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I'm in the mood for some crazy angel/demon mating rituals. Any pairing's okay, so long as at least one of them is an angel/demon. Any egg!fic/fledgling!fic recs are appreciated, too. I've read a lot of them, but I'm hoping there's a few floating out there that I haven't run across yet.
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Hi I was wondering if you guys could help me out here...

I'm looking for 2 fics:

1) What I remember from this first fic is that Dean is raped by ghosts at night (a curse?) and Sam sees it but is helpless to stop it. They are also caught and sent to prison where the rapes continue. I can't remember if the story ended as wincest... This is about all I remember, I hope it's enough=)!

2) Sam and Dean are (thought to be) dead and people they've saved come together at 'their' memorial and commemorate. And Bobby attended as well.There might have been a remix made about this fic, I'm not sure...

My fingers are crossed here and many thanks in advance!

ETA: #1 is Filthy Mind by rivkat. Found by allydenise. Link is
       #2 is Warm Strangers by extraonions and its remix, Warm Strangers (The Next of Kin remix) by jay_zelenka. Found by hiasobi. Links are for the original and for the remix.
Further ETA: There are now podfics for #2. Thanks to cookiemom6067. Links are and
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Why oh why do I keep losing this fic?!

Dean is homeless, John is a hunter, I think Dean was maybe selling himself, or he was completely against it, either way it was brought up in the start of the fic. Dean steals John wallet, John knows about it, buys Dean a meal and then takes him on the road to Bobby's. Dean ends up with this spirit sleep thing inside him and is forced to stay awake for days with a mirror on his chest until the thing in him dies. John makes him a horse shoe type necklace to keep them away for good. There was more than just the one fic I think as well.

Does anyone know what I'm babbling about? If its found I swear I'll buy you a choclate cake once I'm done bookmarking it and tripple bookmarking it for good measure.

And any fics where John is a hunter but doesn't have kids, he picks them up on the way through his search for evil things. If he has just one kid already and picks the other up on his travels, I'm open to that too.

Thanks guys!
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1. Jared/Jensen AU - Jensen is miserable with his life, overweight, and I believe he either has a heart attack or nearly does, something that lands him in the hospital. As a result he agrees to go a weight loss camp, where they get personal trainers. Jared is Jensen's trainer. Anyone know what story I'm talking about?

2. Jared/Jensen AU - Jared is a sex toy in Misha's shop. I believe it was based off Toy Story? Also there's some very minor background Mike/Misha. Anyway, Jared is bought for Jensen as a surprise gift, after Jared has already seen him once and is basically in love with him.

Hopefully that's enough to ring some people's for people. All help is appreciated!

Edit: Found, links in the comments!
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Alright, so there was this Wincest fic, probably set in seasons one or two, where Sam dies...but something inhabits his body? It's really long and angsty...

If anyone finds it, I'd be really grateful! Thank you.
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i'm looking for any Criminal Minds/Supernatural crossovers. i'm hoping somebody else has written some Dean/Derek Morgan or Dean/Spencer Reid.

Dean/Morgan/Sam is an added bonus.

i'd prefer to have just the character stories, but casefics are okay. And definitely, the longer the better.

Thank you!
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Looking for J2 fics where the boys are in a fight, but eventually they make up. Could be similar to AGT Spooky's No More Running, but I'll take anything.
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I've checked the mute!boys tag and various other sites and haven't been able to find this story.  It's set in the Brotherhood AU.  Dean is mute after Mary's murder and John ends up taking him to Dr. Mackland Ames.  The story is primarily about a teenaged Caleb meeting four year old Dean for the first time and I think he ends up having to look after Dean for a while.

I have checked the Hunter's Tomb site and Ridley Scott's page and still can't find it.  I'm dying to read it again so I hope someone can help! 
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So I have my last final tonight and then I am free, free, free for summer, and I want reads! Lots and lots of reads!

I have one specific request and two general.

Specific )

Any help you could give me on that one would be great.

