May. 13th, 2011

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Ok, after a hellish scouring of the sites I may have frequented at the time I may have been reading this fic, I'm at a loss. I can usually find old fic, but SPN is a fandom with an extremely high rate of fic intake.


Gabriel and Castiel were very close in heaven (Gabriel was very [platonically] attached to Cas and his innocent nature.) After God gives Gabriel a message about the person who will complete him (Sam), Gabriel grows increasingly depressed and desperate. After God gives him a similar message for Castiel about Dean, Gabriel refuses to deliver it and flees heaven.

There's something about Gabriel creating the perfect vessel for Cas to occupy on earth by collecting things like gems for his eyes.

I believe in this fic Sam, Dean, and Chuck all went to school together and stayed best friends. Also, Dean lives with Ellen and Jo, but didn't know they were hunters.

EDIT: Thank you, malcolm_doyle! Fic found in comments.

This should be enough to identify the story by if anyone knows it, I don't want to spoil too badly because it really was a great read. Last I read, it was a WIP, but it may be complete now.

Thank you so much if you know what it is!

Season AU

May. 13th, 2011 11:15 am
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Hi all!  It's me again!  I got such a wonderful response last time, I decided to try again.  I'm looking for season six AUs.  Um....I suppose this should be under a cut......  (Mods, did I do this right?) :)
Read more... )

Gen only please and please PLEASE give me happy endings!  No death fics!  

Thanks so much!  You guys rock!  
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I'm looking for a shortish fic that was set in the old west. It used the POV of an OC, a priest maybe? Anyway, Sam and Dean are Hunters and come in and save him from a ghost, at one point using the cast iron cookware against it. I'm pretty sure it was gen.

Bobby was mentioned, but didn't show up.

I read this at least a year ago, so it wasn't related to "Frontierland" at all. I've been through the cowboy tags here, but can't find it. Any suggestions? I know I read it on LJ, but I don't think I recognized the author so they're probably not big in SPN.
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1) (Gen) Dean leaves Sam at their motel to go for a burger and ends up interrupting a robbery. Read more... )

I've been trying to find this fic everywhere. I read it like forever ago and I can't for the life of me remember exactly where I read it.

Found: Right Place, Wrong Time

2) (Gen) Sam and Dean are on a case involving a creature that feeds off of the bond between mother and son. Read more... )

I love the concept of maternal Dean, and this was pretty much the first fic I read that addressed that. I've been searching and searching, but to no avail.

Found: Brothers and More

P.S. If any of ya'll know fics that have Dean stopping crime (by accident, or design) then people realizing he's not all that he seems, or fics with Dean being all soft and fuzzy and maternal, but still completely BAMF, I would really appreciate the recs.
-Wincest(S/D) is much appreciated, Gen is cool, but please no het, or angel love, or death/dark!fic.
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I know they're out there - various stories where one or both of the guys is in a rock band or boy band.  I just can't FIND them.  HELP?  All such stories eagerly sought (though please, no WIP - I'm not that patient).  J2 recs doesn't have a specific tag for this, neither does SPN-SF, and I suck at The Google. 
Thanks all.

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Hi there! I'm looking for stories about Sam and/or Dean growing up. It can involve getting their first job, moving out (Stanford counts), or otherwise maturing into adulthood. Gen is preferred. Thanks!
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So this is maybe kind of odd, but are there any J2 fics that take place in the AU established in episode 6x15 "The French Mistake"?  And by that I mean Read more... )So yeah, total crack!fic basically.  (Though if anyone's actually managed to write a serious fic that takes place in the universe I would gladly read that too.
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Hello, I read this fic a while back and I can't remember what it was called.

What I remember of it, Sam, Dean and Castiel took shelter in an abandoned hospital. Castiel painted sigils on the walls to keep it protected because one of the boys was injured. One of the three (I think it was Dean) complained because the beds were too hard or the mattress was too thin. I believe they ended up pushing some beds together so they could all rest. It might have ended up as a Sam/Castiel/Dean piece but I'm not too sure about that. Sorry, it's so vague. Any help would be appreciated.

Found in comments by [ profile] hils . Thank you, you rock!
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So, I've read a lot of fics, and I've noticed that Jared is always the friendly, happy-go-lucky kind of guy. So I'm wondering if there are any J2 fics out there where Jared is generally a mean, douchey, arrogant kind of guy, or maybe even a bully? and is preferably extra mean to Jensen?
but ends with them getting together.

Not that I don't LOVE Cheerful!Happy!Jared, but I just wanna change, ya'know?

Also, only bottom Jensen please!

Self-recs are welcome too!

Thank you!

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I just remembered reading this ages ago and somehow I didn't save the link. 

Dean gets cursed and starts blurting out every thought that enters his mind. I think he starts reciting movies and lyrics and whatnot to keep from embarrassing himself and I very clearly remember one scene where Sam asks what it was like after he left for Stanford and Dean begging him not to ask about that because he'll think about what it was like and then he'll tell Sam. 

I'd love to read this again (or anything with a similar plot for that matter)
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Are there any crossovers with the Vampire Chronicles out there? Probably not...
If anybody knows of any, point me in its direction, will ya?  ^_^ Thanks.


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