May. 11th, 2011

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So I know this might seem a little bit strange, but I have two requests. One, I just finished watching "Everybody Loves a Clown" and I was wondering if there was any fic out there that has Ash and Sam as major players? Or even interacting at all? Bonding over their unfinished terms at classy universities, even just sharing a beer. Gen (slash is good, preferred but not required), any length: whatever you can find. Self-recs are good too. As a note, though, I have read the Regrets series by Jassy.

And two, I was wondering if anyone could rec any fics that deal with Sam and his fear of clowns? Pre-series, bitty!Sam, terrified!Sam, any season -- anything. How the fear developed, how he deals, if he gets over it (how badly Dean teases him). You know, whatever. Sam guidelines apply: any length, any genre, any rating; gen, slash; self-rec or not.

Thanks so much!

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I remember that Dean chose to stay with Cassie and they got married and had a baby. Sam continues hunting though Deans abandonment really messes him up. Sam ends up hunting with Ash and they start a sort of friends with benefits arrangement. Sam's visions lead him to all of the other special kids and they all start to gather around the Roadhouse in trailers. Sam has slept with all of the special kids and it kind of connects them together. They gather up iron and create a circle around the roadhouse. The Demon goes after Dean and manages to kill Cassie. The demon couldn't get to the baby because the cradle, which was a gift from Sam, has intricate carvings that protect the baby.

Any help finding the story would be appreciated.

FOUND! Link in comments.
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Hi, am looking for a general type of story, with a couple of specific ones in the mix.

Type of fic is any recs where Dean's deal with the Crossroads Demon is invalid because he's already given his soul over to Sam, either consciously or without realising it. Have read all I can find under the 'Dean's deal' tag on here already, including Council for the Defence by Teand

Specific ones are:
1. This one where Dean gives his soul over to Sam during sex shortly before the deal's due.
2. As children, Dean gives Sam his soul. I don't think he 'traded' it in any way, just gave it over to Sam for safe-keeping in such a way that Sam was all wide-eyed and happy and Dean was happy because Sam was happy. If that makes any sense.
(Edit: Possibly Dean gave it to Sam to make up for some disappointment?)

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I have 1 request and a specific.

1. I want anything schmoopy involving John/Mary. wee!chesters and teen!chesters acceptable, wincest preferred.

2. I once read this awesome AU where the demons had conquered the earth and were using people for vessels. It's quite angsty and kinky, but it was good. The ship was Sam/Dean but there was also John/Mary. Does someone know where it is??
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Hey peeps. Today I'm looking for fics where Dean steps in front of bullets for Sam, steps in front of monsters, he tells people 'you touch my brother and I'll kill you' like he gets suicidily protective and rather scary. Bonus points of Sam still gets hurt and it just spurs Dean on.

And fics like Day Job where Dean is so lovely and caring and tender to Sam when he's hurt, your heart melts.
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Hey, I was just wondering if there are any stories out there where and angel (preferably Castiel or Gabriel) meet Temperance Brennan and have an "discussion" about wither or not God exists.
Winchesters is a plus
And it can just be a small section of the story
Does not have to be the whole thing.
Thanks ya'll
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Hi :)

So I'm looking for any J2 or Sam/Dean fics (preferably long ones) which have one or both of the boys as cops.
I would especially love any established-relationship fics.

Thanks a lot in advance!
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 Oh god I am such an spnstoryfinder whore...

ALAS! 2 requests this time!

1. J2 fic that deals a lot with a setting that has the boys during interviews with fans. If you've read The Play Nice Proviso (MUST-READ, GUYS), most of it has the boys doing panels or at cons. I've been a panel hound on youtube, so reading some fic about it would be nice. Any rating (R or above if you have it ;D), self recs are okie dokie!

2. J2 or Sam/Dean; either during or after the filming of Supernatural, one of the boys has a fall out with acting and ends up either homeless or broke and has to swallow his pride and ask the other for help. Preferrably Jensen, though I'll take homeless/broke!Jared, too. Sam/Dean: Either Sam leaves college and can't make it on his own, or Dean goes off on his own after Sam leaves for college and can't make it by on his own. Any rating, wincest yes!
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Are there any fics where for some reason Sam has to become Castiel's vessel? I just think it could be cool, and Cas would interact with Sam a lot more than he would with Jimmy and I'd bet they'd have some interesting conversations.
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Hey guys.

I'm looking for a fic that I haven't read in ages and now can't find.

The story was essentially about Dean and John (neither are exactly human) running into a father and son hunter team, Bobby and Sam in this case. The two are harmless and rather become friends with the hunters. Eventually, this becomes a Sam/Dean and Bobby/John. Dean and John take the two as mates and I think that there was mpreg eventually.

If you guys have any idea, I'd greatly appreciate it.

FOUND! Shadow Lands by Linda92595
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Hi!  I'm looking for the fics when Dean and Sam are temporary switched into girls.

I remeber one fic when Sam and Dean were changed into girls thanks to Gabriel. Ithink Gabe transport Sam and Dean into girls and then they were in the room and they ( I think) were playing their roles in the lesbian porn that Dean watched.
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I'm posting a request for a friend. She's looking for:

"about Sam [or Dean] having died in an SPN ep [AHBL,Mystery Spot, know they eps they've died in] and said person ends up in heaven, is brought back to life and has to figure out how to deal with being back." (Like Buffy)

It would be great if anyone could recommend a story or five like this!


BTW, this friend LOVES wincest and Dean/Cas.
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 Hi, I'm so happy this community is there I've recently had a obsession with this idea...

I am looking for fanfic where John Winchester meet Castiel.  Preferably not back in time. if it's a Destiel it even more appreciated. NO John/Casteil parring. 
you gotta love the idea of John seeing what his boys been up to.... (glee)


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