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Now I don't remember much about but what I remember is Sam and Dean were arguing over something I think they were arguing over what the big bad was. Sam was lagging behind and was attacked by the monster (which I believe was a spirit/some other creature I think a werewolf) Sam was taken to it's cave an injured badly. Dean had to figure out what the monster was and find Sam. I remember Dean finally rescuing Sam though he didn't kill the monster cause he couldn't but what I remember the most is he was carrying Sam out of there and kept slapping him on the face to keep him awake and Sam would keep whimpering and ask what he did this time? I think this may have been by k hanna korossy but again I'm not sure. Any help finding this fic would be highly appreciated.
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I've been looking high and low for this fic, Google, Delicious, and even here, with no luck. I believe it was titled "Finding His Voice" and had about 20+ parts.

Dean was a victim of kidnapping and rape/dub-con/torture. He'd been missing for about three or four months and Sam had been searching for him.  He's finally found and hospitalized, but the doctors there don't know how to treat him because Dean reacts badly to people around him or touching him.  He hates light because he'd been kept in a dark cell, he hates people coming in and out of the room, he hates restraints, and he refuses to talk because his attacker punished him for talking.  They try to keep him drugged and restrained, but it only makes Dean worse.

Dean is transferred over to Castiel, who is a specialist and recognizes how to help Dean.  Cas is able to help him recover very very slowly and starts to fall in love with him.  At some point, there's a concern that Cas is enabling Dean to become co-dependent on him and they try to separate them----it doesn't go well.  Cas also has a twin brother named Misha, and their family owns and runs the clinic he works at.  At some point, the clinic had unwittingly hired Dean's attacker as a nurse or an intern.  Cas and Misha were trying to get to the bottom of it because they noticed Dean reacting badly.

That was about as far as I had read. Please, please, some kind soul save me!
Thank you!

Found! It's this story:
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 Hi all,

I've misplaced a fic. I believe it was written by leonidaslion, but I've looked at her archive on AO3 and she has well over 100 SPN stories on there, and I can't remember a single thing about this fic except for the ending, in which Sam and Dean were doing all this borderline Wincest-y stuff (I distinctly remember Sam putting his hand in Dean's back pocket?) and it was described as their definition of "normal." (I'm not entirely sure, but I THINK this might have been after they were cursed/whammied into actual Wincest, which freaked them out?)

Does anyone know what fic I'm talking about? I'm sorry I can't provide more detail.


Edit: Found. Link in comments.
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1. I really want to read a Castle crossover but cannot find any. Is there any out there? Gen or Castle/Beckett or Dean/Cas without anything too graphic would be excellent. No wincest.

2. I just read the recs someone wrote at hoodie time for Dean with fire. Are there any more out there that explore the effects of the fire on Dean, especially if he is afraid of it. Again, I prefer gen. Pre-series would be great, but during the series timeline will also make me very happy. No wincest.

3. Fics where Lisa meets Cas, either during the time Dean is staying with her or during season 6. Dean/Lisa or Dean/Cas.

Thanks very much.

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A few Months ago I was reading a story/possible series of stories  that I never got round to finishing now I can't find it anywhere. 
Read more... )
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 I found a link to a SpN meme (or maybe it was Dean/Sam specific, I don't remember) a while ago. The meme had the specific topic of masturbation. I could have sworn I bookmarked it, but I've just gone back all the way to February in my bookmark folder, and can't find it at all. Can anyone here help me out, please?
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I've recently found myself working as a Beta for my cousin, who is writing a Dean/Cas BigBang story. It's told from Dean's point of view, and we both want the story to read as if Dean is actually telling it, using his voice, as it were. However, we're both having some difficulty getting his voice right, and I was hoping I could get some good Dean Voice stories. I've read "Signs and Portents" "Of Unconventional Dealbreaking" and "This is Ourselves (Under Pressure)"

So, any recomendations for good Dean!voice? I'll accept wincest, Dean/Cas or Gen, or, really, any that you can get...

thanks in advance!
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Hi all,

I am looking for an AU fic where the hunting community (though not all) believes Sam to be the future Antichrist/leader of hell's army when he was only a baby, but in their attempt to kill him end up murdering Mary instead.  The Winchesters were then given protection by the demons and the federal government.  I don't think this was a Dean/Sam story.  Does anyone know the fic I'm looking for?

