing then I will read it too! Aaaaannnnnddddd if its multiples even better ;)

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Hi everybody,

After watching Swan Song again this morning, I remembered this fic where Sam came back as a ghost. It took place right after the episode ended with Sam standing under the burnt out light post. I don't remember the rest of the story but I think Sam just came to say goodbye to Dean.

I can't find it in any of my bookmarks. I will love you forever if somebody knows this story. Thanks.

Found: link in comments
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Hey gang!

So today I'm on the search for Jared with burns or any kind of scars or disfigurment that he doesn't like about himself that makes him shy away from others because he's afraid of the way he looks. Does like going out in public much etc.

Thanks and Happy SPN night!


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