May. 8th, 2011

2 Gen J2!

May. 8th, 2011 12:31 am
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Hello, beautiful people!

I have two gen requests for you, and I'm hoping someone out there can help!

1) I'm looking for J2 fics where Jensen and Jared are in prison? Also, if the boys get into trouble and fight with other inmates or even each other. I'd love some Pretty!Jensen getting taunted, beat up, molested,  and harassed about his looks, ya' know like 'don't drop the soap'  jokes by the inmates and Jared.

2) Highschool J2! Most highschool fics I've read have them starting off as friends and then into lovers. I want something a little different.
I'm wondering if there are any where Jared is a bully and Jensen is maybe a nerd? I think that would be totally awesome!
Big-Bad-Bully-Jared likes messing with Pretty-Nerdy-Jensen and hurting him for whatever reason and THEN they get together.

Only bottom!Jensen please!

Self-recs are Spectacu-lacular!

Love <3
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 I remember reading this ficlet? it was about Castiel feeling uncomfortable with Dean moaning his father´s name while they´re doing the dirty, you know: Oh God! oh God!
But Dean ignores his pleadings to stop, so, he decides to teach him a lesson: oh John Winchester! More! oh John Winchester!

It was really cute and I can´t remember if I read it in LJ or somewhere else, please help?
Thank you!
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I'm looking for something that came up in the last episode.

Season 6 spoilers )

Also, I'd like some GEN Leverage crossovers, please. If there is a pairing, I'd rather have very, very, very little sex involved.

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So that episode was kind of depressing...

Which is why I'm really longing for some Team Free Will domestic/curtain!fic right now!

I know this show is mainly angst and manpain and lots of drama, but there must be some nice, optimistic fic out there where they all settle down to be kind of, dysfunctionally happy.

Sam POV/Sam-centric /Dean-Sam relationship or even Dean/Sam/Cas schmoop

Everything goes, hit me with AU's or crossovers,Gen or Het or slash I just need a bit of a pick me up, so I can believe everything can still turn out alright for me boys <3
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Does anyone know of any fics where J2's parents disapprove of their relationship?
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Sooo the last episodes kind of left me craving some Dean/Sam/Cas, which is weird cause I'm not so much into either Wincest OR Dean/Cas, but after reading [ profile] ratherastory 's wonderful new story Ain't Looking back on the seeds I've sown, I'm kind of craving more.

So allpowerful community, know any long, plotty fics with implied or pre or actual Sam/Dean/Cas? No (permanent^^) character death or ending on a extremely bleak and depressing note. I don't mind angst and manpain, but I like to have at least the hopeful/happy ending as a pick-me-up

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I recently reread K Hannah Korossy's From the Darkness and became curious about whether there were other stories out there that involved Sam being experimented on. Maybe because of his psychic powers, or demon blood etc.


(self recs and slash are fine)
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Hi! I'm looking for any fics with J2 or Sam and Dean with personality disorder.
Also I would be very happy if someone would reccomend me fics with very protective Jared or Sam ( I wouldn't also mind anything with protective Misha,Steve,Chris Jeff/John)
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Hello all,
I’m hoping you can help me find a certain type of story...

I’m looking for AU Jensen/Misha or AU Dean/Castiel fics with fantasy or supernatural elements present.

Examples of this are:
+Request by CloudyJenn
+I Got Soul but I'm Not a Soldier by Starandrea

Cas doesn’t have to be an angel….he totally can be, but the supernatural element can be anything!

Does this request make sense??? I just don’t want Jensen and Misha flirting in an office building or on the Spn set…I want them fighting dragons or ghosts or having telepathy…and if Cas is an Angel, then I want the story to be totally AU.

Can you help?

Prison Fics

May. 8th, 2011 08:21 pm
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Hi, I am new to this community and have a general search that I need your help with. Specifically I would like bottom dean fics where both Sam and Dean go to prison and Sam has to protect Dean's virtue. OR where only Dean has to go to jail and stuff happens that is on the more NC-17 side of the spectrum. Anything you can find is welcome (plus self promotion is acceptable).

I have also recently gotten into Fringe so any Gen fics that cross over these two shows, preferably longer ones would be fantastic.



May. 8th, 2011 09:49 pm
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Any fics where Sam has surgery, or some sort of procedure, goes and comes back without telling Dean, Dean only finds out when he gets home (back to the motel.)


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