May. 7th, 2011

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 i've been searching for some weeks now for a dean/cas fic where dean realizes he's in love with cas, but he's not attracted to him? no "it's not men, it's just cas" or "i was bisexual all along" reveal before they have sex, but a fic where the two of them try to work out being in love without dean being sexually attracted to cas. is there one like that out there? 
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Please help if you can? Been driving me crazy for 3+ months now...

1) Sam/Gabriel, with a very, very minor Dean/Cas background - Sam says something snotty to Gabriel who has joined Team Free Will, which makes Gabriel decide to do his best to emulate the perfect angel - suit, emotionless, etc. Has Cas on a mountaintop with him, Cas telling him he's never seen him so sad/depressed, and another scene with Dean telling Sam to say he's sorry, and another with Dean telling Cas he would never want him like Gabriel. Two One part, pretty sure on LJ. FOUND by [ profile] scarecrowqueen! (All Come Back Around by [ profile] entangled_now)

2) Possibly Dean/Cas story, or pre, or implied, or just friendship with 3 teenage hooligans accosting Sam and Cas, thinking they are a gay couple, Cas not really (or pretending not to understand) and Dean coming up mostly after the fact and scaring the teens just on the premise, before he even realized what they they'd been harassing about (an exchange sthg like: 'We're just kids!' and Dean saying, 'So?' Short story. (Like a Road Through Mountains)

3) A very Gabriel story - thought it was on herostratic, but still can't find it - Read more... )Many, many thanks in advance if anybody can help me pinpoint these hatefully elusive creations.
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Are there any stories that are specifically about the fight that took place in episode 4.21 "When the Levee Breaks" Expanding the fight and making it last longer, covering all the nasty things that Sam had to say to his brother. And what condition did Sam leave Dean in? If there are any other stories out there where the boys really get into it, I'd love to read them, does Sam permanently damage Dean and not realise it. Thanks to all who answer.
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So, I read this really interesting (and porny) fic "What a glorious waste of time" with Jared and Jensen being in a serious and committed relationship but inviting Misha over to a "private party" as he's the new guy in town and seems fun to them... well Jensen, really.

This kinda got me a little bit obsessed with all things Misha. I would love to read more fics where he joins J2, AU or not, or where one of the Js thinks about but is too shy to talk about it until the other J picks up on it... any variation, really. I don't mind PWPs but I would also have some plot or at least emotional investment on all sides... makes for a really good read :)

I would also read any fics where Misha is involved with one of the Js and they then show interest in the other J... I'm really not picky, as you can probably tell :)

Thanks in advance, I'm looking forward to all your recs :)
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Hi, I'm looking for two specific stories, both High School AUs.

I don't know the authors or titles of either, but I'm pretty clear on the plot of both:

1) Sam and Dean show up at a new school and Dean, at least, is drafted into the school musical, performing Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - he is playing Dr Horrible, and Gabriel Captain Hammer (or the other way round), and they get together by the end of the fic. Sam and Cas also get together in the background. Misha and Anna (or Julie, but I think it was Anna) are Gabriel and Cas' parents. I don't particularly remember much about Dean and Sam's parents.
High School AU, Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Dean/Gabriel, Sam/Cas

2) This one I haven't actually read myself, but I understand that Dean and Cas get together, both at High School, Cas has an appropriately stern and absent-father-y household, and basically, they end up happy together. Cas' surname was possibly Reeves. The best indication I can give is that there was a sequence where Sam got Dean to go and talk to Cas, and gave him a pie to take him so that they would talk, and someone made fanart (possibly comiccy) of this sequence.
High School AU, Dean/Castiel, fanart was made.

I hope anyone knows where these are!
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 Hi everyone! I'm looking for Dean/Castiel crossover fics with The Sentinel. I just read Overcome by melonbutterfly and now I'm fascinated :) . I had never heard of The Sentinel before reading this fic and now I'm wondering if there are more out there. I'd prefer Dean/Cas fics, but I'll also read fics with Sam as the Guide or Sentinel as long as it isn't wincest.

Edit: Here's the link to Overcome if anyone wants to read it.
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Hai fellow fanfic addicts :)
Okay, so I don't remember the title of this fic, which is a major piss off pushing me to bother you guys with this, and the previous requests for a Dean is Michael fic don't have the fic I'm looking for.
Basically, Dean is Michael, except he's stored his grace in this huge ass tree and when he touches it all his grace comes back. Its a Dean/Castiel and Sam/Gabriel fic, with dean being all protective over Sam and Gabriel and generally amused by their relationship. There's not a lot of angst, from what I remember, but this is just about it. Help?

Edit: FOUND In Comments

Its Hidden Grace ) by [ profile] aceofannwn 
Thanks everyone!
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 Looking for sam/dean fic where the boys never get into hunting and their parent both live long and healthy lives. I guess it could be considered domestic fic. I think there must be a rec list somewhere for fic like this since it sounds fairly common, but I wouldn't know where to find it (besides here!) since I rarely deviate from the canon storyline. :c Any rating, no gen please!