Now for the general requests!

1. Wincest fic where Sam wants Dean, and Dean wants him right back, but for whatever reason resists it. Sam could be too young, Dean could think that he’s screwed Sammy up in some way, whatever. What I want is for Sam to seduce Dean or push to the point where Dean can’t say no. I am NOT talking about non-con. Dean has to want it. Something like meadowmines’ fic. That’s what I mean when I say forceful Sam. Because that’s hot. Yes.

2. I read plenty of fics where Dean is a big ol’ manwhore, and Sam eats his heart out over him while his brother sluts himself around with anyone and everyone – sometimes to hurt Sam, sometimes not. Well, what that puts me in the mood for is the reverse. I want fic where Sam is the one running around, and Dean is pining miserably. Happy endings are a must, but angst in the beginning is kind of a requirement with this one, so feel free to make me cry.  Sam can sleep with people knowing how much it gets to Dean or Dean can be hiding his feelings and pining secretly; I don’t care so long as it leads to lots of Wincesty goodness.

Completed fics only, please (I have nothing against the WiP, but am ridiculously impatient and hate waiting), and self-recs are not only welcome, they are actively encouraged.
Thank you!!
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I was curious are there any fics where Dean is the one with a demon blood addiction?

Thank you
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1) I'm looking for fics where Dean gets molested by Pastor Jim. John doesn't believe him when Dean first tells him him what happened but later John discovers it was the truth.

2) Any fic where Sam is told quite forcibly what an asshole he has always been for Dean and that Dean had done everything for him during all his life without asking for anything in return. (Cas/Dean pairing would be great, especially if it's Cas who shows Sam those things.)
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4 requests yaaaaay! And one specific.

1. Fic with toddler!Dean and baby!Sam. I wanna see some wee!lovin'! Or motherly!Dean, cause who doesn't love that? Just Dean taking care of his baby brother. :)

2. Anyone seen that youtube video of Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles do the When Harry Met Sally reenactment? No? Click! Anyways, looking for fic that branch off from that. Have any been written about it yet? Misha/Jensen, any rating!

3. Sam/Dean or Jensen/Jared; one of the boys has an STD. Doesn't matter which kind~

4. Sam/Dean or Jensen/Jared; Dean/Jensen is held prisoner at either a sex facility or a fighting arena (similar to Leonidaslion's Fetters of Fenrir). This doesn't include cathouses or red light districts as those are somewhat optional. Any rating!


May. 17th, 2011 08:12 pm
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Hello everyone!

I'm looking for brother-centric or Sam-centric pre-series stories set in high school ala "after school special". It can be written before that episode aired of after it, but I'm just seriously craving some old-fashioned SamnDean combined with other people reacting to their skills/lifestyles.

Please no wincest and while case!fic is ok, I would prefer if it was only in the background and the "normal" part of their lives what the stories focus on.

Thank you everyone in advance, you are awesome!^^
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Can someone rec me any good Crowley/Dean fics?  I'd prefer bottom!Dean if at all possible.  H/C or Mpreg would be loved. 

No death or dub/non-con fics, please!

Thanks in Advance!
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Hey guys,

So my computer's been on the friz and I just lost a fic I was reading! I looked through my memories/cookies but it seems they were wiped out as well. :( I've gone through the delicious tags I'm pretty sure I found it in (black_cherry619's) but, oddly enough, nothing.

The title had the word 'sky' in it, Sam and Dean are unrelated and meet in a foster home. Sam's turning 14 and Dean's turning 18; Dean will be moving out on his 18th birthday. The foster parents seem nice but are strict; I remember the foster dad's name was Brian and he made Sam nervous. It's slash, although I suppose not technically wincest since they're not related. They go into the attic, see a ghost, are scared to death and start to research about it so there's still the supernatural element as well.

Ahh I'm kicking myself for not putting it in my bookmarks but anyway, hopefully someone here knows what fic this is!

Thank you!

EDIT: story FOUND Can't Take the Sky.


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