Also, are there stories out there that have the Winchesters "in" with the demons or the federal government?  Thanks!
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you people are fabulous, so i have two general requests. one i've read before, and one i've never seen and would love to.

1) where john noticing that dean has taken over Mary's job as Sam's mother, while lacking a mother for himself. This can either end in him talking to dean about it, or just be him thinking about all the shit he's forced the kid to go through. please no dean/john. i like that just fine, but not for this scenario :3 because i picture a young dean, around 6-12

2) Where Dean has always been a girl, but John has hidden this from everyone- including Sam. Dean dresses like a boy, acts like a boy, but really is a girl and hates having to pretend. I want Bobby, Jim, and Sam (three best reactions to view) to find out and be like wtf?! or something... never read it, been thinking about it A LOT.

sick or hurt dean is always a plus, no J2 please. i'm not too fond of them.
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 Hi Guys,

I just finished watching this weeks episode of Bones and can't help but wonder if there's a story written in this fandom where Sam is kidnapped as a child, by humans or not, and his dad and Dean never stop looking for him, even after many years. I'd like it to be where Sam is obviously found, and the things that took Sam are dead/in jail. Happy endings.

Gen is fine but preferably Sam/Dean. You'd be awesome if, like in the show, Sam is deaf and uncommunicative. Or maybe just really shy and doesn't like to talk?

Thanks a lot!
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i've been looking for this fic for a while. i dont remember full title. but, it's something like "how to not fall in love with your best friend / roomate / co-star"

it's mean so much to me if anybody can share or tell me where i can find this fic.

thank you very much.
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Looking for a specific Dean/Cas fic - it's an AU where all 3 guys are in college (if memory serves) and I think Dean and Castiel are living together, but Cas has an other half who is physically abusing him. Sam knows Dean has it bad for Cas, but Dean won't make a move because he thinks Cas isn't interested... and it's only later in the fic he realizes something is happening with Cas. Happy ending of course. ;-)

I can't remember if I've seen this asked for here recently (checked back a few weeks and couldn't find it) or stumbled across it on somebody's AU rec list. So of course now I can't find it, it's driving me nuts. *g*

Any help would be much appreciated!

FOUND! - Story is Waging Wars to Shape the Poet and the Beast by [ profile] dauntperplexity 
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Hi guys!

I'm looking for this fic I read a while ago. I haven't finished it yet so I can't give you much details, the only thing I could remember is that Jared was working in animal shelter and one day he met Jensen, the 'Beast'. He was described wearing an oversized hoodie that hid his face,but Jared could see a glimpse of his green eyes. Ring any bell?


ETA Found
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Hi guys. I'm looking for a story after apocalypse, I mean, kinda future fic.
The bros decides to quit hunting, and Sam goes back to school and/or become a lawyer.(something to do with Law or anything prominent!)
Well, Dean must have his job(not hunting anymore), I don't know, but I'm sure he would have one.

It could be either establied relationship or progressing, but I wish it wincest's everyday life as a brothers and a couple.
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Looking for fics that start out with Jared/Chad or Jared/Misha but end up with Jared/Jensen. Would be nice if Jensen somehow forced himself on the other relationship to break them apart or something like that. Anyways I will take anything you got. I also love it when Jared and Jensen fight or If Jared does not like Jensen at first. Longer fics the better and please have some nc-17 in them.

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 I' looking for fics where jared and jensen are forced to hide how they feel for each other because of their religion. I've already gone throuhg all the fics on J2 recs and am looking for a long fic.
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I'm looking for a fic where castiel walks in on sam and dean having sex, i remember dean was bottoming.
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Hello everyone!  I've got a strange hankering for some homeless!Cas.  I don't mind AU's, he can be human, angel, with or without memories just as long as he's on the streets.

Angstier the better, also a fan of h/c, slash is cool but no wincest please.

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Hey everyone! I'm looking for fics featuring spoiled!Castiel. Any stories where Cas acts entitled or someone comments on the fact that Cas' behavior is a result of him being the baby angel in the family or because he's his fathers favorite. Bonus points for Gabriel making an appearance, double bonus if the story is Dean/Cas, but all fic recs welcome including au's. Thanks!
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I was hoping to find someone with a PDF or a single document file of the story Finding His Voice by earth_heart. I will be without internet for the next week or so, and wanted to get some stories to read.

Thanks in advance!


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