Many thankies!
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Hello everyone! I have been searching for this ficlet for a very long time. I cannot remember the name or the author, but I definitely know what it is about. Dean, Sam and Castiel get stuck in the internet (I think Gabriel is pulling a trick on them). I remember Dean getting stuck in LJ with Becky there as company, Sam getting stuck in Twitter and Castiel stuck on Facebook. I guess you could say there is Dean/Castiel, but it is just a general ficlet where the boys and their angel get stuck in the internet, proceed to freak out, etc.

If anyone could help me I would be immensely grateful! This is my first post (I've read the sticky note), so mods, I am at your disposal if their is anything wrong with this entry.


FOUND: Many thanks to [ profile] ksock for finding this ficlet for me!
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I read that fic months ago and i am looking for it since a while. It's driving me nuts....

All i remember is that Jensen come out to Jared saying that he is gay (secretly in love with him) and Jensen start dating guys and stuff.

I remember a moment where Jared goes to Jensen house and it's Jensen out night stand who open the door and is a total ass to Jared while Jared gets jealous.

thank you for any help :D
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Hi! This is the first time I post so please help me. I'm looking for some long wincest fic. If the story rate from R to NC17, I like Dean-bottoming more than Sam. I also like J2 with Top!Jared. XD Oh, I almost forget, I love happy ending so please do not rec death-fic or bad ending.

Thanks anyone who try to help. (Please help)

(PS: I was in a hurry so I didn't read the sticky post. So sorry.DX)
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Hello everybody!!

I am a Sam!Girl, but at the same time I can totally ship Dean/Cas. Regretfully I usually have to stay away from Dean/Cas fics because as far as I know usually Sam is very poorly treated, like: a) Sam is dead. b) Sam is evil. c) Sam is extrangely absent or simply not important enough to appear. That just does't work for me, because I will always believe that no matter who Dean loves *romantically*, he will still madly love his brother!!

So I was wondering if you wonderful people could point me to some good (hopefully long) Dean/Cas fics in which Sam is still an important part of the story? in which we can stil see and enjoy the brotherly bond? bonus points if there is also some Cas and Sam friendship!!

As I said, evil!Sam doesn't do it for me, but  regretful!Sam or redemption!Sam (season five style or post-apocalyptic style) is very welcomed!

Thank you very much!!
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I've been flicking through some rec sites but they either don't have word counts, or don't seem to have exactly what I want.

I want long gen fics (10,000 +) which include Castiel. I don't have a problem with UST. I don't want any graphic physical or sexual torture.

Can you give me a few of your favourites?   Thanks in advance.
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I'm looking for a series and i can't remember a title or author.

it's a J2 series and there was 3 or 4 fics in it. in that society in same sex marriages one was the husband(jared) and the other the 'wife' (jensen). and it was a very pre-feminisim sort of feel to it, where the woman was at home doing the house work and taking care of the kids while the husband went out and worked. sex was in missionary position only and the husband didn't touch the wife down there.

it was all from jensen'd pov and went  through the years, starting with marriage, then kids, and going to church functions, where the wives would get together and gossip and the men went someplace else to talk etc.

any help finding this series would be most welcom.

thanks so much in advance.

EDIT: found thank to tygrrlyli
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I am looking for a fic called Laurel Heights. I had it bookmarked and went back to read it and it said no longer found. Was it deleted? Anyone have another link?

Thank you!
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OK, so there are tons of deaging fics out there, and a good many where Dean and/or Sam travel to the past. What I'm looking for is a kind of combination of those two types of stories.

I want to know if there are any fics where the adult boys interact with their younger selves, either when they're sent into the past or when wee!- or teen! Dean and Sam are sent into their future. I don't care how/why: angels, witches, whatever. I'd prefer if the adult versions were from later seasons (5-6), but earlier seasons would be okay too. Wincest is fine, but I'd rather not read underage and definitely no non-con.

Hope there's something like that out there, and the longer the better! Thanks in advance!


Stanford AU

May. 7th, 2011 07:22 pm
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Hi guys!  I'm looking for any stanford AU's, where Sam either does go to Stanford but has to leave or Sam doesn't go to Stanford at all, but tells his family he is for some reason.  I've read the one where Sam goes into the military to protect his family (Soldier Boy on  Perhaps john is evil or really really mean and Dean is finds out and is protective.  Perhaps Sam goes into hunting and does well on his own, joins up with Dean later?  Anything!  :)
Please happy endings and I prefer gen.  Hate to sound so picky, but.....  oh well.  :D  

Thanks so much!   
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I'm looking for a J2 fic. It's a pretty old one. Jared and Jensen are seeing each other and Jared is still seeing Stacy. Jared gets injured on set, I think he gets choked by a harness malfunction. Jared breaks up with Jensen after this. Jensen also get injured in this fic as well I believe.

Thank you for your help!

FOUND: check comments.
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I'm looking for a specific Dean/Cas fic. Dean drunk-dials Cas and tells him he loves him. Next morning he remembers nothing, but Cas thinks they're together now. Sam knows what's happening, but he doesn't tell Dean. Hilarity and heart-break ensue. That's all I can remember, I hope someone knows which fic I'm talking about.

Thank you!
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Hi! Is there any good Damon/Dean fics you know?


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